How Famous Was Michael Jackson?

By Tiara

All too often, people get so focused on being famous that they forget about what it means to be happy in life. They focus more on getting attention than making sure their lives are living up to their dreams.

Michael Jackson was one of these people. He would constantly put his own success first, to the detriment of his personal relationships and career.

He did not understand the importance of happiness outside of the spotlight. It is an important lesson we can all learn from his story.

Fame is never guaranteed, which makes it less valuable than most think. People who have dedicated themselves to working hard to achieve fame deserve our respect, but they must also set aside time for things that make them happy.

It’s impossible to know how much money you will make or how many fans you will have until you work harder to gain those rewards. You should always keep that in mind when deciding whether to give up on something.

People who insist on sticking with something even though there are no tangible results are sometimes called “gambler types.” I wouldn’t call someone like this smart, but at least he/she knows where to look for happiness.

We could all do well to be more like him.

Then, he became famous as a recording artist

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After his initial success with The Jackson 5 in the 1980s, Michael left the group to pursue a solo career. He quickly found success as an album singer, releasing eight studio albums between 1987-1993. All of these albums went platinum or higher!

His first two solo albums were both number one best sellers. They are Off the Wall (1987) and Divingboard Suicide (1988). Both of those songs have been featured in TV shows and films.

After that, he released Dangerous (1991), which is still considered one of his greatest albums. It was nominated for Best Album at the 1992 Grammy Awards and won him his second Grammy Award for Best Male Vocal Performance.

He then took some time off before returning with HIStory: Past, Present And Future (1995). This album was also very successful, selling more than 10 million copies worldwide!

Last but not least, he put out Invincible (2001), which spent seven weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Since its release in 2002, it has gone triple platinum and stayed in the top ten of the charts ever since!

He continued to tour and perform music well into his thirties, even appearing at several Super Bowls! His final performance was in 2009 during the halftime show for the NFL’s championship game.

He passed away just five years later from cardiac arrest.

He was also known as a dancer

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As we know, The King of Pop was very famous for his dance moves! He would often take what he called “the moonwalk” while performing songs such as Beat It or Billie Jean.

He would then shift positions to show off more of his body to the audience. His dance moves were so popular that they have become iconic in their own right.

He was also known as a humanitarian

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Over the past few years, his charitable work has received significant attention. He donated large sums of money to various charities both in person and online. These include organizations that help children with special needs, animal shelters, and disaster relief efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters.

In fact, he even made a song dedicated to helping veterans! His charity Off The Wall is an organization that helps active duty military personnel deal with stress and depression. They offer free music therapy services and other benefits.

He raised over $20 million for different causes through his own website and app. He gave away almost half this amount himself by donating it all directly to the cause.

These are just some examples of how much he cared about others. He always put effort into whatever he did and never took paid breaks or vacation days. This show passion for what he does and people will be inspired by that.

He was also known as a controversial figure

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In addition to his music career, he was well-known for being an outspoken individual. Some of these statements got him into trouble, but others made him famous. His passion for what he did paid off in many ways!

He never lost his desire to make music that people could relate to or enjoy. Even when his music wasn’t necessarily popular at first, it grew in success over time.

His songs have stood the test of time, proving themselves worthy of recognition. Many still listen to them today because they feel connected to the lyrics.

On top of all this, he left a legacy behind that will always be remembered. Having inspired so many artists, his style has become prevalent in the music industry.

Most importantly, he helped bring joy to millions of people every day by putting on some great concerts!

He is loved and admired to this very day, which only proves how successful he was in his lifetime.

He was also known as a king of pop

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Before he became one of the most famous people in the world, Michael Jackson spent his time carving out a successful career in music. He released his first album at age 18 when he was still in high school!

He then went onto win several Grammy Awards for Best Album, Best Male Vocal Performance, and Best Pop Vocal Performance.

His songs have been featured in many different films and TV shows such as The Shining, Spider-Man, Revenge, The Sopranos, and more. His song “You Have Been Watching” is even included in the movie Mean Girls.

Jackson’s success didn’t come overnight but he worked hard to achieve it. He practiced yoga every day and listened to Tibetan chants while practicing singing.

He lived by the motto ‘always give your best’ which helped him stay motivated and strive higher than ever before. He never gave up and always kept working towards his dreams!

Michael Jackson left us too soon but his legacy will live on forever. He will be remembered not only for his work in music but for his humanitarian efforts as well.

He was also known as the creator of Thriller

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In addition to his music career, he is well-known for being one of the most influential musicians in the past four decades. His hit songs include some of the best-loved tracks in the industry such as “Beat It”, “Thriller”, and my personal favorite, “Remember The Time!”

He received multiple awards throughout his musical career, including nine Grammy Awards, ten MTV Music Video Awards, eleven Billboard Music Award nominations, and eight American Music Award nominations.

Furthermore, he has been inducted into several halls of fame including both the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and the Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame.

He was also known as a performer of the Moonwalk

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As we mentioned earlier, he is most well-known for his dance move called the “Moonwalk” or sometimes referred to as the “Jackson Dance.” This dance originated in 1978 when Michael performed it at a concert.

Since then, many people have made their own versions of this dance hit. Some make it more complicated by adding steps and/or changing the rhythm, but none can take away the fame that Michael has earned with this dance move.

He would perform this dance almost every night while performing songs such as Beat It, Billie Jean, and The Way You Make Me Feel.

He was also known as a singer of signature songs

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As we mentioned before, his music career began with The Jackson 5. However, it wasn’t until he was in his 20s that he found success outside of those early works. He released two albums under the name MJJ Music which quickly rose to prominence.

His first album was called Dangerous! It included hits such as Beat You, Take Control and Gotta Be Feeling. These songs made him very popular and earned him several Grammy nominations.

After this initial success, he rebranded himself as an artist who sang other people’s work. His second album, titled Solo, featured songs written by famous writers including Blake Shelton, Kara Dennison, Hillary Scott and Britton Payne.

These collaborations didn’t earn him any new fans but they did help his earlier ones enjoy his music more.

He continued to sing these newer songs for another year before releasing what would be his final studio album. This album was simply titled Hits. It contained only songs that had been successful for him at some time or other.

It is possible that he never intended to release this album but instead planned on recording more songs like “Beat You, take control” and “Gotta feel.” Unfortunately, he never got to do so.