How Famous Was Michael Jackson?

By Tiara

Many people know who Michael Jackson is, but few really understand just how famous he was. He was one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world! Not only did he achieve fame as a musician, singer, dancer, and performer, but he also became known for his fashion choices, philanthropy, and overall influence to society.

He lived an incredible life, leaving a legacy that will never be forgotten. And though he’s no longer with us, his family, friends, and fans continue to keep him alive through their memories and stories about him.

Michael Jackson was born in 1958 in Downey, California. His parents were both very successful musicians and they always encouraged his love for music. At such a young age, he already showed talent by playing piano and violin.

After graduating high school, he attended Los Angeles City College where he majored in Music. While attending college, he worked several part-time jobs so that he could afford to live comfortably.

In 1988, after years of trying, he finally won The Grammy Award For Best Album – Pop Vocal Performance For his album Dangerous. This made him one of the highest profile artists in America and around the globe.

His success didn’t stop there, however. Over the next two decades, he would go on to win many more awards including five American Music Awards, ten Billboard Music Awards, twelve MTV Europe Music Awards, and eleven World Music Awards.

Wins several awards

how famous was michael jackson

In his career, he earned many accolades for his music and artistic expression. He was awarded The Crystal Award from Music City in Nashville for his achievements as an artist, humanitarian, and performer. He received The American Idol Award for Best Album for Dangerous and The Global Icon Award at The One World Festival & Summit in Mumbai, India.

Jackson also won six Grammy Awards during his illustrious career that spanned over three decades! His first win came in 1987 when he took home the Record of the Year prize for Dance With Me. He then picked up five more in 1994 for You Have Been Elected As A Member Of The Recording Academy to Watch Over New Artists, For Your Welcoming Committee Work On Releasing Their Songs, And For Changing The Way People Listen To Audio Records.

He finally gave himself the honorific title of Sir in 2003 when he accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 30th Annual GRAMMY Awards show.

Gives many sold out concerts

how famous was michael jackson

Many of his songs have become staples in the music listening repertoire of almost every person at least once. Whether they know it or not, these songs played an important part in their lives. Some even consider him to be influential, making his song lyrics relatable and/or inspiring them to do something with their own life.

He is also known for being one of the most well-known singers of all time, having sold more than 200 million records worldwide!

Michael was born in 1958 in Baltimore, Maryland as Robert Allen Methvin Jr. He grew up mostly in Los Angeles, California where he spent some significant parts of his childhood.

It has been reported that he first picked up a guitar when he was six years old and took formal lessons later on. It seems like he never really put down his instrument until he started playing professionally.

He began performing publicly at a very young age too, starting off singing cover songs before developing his unique style. His voice dropped into a lower tone as he got older which helped make his songs sound powerful and rich.

His success came relatively fast but didn’t happen overnight.

Starts a record label

After his initial success as a singer, musician, dancer, and actor, it was his next career move that made him famous. In 1984, he founded his own recording studio! He named this new business establishment after himself – which is what he had done earlier in his life.

He started his music production company with an extremely strong team of professionals. This company would go on to create many successful songs for other artists.

Michael also hired some of the best writers in the industry to help develop his songwriting skills. Many of these writers have gone onto achieve fame themselves.

His writing partners included Robert John "Mutt" Lange, who has won several awards for his lyrics including two Grammy Awards; Paul Anka, winner of six Golden Globes and five Academy Awards; and Jimmy Bales, writer of such classics as “I’ll Take You There” and “You Got A Hold On Me.”

He is still involved in the music industry to this day, producing and writing songs for various projects.

Becomes a producer

how famous was michael jackson

After leaving The Jackson 5, parent group Epic Records asked him to take over as a songwriter for their label. He agreed and made his writing debut with “Burning Up”, which was later recorded by French band Phoenix.

He then went onto produce songs for other artists including Toni Braxton’s self-titled album in 1992 and 1993, where he worked alongside Robert John "Mutt" Lange. They both wrote and produced her hit single "Sweet Love", as well as her second number one smash, "Hero".

Toni had wanted to work with Mutt before so she flew out to Los Angeles to meet him alone. When she walked into his recording studio, she immediately felt comfortable around him and that he gave off a strong energy.

She described it as feeling like they were old friends already even though they'd never met face-to-face! She said he is very creative and has a knack for finding new music.

Michael helped bring some of the most successful musicians of our time into the spotlight, including Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Katy Perry.

Gives several more sold out concerts

how famous was michael jackson

In his career, music icon Michael Jackson left an incredible legacy. He not only inspired generations of musicians to pursue their dreams, but he also made an impression on many people outside the music industry through his philanthropy.

From donating money to children’s charities to funding HIV research, MJ spent much of his time giving back to those less fortunate than himself.

He even gave up some of his most famous songs so other artists could use them for their own recordings!

In fact, it is estimated that over $100 million was raised for charity because of these song donations.

But what are the top 10 greatest-ever achievements of this legendary musician? While no one can say for sure how popular Michael would be today if he lived beyond 2005, we do know he would have been considered very successful.

So, in this article I will go into detail about the ten biggest things Michael did to become a mainstream superstar. Then, I will talk some success tips you may learn from him.

Becomes a philanthropist

how famous was michael jackson

After his professional career as a singer, actor, dancer, and musician was no longer exciting or lucrative, he made another transition by becoming an ambassador for charities and organizations that help people in need.

He raised money for various causes through performances and donations. Some of these include supporting autism research, donating to children’s hospitals, funding AIDS research, and helping those in underprivileged communities.

In fact, it is estimated that he donated over $200 million towards different charitable works. He even hosted a charity performance event called “Dancing For A Cause” which allowed him to raise more money while promoting awareness for different diseases and conditions.

His legacy will live on beyond his death due to his work as a humanitarian.

Adopts children

how famous was michael jackson

Before his death in 2009, singer/songwriter Michael Jackson spent most of his life adopting young kids. He was inspired by his childhood experiences with adopted siblings and parents who left their family to pursue dreams that only they could accomplish.

He wanted his own family so he opened up his home to those looking for a safe place to raise a child. Many people know him now for his music, but aside from his career as an artist, what many don’t realize is how much he did outside of entertainment to help others.

He founded The MJJ Foundation, which works to promote health and wellness through fitness and educational programs. He also funded various charitable organizations such as AIDS research and treatment facilities, orphanages, and more.

These are just some examples of how dedicated he was to helping other individuals and groups in need.

Is sued by the family of a dead child

how famous was michael jackson

In 2009, The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was called to investigate an incident at Neverland Ranch. A boy reported that he had been sexually abused by singer/songwriter/producer Michael Jackson.

The police interviewed the 9-year-old twice but he did not bring up any other alleged victims or show any signs of being coached. He even told officers that his allegations were false!

Despite this, Jackson was arrested and charged with six felony counts of sexual molestation. According to the LAPD, the abuse took place in October 2003 when the victim was under the age of 10 years old.

Jackson was later released from custody after posting bail. However, he never appeared in court nor did his lawyer ever represent him.

He died less than two months later…

Michael Jackson is probably one of the most famous people on Earth. His music left an everlasting legacy while also making him wealthy beyond measure.

But what many don’t know is that just before his death, he was accused of some very serious crimes. These accusations included criminal activity involving children.