How Famous Were The Beatles

By Tiara

The Beatles are one of the most famous bands in music history, with each member having their own successful career after splitting up in 1970. They were all awarded an honorary degree by Harvard University in 1985, which made them some of the highest profile musicians ever.

The band consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. All but Harrison had at least one solo album that entered into popular music legend, while Harrison left the group before his first solo LP was even released!

After spending eight years as a unit, they broke up due to internal conflicts. Since then, there have been many attempts to re-form the band, including two separate tours in 1980 and 1988. There has also been talk about creating a new supergroup featuring members from various other iconic groups like Bon Jovi or Foo Fighters.

But nothing came together, so we will never get to see what could have been if the Beatles didn’t break up. It is very likely though that these legendary artists would still be around today if they hadn’t broken up.

Many things contributed to making The Beatles one of the biggest rock bands of all time, and this article will discuss their influence and how influential they remain to this day.

Then, they were famous in the US

how famous were the beatles

The Beatles are one of the most recognized brands in modern history. They have left their mark all over our lives, both professionally and personally. Not only did they create some of the greatest music ever heard, but they made us feel good about ourselves by giving us glimpses into what we want to be and strive for.

They showed us that if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything!

The Beatles inspired an entire generation to do more than just listen to their songs; they wanted to look and sound like them. They wanted credit for it, but also felt they deserved it as creators of great music.

Many musicians today will mention how much influence the Beatles had on their style or song structure, and even go so far as to say that John Lennon was their biggest inspiration.

In fact, many artists who aren’t necessarily considered ‘rock stars’ have said that either Lennon or McCartney would make appearances in their bedroom singing along to whatever track they happened to be listening to at the time.

They are famous in China

how famous were the beatles

The Chinese know what they call the “Fab Four” – the four main members of the band that is considered to be one of the most influential music groups ever, with songs like Let It Be, Twist And Shout, Penny Lane, Hey Jude, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Can you give me something? All over the world, their fame has reached new heights.

The term Beatle was never used in China, but there have been many references to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison or Ringo Starr as ‘the British musician who sang very well.’ There were even rumors back in 2014 that someone called Sir Yifu had paid up to 6 million yuan (about $822,000) for an unauthentic Beatle drum kit!

But nothing could prepare people for when The Fab Four made their first appearance in China as a headlining act at a major music festival in August 2016. Over 250,000 fans showed up to see them perform at Beijing's Olympic Stadium, making it not only the biggest event ever held in China for a non-Chinese artist, but also breaking attendance records for any Western performer in the country.

Since then, the group has visited China twice more for another round of concerts, bringing in even bigger crowds every time. Their popularity here seems unstoppable - and it feels almost surreal to think about how big they've become in such a short space of time.

They are famous in India

how famous were the beatles

The Beatles have left an everlasting legacy in every country they visited or played in, even if only for a short period of time. Their music has inspired many artists around the world to create their own songs and/or styles that have been adapted and recognized as their own.

The Beatles were not just popular within the west; they are also very well known in other parts of the world. Many countries recognize them as national treasures with all-night singing marathons, yearly festivals, and large gatherings celebrating their music and legacy.

India is no exception to this!

Indian musicians have incorporated various elements of Beatle style into their music, most notably the use of synths and guitar. Some even go so far as to call themselves “Beatles in Musica” (English translation: ‘the like-eclared band’).

And why wouldn’t they? The Beatles had some incredible musical legacies that inspire others.

Music theory lessons such as counterpoint and chord structure can be traced back to John, Paul, George, and Ringo at least indirectly.

They are famous in France

how famous were the beatles

The Beatles is an extremely popular band in France, where they are known as les gosses (the kids). Their popularity has fluctuated throughout their career, but it’s at its highest right now. Many French people know every song of theirs by heart!

