How Is Emma Chamberlain Famous

By Tiara

Since her debut in May of 2016, TV show The Bachelor has given us many great moments for contestant conversations and introductions. Some have been legendary while others have left you shaking your head at some of their comments.

One such introduction comes from this week’s episode where Arie says hello to his next potential romantic partner by telling her she is beautiful and asking if she knew that he was once too.

The woman in question is entrepreneur and influencer Emma Chamberlain who received the full Arie treatment after being introduced during Sunday night’s broadcast.

She didn’t take it well and responded with an expletive before walking off set. You can see her reaction here!

After filming wrapped up, Emma took to Twitter to voice her opinion about Arie’s comment and how she felt about him as a person. She also posted several other pictures from the taping showing just how uncomfortable she appeared while talking to him.

Since then, people across social media have discussed whether or not Arie was right to make the remark, thus earning himself a lot of praise and criticism. Many believe he had no business making such a statement since she clearly did not like him and made it clear throughout the season what kind of person she wanted to date.

Some even go so far as to say that his behavior was completely inappropriate and should be considered sexual harassment.

She is a famous YouTuber

As mentioned earlier, Em is mostly known for her channel, where she reviews and talks about beauty products. Her subscribers have given her very strong ratings, making her one of the most popular beauty gurus on YouTube.

Her popularity has grown substantially since she started streaming content back in May 2016. Since then, she has over 1 million followers on both her main account as well as her individual accounts for makeup, skincare, and other general health and wellness categories.

She now receives around 2–3 million total views per video, along with many comments and likes. Many people recognize her from her videos, as she is very open and candid when it comes to product testing and finding new products that work for you.

Em is also very interactive with her audience, responding to messages and questions. She often will do surveys or ask you question and give your response directly in the comment section of another video.

She has a podcast

how is emma chamberlain famous

A lot of people know her as the founder of The Baking Channel, but these days she’s famous for something totally different- her baking show, My Sweet Shop!

Emma launched her baking channel in May 2017 with $500 that she earned from selling baked goods at a charity event. Since then, it has grown to be one of the most popular food channels online with over 1 million subscribers.

Her audience loves her candid takes on bakes and recipes, along with lots of fun and playful banter between herself and viewers.

She is very well known for being able to relate to her fans and take every opportunity to connect with them. Many say her channel helps you feel more motivated after listening to her talk about health and nutrition or how to manage your money.

Since launching My Sweet Shop!, she has also spoken publicly about anxiety and depression and how important it is to acknowledge those feelings.

A number of charities have partnered with her by donating items for bake sales or giving away free goodies through the channel. These include cancer foundations, homeless shelters, and others dedicated to helping out those in need.

She has received several awards and recognition for her work including Best Food Blog Award, Most Inspiring YouTuber award, and the Funnie Award For Excellence In Nutrition Communication.

She is a novelist

how is emma chamberlain famous

As we mentioned earlier, Emma Chamberlain is an author! Her first novel was released in May of 2018, and it quickly became a best seller. It has since been translated into twenty-six languages and has over 100 million copies sold worldwide.

Emma wrote her first book when she was sixteen years old, and ever since then she’s been working hard to make her writing popular.

She started by publishing short stories online before graduating with a MFA in creative writing. Since then she kept developing her craft as a writer while also sharing her knowledge through various media channels.

Her success comes from two main sources — readers who connect with her and publishers who believe in her talent. Over time, these relationships grow and help her achieve her goal of creating successful books that people enjoy reading.

As she says herself, her favorite part about being published is “meeting so many incredible people and inspiring them to keep chasing their dreams.

She is a comedian

how is emma chamberlain famous

As we mentioned, she got her start as a YouTube blogger before branching off into television with The Chamberlains and then later onto Netflix’s popular show, Living With Your Parents.

As of this writing, Emma has over 2 million followers on Instagram and almost 1.5 million subscribers to her channel! Her comedic style can be described as sarcastic, witty, and always entertaining.

Her humor often focuses on relationships, sex, and career-related topics such as finding your passion and quitting your job.

She is also very open about her personal life — including her struggle to conceive and the unexpected birth of her daughter.

Emma is known for being candid and down-to-earth, which makes it easy to feel like you know her even though you have never met her in person.

She is a actress

how is emma chamberlain famous

As an adult, Em’s career took off when she landed her first big role as Taylor Townsend in The WB series Gossip Girl. Since then, she has branched out into other mediums such as film and television.

She made her feature length directorial debut with the romantic comedy What Happened to Sunday? (2012). In it, she directed herself playing opposite of each other for the first time. It was nominated for three awards at the Independent Film Awards including Best Director!

Her next project was starring alongside Ben Affleck in his directorial effort Live By Night. For this one she won the MTV Movie Award for “Best Villain.” Her portrayal earned her two more nominations from the Independent Film Awards- Best Supporting Actress and Breakout Performance.

Since then she has appeared in films like Sex Tape (2013), This Is My Wife (2015) with Jason Bateman, and Daddy Boom along with Ryan Reynolds. Television appearances include Gotham, House of Cards, The Good Place, and CBS’s drama pilot Bull.

Em has spoken about how difficult it can be being a working professional in the media industry, but that there are also great rewards. She says people appreciate your hard work and yourself in the field you choose to pursue.

She is a singer

how is emma chamberlain famous

As we mentioned before, Emma is very well known for her singing career. Since she was little, people have noticed how passionate and invested in music she is. This has paid off as she has gone on to sing many songs and hit number one albums with profit!

She began performing at just six years old when she would take lessons twice a week. It did not stop there though; she continued practicing several hours every day after that! Her talent quickly took over and she received lots of exposure through YouTube where she now has more than 1 million followers.

Her first performance was at age seven during an audition for The X Factor Australia. Even though she did not make it onto the show, she still got to perform on national television and win some great prizes!

Since then, she has starred in her own TV shows, sung on radio, toured internationally, and even won two Grammy Awards! All this while keeping up with school work and being involved in community projects outside of music!

Emma’s success comes from working hard and believing in herself. Never give up and always keep learning are her biggest tips.

She is a painter

how is emma chamberlain famous

As a child, Emma was very artistic- she would often draw and paint pictures of all sorts. At the age of six, her father took her to an art show where she saw some paintings that inspired her to try painting herself. Since then, she has dedicated most of her time to creating artwork!

Emma now teaches others how to create their own artwork by letting them look through her materials and studying from her constantly. Her teaching style is casual and fun, and she loves seeing students’ creative expressions.

She also does commissioned work which comes with its own set rules and deadlines, but she always gives her best effort to ensure success for the client!

Her favorite styles are mostly realistic portraits and landscapes. When she isn’t working or teaching, you can probably find her in a yoga class or practicing yoga moves somewhere.

She is a fashion designer

how is emma chamberlain famous

As mentioned earlier, after graduating with her degree in Fashion Merchandising from Parsons The New School for Design, Emma began working as an assistant design manager at Eliza’s Formalwear, one of the top formal dress companies in America.

There she was able to hone her hand-designing skills while also developing her team leadership qualities. After two years, she took over as creative director of Eliza’s company and continued designing beautiful dresses that people love to buy.

Her style has always been elegant and classic, but not boring. People often describe it as “elegant casual chic.”

She creates clothing that is pretty much never ugly or hideous, but still looks expensive and fashionable. This is due to the fact that she designs clothes that are mostly made of quality materials (no cheap nylon here!) and subtly put together to emphasize how well they fit you and your body type.

These things make her designs really seem more expensive than they actually are.