How Famous was Marilyn Monroe

By Tiara

The most famous person you have probably never heard of is arguably Marilyn Monroe. She was an actress, singer, dancer, activist, businesswoman and diplomat. But she is best known for her career as a sex symbol during the 1950s and 1960s.

Her beauty made her one of the first women to gain mainstream attention through their appearance. While some consider her acting to be limited in quality, her performances are still admired today.

Monroe’s sexuality contributed heavily to her fame. Her provocative actions and statements furthered her image as a flamboyant woman.

But all this wouldn’t mean anything without something more valuable than just admiration. Money.

By investing in advertising campaigns and product placement, Monroe helped make others rich. This isn’t too surprising given that she received large paychecks for performing in various films.

She also owned several successful businesses, including jewelry lines and diet products. These ventures generated revenue for her even after her death due to word-of-mouth marketing.

With all these different sources of income, it is no wonder that she left a legacy worth millions. However, none of this would have been possible if she did not start off with a small legwork.

This article will discuss how she became popular and what people can learn from her style of success. It will also look at some of her less publicized achievements like helping other young aspiring artists get into the music industry.

Her movies

how was marilyn monroe famous

In her early career, before she became famous, Marilyn made several films that have gone on to become classics. Some of these include The Girl Who Knew Too Much, The Seven Year Itch, The Prince And The Pauper, and The Killing Of A Sleeping Beauty.

She is most well known for her performance in What Makes Maggie Go? which was nominated for both an Academy Award and Golden Globe award. Many consider this film to be one of the greatest romantic comedies ever made!

Marilyn also starred in some darker material later in her career. These include The Misfits, Something Wild, The Deathless Marriage, The Joker and His Wife, and The Last Tycoon.

Her final movie was a documentary called Life Is Beautiful.

Her death

On August 4, 1962, just over one year after her last appearance in The Prince of Peace, Marilyn died at the age of 36. She was found lying face up next to her bed with pill bottles around her body.

The coroner determined that she took her own life by ingesting a mixture of barbiturates and alcohol. While there were rumors about suicide for some time, it wasn’t until several days later when the truth came out.

It seems as though someone broke into her home while she was away and gave her enough drugs so that she would not be able to self-stop.

The legend

how was marilyn monroe famous

After leaving her home in North Miami, Florida at 5:30 AM to go shopping for new clothes with her best friend, Diana Vreeland (then editor-inof Fashion Magazine), she hopped into the car that would take her back to their apartment so she could get some sleep before work, her and Vreeland’s usual routine.

That was the last thing anyone ever saw of Marilyn Mayonnaise Faxon III.

She never made it back to her apartment, instead ending up dead just over an hour later down the road. When police arrived they found blood all around her vehicle as well as dried blood inside. They also recovered two knives from the scene which may have been used in her murder.

The coroner determined that she died between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM on September 30th. She had several stab wounds all over her body and head, along with incisions across both wrists. There were also signs that she had tried to self-harm by pulling out chunks of hair and slicing open scars.

Despite her efforts to harm herself, she still received medical attention after being stabbed five times in the neck area. Even then she was not saved until paramedics arrived and worked hard to resuscitate her.

Investigators discovered very little evidence at the crime scene aside form some bloody footprints and hairs.

The legend of the moon

how was marilyn monroe famous

Many know her as the blonde bombshell who starred in over 50 films, but less known is that she was famous for other things – like eating lots of chocolate!

She would often eat several bars at a time which left some people wondering if it was because she was trying to lose weight or whether it made her feel better. Either way, she loved chocolate!

On set, she would always have a supply of sweets ready for herself so she could enjoy them during filming. She even organized an after-party with all the food she had leftover.

After filming finished, she would pack up what she didn’t eat and donate it to charity. It seems like she really wanted to help others through giving back by making sure no one went hungry.

That doesn’t mean she never ate alone though. According to some stories, when her fellow actors were not around, she would skip lunch completely and order room service pizza.

The legend of Superman

how was marilyn monroe famous

In her early career, she was known for playing strong women with dramatic storylines. This includes her iconic performance in 1961’s The Prince Who Would Be King as Diana, the Princess of Wales. She received an Academy Award nomination for this role.

Her next significant appearance came two years later when she played Lois Lane in what is still considered one of the greatest screen renditions of Clark Kent/Superman ever made.

She then starred in six more Man Of Steel films, portraying his Kryptonian mother Lara. After filming on the final film ended, director Zach Snyder asked if she would be willing to reprise her part as Lana Lang for the upcoming Supergirl TV show.

Monroe agreed and has since appeared twice on the series as Lana. These appearances included both voice acting and cameo roles.

In total, she voiced three characters on the show: Eliza Queen, Cat Grant and Lex Luthor’s assistant. Many people recognize her famous line “I am the goddess of temptation!” from the episode where she works at the Daily Planet as Regan Ro-Lance.

After all these achievements, it seems unfair that she hasn’t gotten credit for something much bigger than just a movie or television character. That being said, she did make a very brief reference to it while talking about her experiences working on Supergirl.

The scene can be seen here around the 5 minute mark.

The legend of the apple

how was marilyn monroe famous

Before she was famous, there was an iconic image of her. It comes from a 1957 photo shoot where she posed with a red apple in her mouth and one eye closed. Some say that this is because she wanted to represent the fruit as something pure and beautiful, like herself.

Others believe it symbolizes how she felt about men- they are either a big, strong, powerful apple or they are missing an important piece. A core just like the one in the apple tree at the beginning of “A Tale Of Two Cities” represents someone who has lost their internal motivation and desire to live their life.

It also makes you think about whether or not she ever really loved anyone.

The legend of the bee

how was marilyn monroe famous

Many people know what they think of when they hear the word celebrity, but how many really understand just how famous someone is? What qualities make someone worthy of that status? For most, it’s either being known or having lots of money, but there’s another important factor – influence.

Some individuals are more influential than others, which is why some people are famous while other people are not. People with big audiences are often referred to as popular, but it goes beyond just that.

People who go onto the stage every night and share their experiences and insights are considered influencers. Writers and poets who speak about life lessons and truth have long been regarded as powerful voices.

A few celebrities fit into both categories, but none more so than Mandy Moore. You may have heard of her before, but I hope you will take this opportunity to learn more about her today.

Briefly describe the person and include major achievements, favorite things, and something special you learned about them.

My favorite thing about Mandy Moore is probably her humor. She laughs a lot! When she does, you can tell she truly means it, and that makes her very attractive.

I learned from talking to friends and reading interviews that she is passionate about helping young girls find confidence in themselves. This made me feel comfortable around her, and this has always shown through.

The legend of the turtle

how was marilyn monroe famous

Another famous pose of hers is her ‘turtle’ position. This was done when she lay down with her legs up and slightly bent, like a turtle coming out from its shell. Some say this pose was inspired by the way turtles move in their shells. Others believe it was simply because she loved turtles!

This pose has been discussed in many different ways. It may be that she invented it herself so some consider it an imaginary story. But there are those who claim to have seen it performed or filmed before her.

Some people believe she made it popular by doing it frequently. When asked why she would keep performing such a pose, they speculate it was due to the fact that it really works for sex- as most sex positions do!

She would get into this position during sex and enjoy it thoroughly. People say her lover would become very distracted while trying to figure out how to make it work, which is probably what gave her the idea.