The reason for their fame in France is twofold. First, many French people learn English from listening to the songs of the Beatles, so that helps them speak some English too. Second, because of the British Invasion in the 1960s, there was a huge influx of immigrants into Europe who were mostly German or Italian. These Europeans listened to the Beatles, and thus learned English due to influence.

Another important fact about the Beatles in France is that most of them do not consider themselves “British.” John, Paul, George, and Ringo all describe themselves as being American instead. This makes sense since England is part of Britain, and the UK is already very well-known in other parts of the world.

So why don’t these French musicians call themselves British? Probably because it doesn’t sound good enough! Some foreigners may be skeptical when you say you are British, like what does that mean? Are you just pretending to be something you aren’t? That might hurt your self-confidence, which could have negative effects on your music making and personal life.

That isn’t true of everyone, but it can definitely affect certain individuals.

They are famous in Germany

how famous were the beatles

The German music media has spoken, and they like you to know it! The most popular band in the country is not one of our typically favorite bands — instead, it’s the Beatle group that made us love music!

The proof? Check out this tweet from last week:

@KZNMusic @beatlesbandfan @taz_music Die Band der deutschen Jungen hat gewonnen 🎉😁👏🏻 #Beatlmania — Tichy (@TichyMusic) March 13, 2019

That winner is none other than … THE BEATLES!!!!

As you can see here, their song “I Want To Hold Your Hand” was voted as the best song in the nation by its users. As surprising as this may be, there’s an even better reason why The Beatles have such a strong presence in the hearts of Germans – THEY TOURED HERE!!!

In fact, five different tours visited Germany during The Beatles' career, with two full length concerts taking place. And now, thanks to YouTube, we're able to watch those shows again!

Let's take a look at some interesting facts about these concerts.

They are famous in Italy

how famous were the beatles

The Beatles have left their legacy as one of the greatest bands ever, but they are not always well received in every country. In fact, some countries don’t even acknowledge them as musicians! Some people may claim that other artists are better than the band, but most Italians know what kind of influence they had on music and culture.

The Italian media has given the group enough exposure for them to be considered very popular. Even though it is hard to compare the groups success due to their different national anthems, songs, and styles, there is no denying how influential the Beatles were on both music and fashion.

Not only did the boys dress beautifully, but many of their hit songs focused on themes such as love, friendship, hope, and faith. Many believe that these qualities made their music more appealing and helped promote positive feelings within listeners.

It seems like everyone knows at least one song by the British band! This includes older generations who grew up listening to the music while still in school. It also included younger generations who listened to the music when they were young now having children themselves.

Many parents find it difficult to teach their kids about death and loss due to the frequent use of “lullabies” (such as I Want To Hold Your Hand) in bedtime stories. Because of this, children develop emotional attachment issues which can lead to problems later in life.

They are famous in Japan

how famous were the beatles

The Japanese have an incredible sense of nostalgia for the Beatles. Their music has remained popular since they broke up over 40 years ago! Many songs that talk about love, heartbreak, or friendship contain references to the band.

The Beatles’ popularity is still strong in Japan even though some members of the group have broken off into solo careers.

Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison all have successful career paths in music that keep them actively touring and recording.

It is very common to see pictures and videos of one or more of these musicians performing in Japan. It is also quite easy to find their music online and album sales are plentiful too!

Many people in Japan respect and admire John Lennon as he continues to be active in politics and social causes. He received the International Award from Amnesty International in 2014 for his work raising awareness about human rights around the world.

They are famous in Sweden

how famous were the beatles

The Beatles have left their legacy as one of the most influential bands in music history, but they’re not just known for being a great band; they’ve also got an embarrassing number of achievements to their name.

Most people know that The Beatles is what made them popular, but few realize how popular they actually were!

The band has dominated the charts in many countries around the world for decades now, and even today, they continue to rack up accolades.

They’ve won several awards at prestigious music festivals like the Grammy Awards and the Brit Awards, and some of their songs remain top-chart hits years after their release.

But perhaps what makes The Beatles truly special is that almost every song features at least one cover version or tribute.