How Is Cardi B Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, Cardi B is a very famous person at this moment in time. She made her big break into the music industry through posting viral songs like “Bodak Yellow” and “Ring Up”. Both of these songs were successful not only because of how catchy they are, but also due to their powerful messages.

Cardi has always spoken about important issues such as racism, feminism, and self-love. Her lyrics have inspired many people across different cultures and generations.

Her success comes from constantly putting out quality content that touches a large audience. Even though she is just starting out, she already has lots of followers!

In this article, I will talk more about why Cardi is so popular and what might inspire you to create your own piece of content like hers.

She released a song and a music video

After dropping off her first album in May, Cardi B quickly announced that she would be launching a new career as a singer. On September 6th, she dropped Offset’s “Bodak Yellow” along with its accompanying music video. Since then, both have exploded- the song has over 2 million listens on Spotify and the music video has over 1 billion views!

Cardi is now one of the most famous rappers out there. Not only does she have her own track on an upcoming Drake album, but she also got featured on Beyoncé’s latest single!

But before all this happened, Cardi had to prove herself as an artist.

The video went viral

how is cardi b famous

After her first song hit number one on the Billboard charts, Cardi B quickly became famous! Her debut single “Bodak Yellow” has been streamed over 15 million times on Spotify alone! Since then she has released several more songs including collaborations with Migos and Drake!

Cardi is known for her use of slang and bold statements that have made her very popular. For example, after calling out men for not paying attention to their children during an interview, she received backlash from many people who said she was being too aggressive.

However, this only helped her popularity grow as other rappers picked up on how to use slang and tell stories using hip hop as a medium.

She released a book

how is cardi b famous

In May 2018, Cardi B published her first major work: The Power of Money With Cardi Leon.

The self-help finance tome is comprised mostly of motivational quotes about money and leadership. It also includes some stories from Cardi’s life, including one that talks about how she got into business with her friend Tiff.

But what makes this book special isn’t just its content — it’s the way in which Cardi presented these lessons.

She didn’t write about why people should read your financial books or how to save money using the recipes and tricks you include in yours.

Instead, she wrote like someone who has made lots of money already and knows what it takes to keep making more. Her writing style was clear, direct, and unapologetically self-referential at times.

This made the lessons in her book seem even more authentic and helpful than they might otherwise be.

She is pregnant

how is cardi b famous

The media has made Cardi B famous! Not only does she have her own TV show, which she launched last year, but she also consistently puts out music of top quality.

Her first major hit was “Bodak Yellow” in July 2017, and it quickly climbed up the charts. Over the past two years, she has released six more singles that all reached the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

She now boasts over twenty-two songs that reach at least number one on the Rap Songs chart, making her the second highest total behind Drake.

Cardi B received even more exposure when she announced she was having a baby with rapper Offset earlier this month! They are due to welcome their son in April 2020.

What makes Cardi so popular is her infectious energy and passion for what she loves. Her love of hip hop inspired her to start writing her own lyrics and recording her own tracks.

People find herself to be likeable because she is always talking about how hard she works or how much she loved an album or song. This creates an audience that feels connected to her and believes she really means what she says about things.

She is married

how is cardi b famous

As discussed earlier, being famous doesn’t necessarily mean you're rich or have lots of followers on social media. Some people are just very well-known!
Cardi b was not always known as one of the most recognizable celebrities in America. Before she was famous for her rapping and singing, she lived an anonymous life.

She grew up in South Jamaica, Queens, New York City, with her mother Toni and father Nole. Her parents were both raised in low income households and struggled to make ends meet at times.

Her family wasn't wealthy, but they loved each other and had a lot of love in them. This gave young Cardi B the inspiration to be like these types of individuals and show everyone around her that no matter what situation you are in, you can still find happiness within yourself.
This inspired her to keep learning more about herself and continue educating herself on various topics.

At school, she excelled in academics and athletics. Not only did she win academic awards, she also played varsity basketball where she received honorable mention all four years.

After high school, she went to Hofstra University to study business marketing. While attending this university, she began participating in student organizations and eventually became the organization's president.

While studying here, she continued to put in the effort into education by taking several courses per semester outside of students groups.

She is a brand

how is cardi b famous

As we mentioned earlier, she is a professional rapper, singer, and businesswoman. But beyond that, her success comes down to who she is as a person and what she represents to people.

She embodies something many people look up to – confidence.

And she projects an air of professionalism and sophistication, making her seem like someone worth paying attention to.

Her personal style reflects this, too. From her hair to her makeup, everything about her says “I am good enough” or at least “I would like to think I am good enough.”

She also seems to enjoy learning from others, which is very appealing to most people. People admire those who are not afraid to try new things and learn from past mistakes.

Cardi has always been known for her outspoken nature, so it is no surprise that she became well-known quickly. Her straightforward way of talking about life and her ability to relate to other people make her popular.

She has a friendship with Taylor Swift

how is cardi b famous

As mentioned earlier, Taylor is one of Cardi’s biggest supporters. The two have known each other for quite some time now and even though they are both very successful, they remain close friends.

Cardi gave us all an example of how important friendships can be in her life when she shared her story about why she loves Taylor so much.

She explained that it was because she once heard Taylor speak at a concert. During this talk, Taylor talked about having to take care of yourself as a person and then later explaining things to people who don’t agree with you.

This inspired Cardi to do the same and she said that made her feel better about herself. It also helped her learn how to love herself more which is something we all need to work on.

So not only does Taylor inspire Cardi professionally, but she gives her personal advice too! That makes them like family to each other. And there's no doubt that Cardi would say that these relationships played a big part in helping her grow as a person.

You may know Cardi by her stage name, however, what most people don’t realize is that she uses a different first name. Her legal first name is Onryo Beatrice Lorenzo Gatimina.

Her middle name comes from her father and his mother and their names mean “God will protect me.

She has a friendship with Kim Kardashian

how is cardi b famous

While not popularly known as one of the biggest names in hip hop, Cardi B is still very famous within your average fan of music. You can probably recognize her voice if you listen to enough songs!

Her rise to fame came when she first entered the spotlight for her singing and rapping skills. But it’s her close relationship with fellow rapper/entrepreneur Kanye West that really put her on the map.

You may have heard of him before – he’s famous for producing hit albums (think Drake or The Weeknd) and marketing himself heavily via his own fashion line and social media presence.

But beyond all of that, he’s well-known for being friends with A-list celebrities like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. He also famously dated Rihanna back in their early twenties. It seems like no matter who Kylie Jenner dates, they’re guaranteed at least a few hundred thousand followers on Instagram!

Cardi B is definitely an interesting person to follow on social media, but she didn’t earn her popularity by posting pictures of herself drinking expensive coffee. Rather than focusing on how many followers she had, she focused on what she accomplished.

She made it into the top 10 best selling rappers in America and launched her own clothing collection. Even though she now makes way more money promoting brands than she does rapping, she doesn’t hesitate to use her celebrity status to promote them.