How Is Dj Khaled Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, hip-hop is more than just music! There’s rapping, talking, significant others, and money in your wallet depending on what level you are at in the game. With that being said, many people make a career off of their lyrical prowess and knowledge of the industry.

One such artist is DJ Khaled. He started his career as an MC before making the transition into djing and hosting award shows. What sets him apart from other DJs is that he doesn’t focus solely on having fun, but also teaches his audience about life and business.

He has hosted several events including The Best Year Of Your Life Awards, The Super Bowl Bash, and the Just Do Something with Help From Somebody Else Award Show. These event names tell you everything you need to know about his brand.

In this article, I will talk about how he became famous and some of his memorable moments. So put your headphones down and get inspired!


1) His first big break was hosting The Best Year Of Your Life Awards show in 2015

Khalid made his television debut while hosting The Best Year Of Your Life Awards show in May of 2015. These awards show honours individuals for achieving excellence in areas such as education, employment, and self-development.

Owned a recording studio

how is dj khaled famous

One of Dj Khaled’s biggest achievements is owning his own music production company! He launched We The Best Music Production House in 2012, which has since then been known as G-Unit Records. Not only does he produce other artists' songs but he also produces his tracks!

He started producing his first song at the age of 17 when he was already an experienced rapper. Since then, he has made many successful singles such as “The Price Of Fame” with Nas, “We Takin' Over” with Jay Z and Rick Ross, and his most recent single “All I Do" featuring Belly.

His success comes not just from being a talented musician, but also from a business person who knows how to manage his team and inspire them to do their best work. Many people have noticed his passion for his career and want to be like him by creating their music or starting a business.

Started a record label

As we know, before social media people didn’t have much access to sharing their stories with the world. Artists had to be very creative in how they spread their art!

Dj Khaled was one of the first artists to realize this and he made his way up by creating an album recording company. He started his Label- Universal Music Group (UMG).

He is also known for starting The Afterparty Series which has become popular around the globe. His party series are always interactive, fun events that feature music and entertainment.

His parties help promote diversity, unity, and respect through partying and meeting different cultures. They are also a good source of income as he makes money off of advertising and sponsorships.

These parties have helped him gain more exposure and followers who enjoy his music and event-planning style.

Popularized Arabic pop music

how is dj khaled famous

Born Adel Imam in Cairo, Egypt as Mahmoud Abdelhamid El-Khalidi, he later took his stage name of DJ Khaled after one of his favourite musicians. He is known for popularizing Arab music by incorporating it into mainstream songs with lyrics that appeal to all audiences.

He is well-known for producing collaborations with artists such as Future, Rick Ross, Drake, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Usher, Toni Gonzaga, Nas, Fat Joe, Flo Rida, Iggy Azalea, Kama Sutra, and many more!

His song “Welcome To The Jungle” was featured in the 2017 action movie Suicide Squad and also appeared in the soundtrack album. His track "Success" has been used in several TV shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm, Power!!!!!!!, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

His latest project is an interactive listening experience called We Are One: A Memorial Day Celebration For Life After Trump. You can find out more about this here.

Became a brand ambassador

how is dj khaled famous

In May 2016, DJ Khaled announced that his son was born! He named the baby Aspiring Achiever and revealed some interesting information about him. According to DJ Khaled’s website, he is the founder of We The Best Entertainment, which means he produces music, films, and TV shows. He also hosts an online talk show called The Breakfast Club with himself, Mase, Yo Gotti, and Fat Joe.

He has had success as both a musician and producer, having worked with artists such as Drake, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake. His songs have hit number one in several different genres, proving his talent as a songwriter.

His career as a celebrity endorser started when he partnered up with Pepsi back in 2011. Since then, he has released five albums under their label and done many appearances promoting them for various awards and events.

He has also hosted several awards shows including the BET Awards, the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, and the Billboard Music Awards.

Helped millions of people lose weight

how is dj khaled famous

As mentioned earlier, he is famous for his work as an MC in hip-hop music. He has also done some things beyond just music that have made him popular. These include giving nutrition tips to run away with his diet motto which is “Never let hunger take control of your eating”.

He famously lost over one hundred pounds due to this philosophy and his fitness routine. His workout regime includes yoga and strength training exercises like lifting heavy weights.

He encourages his followers to do similar workouts to help achieve their goal of body shape or weight loss. He is very supportive when it comes to dieting and weight loss.

Helped millions of people lose weight

how is dj khaled famous

One of his main contributions to diet and wellness is his work as a fitness trainer. He has trained many in different ways to help them achieve their health goals, whether it’s toning their muscles or learning how to dance for fun or improving their foot-dancing skills.

Married his long-term partner

how is dj khaled famous

As we know, he is famous for his infectious laughter and engaging conversations. He is also well known for being one of the first major artists to popularize what has come to be called the “lounge” style of music. This genre can be described as slow, relaxed songs with emphasis placed on the vocals over any other instrument.

Many people have referred to this type of music as having an overall feel-good effect. Many musicians have incorporated elements of this style into their repertoire, most notably Drake who famously includes lyrics that emphasize self-love and love for others.

Drake even made a song off his album titled “Too Much” which contains the lyric “I’m too much for some / I’m too much for you.” If you listen closely, you will hear DJ Khaled in the background singing along!

He is such a strong influence on the music community that he received the title of Music Maker Ambassador from The Recording Academy. His legacy extends beyond just his career though; he founded We The People Nation, a non-profit organization that helps young adults achieve their dreams through education.

We The People was inspired by his son who wanted to learn how to play basketball. Although his parents tried everything they could think of, he would get very discouraged. It wasn't until someone told him about a program that gave students free lessons that he decided to try it out himself.

Has a baby daughter

how is dj khaled famous

As we know, DJ Khaled has always had his hands in various industries; he’s produced albums, films, and songs for others. But it was his role as an entrepreneur that put him on top. He launched We The Best Entertainment Group with close friend Lil Wayne back in 2007!

Since then, he’s branched out into other ventures including music production, business consulting, and of course, hosting!

He is currently the co-host of The World Tour With Who I Am, which features interviews with prominent individuals to discuss their life and career. Some people featured include Oprah, Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and more!

What makes him famous is not only his success as an entrepreneur but also his ability to connect with different cultures and audiences. He is known for incorporating global themes and languages into his music and media appearances.