How Famous Your Middle Name

By Tiara

The middle name you use as a first or last name is your most famous middle name! If nothing else, using your middle name as a professional title can help promote your career. There are many ways to use your middle name for this purpose.

You can add it at the end of your full legal name (for example, Jane Doe Smith) or you can put it in front of your given name (Jane Smith Johnson). Some people drop their birth surname and go exclusively by their middle name (John L. Smith).

Some professions require you to include your middle name when they do business with or refer to you. For example, your employer may use your middle name in documents and emails, or other professionals might do so when talking about you.

Your middle name can be used as a username on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Depending on what kind of content you share, that could very easily get spread all over the internet and connected to your personal information.

It’s important to consider how much control you want to give away by sharing too much information. But at the same time, if you keep some things to yourself, you will never see them published, shared, or talked about.

Compare it to your parents' middle names

There’s a reason that most people have famous middle names. It adds prestige to their family name or, in some cases, creates a new family name.

A middle name is usually not too long (no more than three letters typically). Therefore, if you were born between 1990 and 2010, then there are probably lots of examples you can look up where the parents put their child’s second or third name in parenthesis next to the first name.

That’s how tradition works: Once something becomes popular, people start copying it and making it part of what defines them.

For example, Oprah is often referred to as “Oprah Winfrey.” This is because her father gave her his last name and she always wanted to be called “Oprah.” So she made it her own by using it as a first name!

Another example is Beyoncé. Her parents didn’t give her a middle name, but everyone calls her Destiny due to her fondness for the word. She even uses it as a stage name!

This article will talk about five easy ways to make sure your middle name is known outside your house. But before we get into those, let us take a closer look at why having a middle name is so important.

Make a list of famous people with the same middle name

how famous your middle name

There are several well-known celebrities that have the same first or last name as you. They also happen to use your middle name for their full, legal professional moniker!

Many times, they don’t know about this connection until someone points it out to them (or maybe you find out by reading their biography). Either way, it is an interesting fact to note – and probably makes you feel more special.

But what if I told you there were hundreds, even thousands, of other famous people who share your middle name? What if we didn’t stop at just those that use it as a first name only, but extended it to a second name as well?

We would be talking about almost every person in the history of mankind whose parents gave them the same, unique middle name. A name that has no apparent meaning beyond “that was my father’s idea.

Make a list of famous people with different middle names

how famous your middle name

There are many theories as to why people add extra characters or completely change their own last name. Some believe it is because they wanted to differentiate themselves from their parents’ or grandparents’ last name, while others say it is for personal preference.

Whatever the reason, knowing the meaning of your middle name can be fun!

Addressing someone by only their first name may feel formal, but it would be very difficult to do that if you also know their middle name. It is always nice to use a full name, even if just for one conversation.

Having a second name makes them more memorable and interesting. When talking about these individuals, you will have a second name! This helps promote an educational environment when teaching about these people.

Comment on their profiles to find out what you think

how famous your middle name

Many people have noticed how many famous individuals bear the same middle name or even multiple names that connect to theirs. This is because these parents choose to put significant emphasis on this name as they age and it helps build an identity for them!

Some examples of this are Justin Bieber, who was Justin Pierre Thomas, Kendall Jenner, who was Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, who was Elizabeth Katherine Marie, and Beyoncé, whose full first name is Rufus Antwan Andrus IV.

It’s very possible that your parent gave you this middle name as part of their birth certificate, in which case you may not know why they chose it. But you can definitely look up your middle name online and see if there are any connections to their own.

And while some might consider having a similar middle name to be a sign of cliquishness, it is actually quite the opposite. It is typically used when someone with the same last name as yours gets really popular and everyone knows about them, so others recognize the value of the name.

Your middle name will never matter much unless something happens to either one of you, but it is still important to appreciate it. It can help define you as a person and contribute to your personal brand.

Ask your parents about your middle name

how famous your middle name

The origin of your middle name is interesting, but not very practical! Most people don’t know it unless you tell them!

If you were named after someone else, your full name would be that person spelled with their surname attached to yours. For example, if I had a child who was named Joshua Patrick Martin, my last name would be Martin and his first name would be Joshuapatrick (with an apostrophe in between).

But what if I didn’t like my own last name? What if I wanted to use my second or third name as my legal last name? Or what if I decided I hated my family and wouldn’t want to keep using my family name anymore?

In those cases, I could choose another last name, and some people even have! It's totally possible to take away your own family legacy and start over with a new one.

Try making a joke about your middle name

how famous your middle name

Sometimes, people with famous last names can seem very pretentious and arrogant. They may use their family name as a title or as a way to emphasize who they are.

A lot of times, however, this is just because they choose it that way. It’s not because they feel like they are more important than anyone else.

It’s also worth noting that some people don’t even like their own first or last name. For them, using an alias makes sense.

So, while it might make you laugh (or tear up) when someone uses their full first and/or last name, there’s really nothing special about it.

Adopt a pet animal

how famous your middle name

Many famous people make their audience feel special by telling personal stories about themselves or others, and including things like your name in their speech makes you come across as more authentic and interesting.

It also helps set up your own story later on. If you’re looking to connect with other people, let them know who you are and what made you who you are!

By knowing your middle name, it gives someone an opportunity to use that name in conversation or reference it for additional information. It also allows them to add you on social media sites using that name.

And while most kids get “Smith” or “Johnson” as a first name, very few have “Jackson” or “Williams” after theirs.

Start a business

how famous your middle name

Starting your own business is one of the best things you can do if you want to become famous. There are many ways to start your business, and it really doesn’t matter which ones you choose as long as you plan to run it well and grow it steadily.

Some people make their living creating new businesses or taking over existing companies. This isn’t very common, but it is possible!

It is important to know that not every business will succeed, even though they may look interesting to you. You should try to pick something that sounds good to you and that you feel confident in doing.

Reading about successful business owners can be helpful when trying to learn how to start your own company. People who have done what you wanted to do give great advice!

There are several different types of businesses, so there is no wrong choice unless you don’t like this article.