How I Famous In World

By Tiara

A few years ago, if you were famous, it was because of your looks or your voice. You could be a famous singer who people listen to for your music, or someone whose face is known all over social media. But now, with the rise of the internet, there are many ways to go beyond having “fame from within”.

You can create an online presence through blogging, video-sharing sites, and/or other types of content that people will link to you. People will refer to you as an expert due to your writing or videos, or even just your lifestyle choice to show off about how well you do your job.

I know, this sounds crazy enough! Why would you want to become more famous than what you have already done? Well, let me tell you my story. And no, this isn’t a way to make yourself rich, but it WILL change your life.

My Story

It's hard being self conscious when you look into the mirror. It's even harder being obsessed with your appearance. For most kids growing up, spending hours editing their hair, doing their nails, and buying new clothes is part of normal development.

For some children though, these things take much longer. They spend hours comparing themselves to others around them, trying to figure out why they're not as beautiful as everyone else is.

This internal struggle often leads to very external actions.

I am a famous painter

how i famous in world

As mentioned earlier, being a well-known artist is probably your biggest asset as an entrepreneur. People who know you or have heard of you can look up your work and be inspired to start doing their own painting or taking art lessons from you.

If someone asked you what kind of art you like, you could tell them! Most people are familiar with some form of realism, so that is a good field of study if you want to pick up drawing or painting.

By having a body of work that people recognize, it creates an audience for you. Your admirers will go out effort to spread word about how great you are so that more people can learn about your artistic style.

This helps you in two ways: first, by increasing traffic to your website or social media profile, and second, by creating conversations around your artwork and your art teaching style.

I am a famous poet

how i famous in world

As mentioned earlier, being a well-known author is a great way to make an income online as a writer. If you are passionate about writing poetry or other creative writings, then publishing your work and receiving feedback for it is fun and rewarding.

Many people have made a living from writing and marketing their works since the beginning of literature. Why not you? It’s possible!

Writing a book is a difficult process that takes time and energy. But once it is finished, you can enjoy it and be proud of yourself for putting in effort into it. Many writers earn much more money than I do, but they all published their books themselves.

I hope this article inspired you to begin writing or improve what you already have written.

I am a famous actress

how i famous in world

As my career has progressed, so has what kind of movies I have been able to play. A few years ago, it was really simple stories with straightforward characters that people could relate to. Now, I get to play more complicated roles that challenge me as an actor.

I got to tell you, it’s such a thrill! It's like when you were a little kid and wanted to do something other than run around outside or put away toys. You dream about being given opportunities to practice and hone your craft, to explore new genres and styles, to learn from others. And for me, there are always lessons to be learned.

It's definitely fun to watch yourself develop as a performer. Because even though I've done this before, every time I step into a new scene or role I have to re-evaluate how well I know myself as a person and artist, and see where things can take me.

I am a famous comedian

how i famous in world

As you can probably tell, I love to make people laugh. It is my main career mode and I’ve made it my mission to do so ever since I started performing comedy.

I began doing stand-up at the age of 19. At that time, I was an undergraduate student studying business with dreams of one day owning my own restaurant.

But life doesn’t work like that! Ha ha.

Since then, I have starred in several TV shows (The Office being my biggest contribution), performed live all over the world hundreds of times, and received many accolades for my work.

It has also given me more opportunities than anyone could ask for. For example, meeting some of the most powerful individuals in the world through my job has left me feeling very privileged.

I am a famous singer

how i famous in world

As we grow older, we tend to feel like we are losing touch with our lives. We get busy with work and other commitments, and lose sight of who is important to us.

In my case, it was hard to connect with people when I lived outside of Los Angeles. Now that I’m here, it has become even more difficult!

It takes time to make authentic friendships, but they will enrich your life and help you find happiness.

I have learned how to be myself without worry about what others think of me. My career took over my life for many years, but now I focus on being happy and living each day as if it were my last.

By letting go of perfectionism, I opened up to new experiences and opportunities. What works for one person may not work for another, but I no longer compare myself to others.

My success in life comes from within me and I keep learning something new every day.

I am a famous dancer

how i famous in world

As most of you know, I started dancing when I was very young. I took tap dance lessons for about six years before moving onto jazz and ballet.

I danced all three styles professionally for around ten years until I had my son. At that time I decided to put my dancing career on hold to be a mother.

But my passion still burned so I began filming myself practicing some routines I have been working on for fun.

My followers loved what they saw and asked me to share them with everyone! That’s how My Dance Channel (MDC) came about.

Since then I have developed my YouTube channel into one focused on celebrity dances. People ask me if I could do this type of video content every week and I always say yes because it is part of who I am as an artist.

Being able to relate to other artists and their craft is something that has helped me grow as a person. Plus, it makes for great viewing.

I am a famous architect

As an architecture student, my career took off after I won The Architectural Challenge – Best Use of Space Award at University. This award was given to students across all disciplines who designed the best room or space using any style or theory of design.

I made the top 8 out of over 2,000 entrants worldwide! My design focused on creating an open office-style space by introducing small partition walls and modular furniture.

This concept is now very popular as “open plan” offices. Since then, I have continued to create more open spaces and use this approach in many other projects. It has allowed me to show how flexible this system can be while also giving people new ways to organize their work.

My architectural practice is now one with several architects and we collaborate on projects together.

I am a famous business owner

how i famous in world

As mentioned earlier, being famous is totally different from being well-known. Being known means you are familiar to at least one person, while being famous means you are known to many people.

Being famous can be hard sometimes. It takes work and investment in your field to become famous. This may include investing in marketing materials or equipment for your area of expertise, creating products or services that appeal to others, and engaging in conversations with individuals who already know about you.

It’s important to remember that not everyone will like you or your decisions, but most people will have positive things to say. You’ll find this out if you actively participate in social media sites and talk to people around you.