How Is Charli D'amelio So Famous

By Tiara

Born in Italy, Charli D’Amelio now lives and works in Los Angeles as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and influencer. She is known for her beautiful lifestyle photos and candid style videos that showcase off-the-grid retreats and lots of natural beauty.

D’Amelio started editing pictures more than five years ago and has since then refined her craft to the extent where she can now quickly create aesthetically pleasing images with perfection.

Her work has been featured by major media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Motto Magazine, Refinery29, Elle Magazine, Us Weekly, and many others. Her striking photographs have also won numerous awards from organizations like and You may know her already if you read about her here on her own website or at least watched one of her YouTube videos!

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She is a singer

how is charli d'amelio so famous

As we mentioned before, Charli was born in Switzerland as Charlotte Deane Silverschlager. At a young age she moved to France with her family where she grew up speaking both French and English.

When she was 15 years old, her parents opened their house to one of Charli’s older sisters who lived out of town for the summer. The two girls became close friends, so much that when Charli’s sister returned home at the end of August, Charli decided she would stay there too!

She paid for her room and board by working part-time jobs and using the income to add more decorations to her bedroom. (A way to spend your money if you're on track with your budget!)

Her roommate eventually asked if Charli wanted to join her church group, which happened to be an event planning team. Since Charli already had some experience doing similar things, she accepted the offer and started helping out during events while also learning about being a leader.

It wasn't long until people began asking whether she'd like to start singing along to songs they sang at events, and soon after she did just that. Her music quickly caught someone's attention, and she was invited to participate in song selection contests where judges choose their favorite songs.

She is a dancer

how is charli d'amelio so famous

Charli d’Amelio is a professional dancer. Her career started when she was seven years old, dancing in her hometown of Turin, Italy. It wasn’t until she was sixteen that she decided to pursue dance as a profession.

Her first job was teaching children how to dance! Since then, she has trained in more than twenty-five different styles of dance.

She has also competed in several international dancing competitions. In fact, Charli made it into the top eight at the 2016 The World Dance Games where she performed a piece called “Symphony.” This is one of her most famous dances.

It features very fluid leg movements and beautiful choreography. While competing in this event, she received many compliments for her performance.

Charli now teaches beginner classes at various studios around the world. Many students have gone on to become professionals themselves!

She is an inspiring leader who sets high standards for herself. People look up to her and want to learn from her. That is what makes her so successful!

Held annually since 2013, The International Dance Festival (TIDF) is an excellent opportunity for dancers to showcase their talents and grow their careers.

This year’s festival will be held in Dubai from November 9 – 13, 2018. More information can be found here.

She is a model

how is charli d'amelio so famous

As of now, Charli d’Amelio is one of the top models in the industry. Starting off as an Instagram model at the age of 19, she has gone on to do some major things!

Charli made her runway debut during Paris Fashion Week in September 2017 where she walked for several designers including Elie Saab, Balenciaga, and Givenchy. Since then, she has modeled many brands such as Chanel, Versace, Gucci, Valentino, and more.

Her biggest break was walking for Victoria & Abdul at London Fashion Weekend in February 2018. This event garnered quite a bit of attention due to the fact that Abdul had just been awarded The Order Of Queen Elizabeth II — Companion For Service To The Commonwealth — two months earlier.

She has also graced the covers of various fashion magazines including ELLE Magazine, Vogue Italia, Numero, and W magazine. Her style is always impeccable and she never fails to bring her A-game when she sets up for a shoot.

In terms of social media, Charli has over 1 million followers on both IG and Twitter! She consistently posts pictures of herself looking fresh and beautiful, which is what really sells her as a model.

She is a actress

how is charli d'amelio so famous

As mentioned earlier, Charli d’Amelio is an actor who started her career as a model before moving onto acting.

She first appeared in TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf and later landed supporting roles in films like What About Bob? and Sleeping With Others.

Her breakthrough role was that of Alexia “Lexie” Gilmore, one of the main characters on MTV’s hit show Stranger Things. You may have also seen her in movies like All Stars and Someone Who Knows Me Too Well.

Her most famous appearance to date is probably her turn as Katniss Everdeen in the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games!

What made her so popular was not just her work but how she carried herself off camera. People really got into her personality which is very authentic and likable.

Charli always seems happy and down-to-earth which makes it easy for others to connect with her. This is what people love about her.

She is well known for being extremely passionate about what she does and she never stops working hard. This has helped her gain popularity and recognition.

She is a TV host

Charli d’Amelio is one of the most famous YouTubers in the world! She started her career as a fashion blogger, but she soon realized her love for YouTube allowed her to make money off of that talent she has spent years developing.

Charli first made an appearance on The Sauce, a video review show geared towards teens and twenty-somethings. Since then, she has branched out into other content areas including beauty, food, lifestyle, and fitness videos.

Her channel now boasts more than 1 million subscribers and her style is always high-fashion and sleek. Many people know her for her fun, charismatic personality and her impressive makeup collection.

She is also well known for being very feminist. Her latest project is called #OwnYourBrasChallenge which encourages women to do whatever they want with their chest clothing.

She is a fashion designer

how is charli d'amelio so famous

As we mentioned before, she is most well known for her elaborate, over-the-top looks that are heavily inspired by other styles of clothing. This includes incorporating pieces into new designs that have no direct source.

For example, in early 2018, Charli released a dress with ruffles all up and down the front. The dress was so popular that it sold out within an hour of being posted on social media sites.

This got people talking because not only were the ruffles beautiful to look at, but they also pointed towards the fact that Charli designed her own lines!

She has done this several times now and is very famous for it. It is important to note that she does not use money as a motivation to design, but instead uses inspiration from around the world and past eras to do so.

It is clear how much passion she puts into each collection, which makes them stand out even more.

She is a makeup artist

how is charli d'amelio so famous

As we mentioned before, Charli is a professional make-up artist! Her artistic talent has allowed her to work with some major brands such as Too Faced (enameled powder) and NARS (luminizer).

Charli started doing makeup for weddings in 2010 and since then she has done several hundred events! Not only that but she also does fashion looks for runways and online shopping sites!

Her style is very natural looking and she usually uses mostly bronzer, blush, and eyeliner. When it comes to mascara, she said that if there was one brand she could not live without it would be Maybelline.

She sometimes will mix up products and textures in the way that seems right for the look she is trying to achieve! All of this makes for an incredible artist to watch and study.

She is a activist

how is charli d'amelio so famous

In May of 2018, Charli d’Amelio made international headlines when she shared an Instagram story that appeared to show her smoking what looked like a handgun. Many people took notice not only because of the content but also due to her known activism.

Charli has been active in politics since at least middle school when she campaigned for student body president as a Republican. Since then, she has remained outspoken about issues such as gun control.

In high school, she was part of the debate team and participated in mock presidential debates. As well as campaigning for political office, she has spoken out against racism and homophobia.

These are just some examples of how much impact Charli has had on society. Not only does she speak up about important topics, she uses her social media presence to promote them as well.

Her influence isn’t limited to just politics either. People all over the world look up to her for inspiration.

She continues to educate herself by reading books and listening to music. Her style seems to evolve constantly, so it is hard to pinpoint one specific thing about her.