How Famous Videos Are Made

By Tiara

Famous videos are made by filming everyday events or conversations with your phone or computer, editing it down to create an effect, and then sharing that video online for the world to see.

Most people have heard of popular videos such as YouTube songs or movie trailers but what about famous breakfast recipes? Or funny grocery store experiences? Or how to do your makeup like a pro?

Having an interesting conversation is one of the best way to make a video “famous” so why not use that to start creating your own!

Here we will talk about some ways to capture your favorite foods, beauty tips, and conversations you want to share. We will also look at some free and paid apps that can help you film, edit, and upload your new food recipe, makeup trick, or chat.

We will go over types of videos (beef soup, chicken salad, etc) and different settings using fun toys to show how professionals shoot their videos.

Make a video of your own

how was famous video made

Even if you don’t have much money, an easy way to start is by making a video yourself. Starting with a short movie can be fun and helpful in many ways!

Making a YouTube channel isn’t difficult or expensive, either. You can easily create it using free software and resources, and then invest in good quality filming equipment later.

By creating your own videos, you’ll also get to use all sorts of different editing tools which may prove very useful as you progress. Many people begin as filmmakers before branching into other areas of media-making, so there are plenty of tips and tricks to learn.

And once you’ve got the basics down, you can start experimenting more creatively!

There are lots of things you can do beyond just keeping up with trends and styles – some ideas include making practical jokes, interviewing friends, telling stories, and sharing experiences and knowledge.

Use a program like Adobe Premiere Pro

The hardest part of making your YouTube video content full-time is finding the right tool for the job! There are so many editing software programs out there, it can be hard to know which one is best for you or if they’re even accessible.

Most people start off with free apps that have limited features but those features work well for most things. More advanced editors cost money, however, some are very affordable. It really depends on how much you want the app and what you will use it for.

Some apps may not be totally intuitive at first, but most have helpful online communities or chat rooms where you can get help.

Use a program like Adobe After Effects

how was famous video made

Almost every famous YouTuber has used some kind of video editing software to create their videos. Most use Photoshop or another photo manipulation app to edit their covers, logos, and/or backgrounds. Others use free, less advanced apps that can still produce quality content!

There are many great free video editing softwares out there such as YouTube itself, Google’s own products (like YouTube Movie Maker), and others. No matter what type of media you're creating, there's an app for it!

By using these applications correctly, you can create beautiful videos with almost no limitations. In fact, most people I know who make popular content have limited technical knowledge, but they are very creative when it comes to filming, editing, and marketing their videos.

Edit your video

how was famous video made

The first step in becoming famous is editing a movie or creating a movie! This is an important part of making your film popular so do not underestimate it. If you are trying to get famous as a filmmaker, there are many ways to edit your movies.

You can make very short films (less than one minute) that you upload onto YouTube or other sites. These short videos are called clips. You can also make feature length documentaries or longer stories which are edited together into a movie.

These longer stories are typically shot with more advanced filming equipment using bigger budgets. More commonly known filmmakers use this technique to produce features such as The Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter.

Record your video

how was famous video made

The next step in creating famous videos is to record yourself or someone else doing something. Try filming yourself talking, singing, dancing, or anything that makes you feel funny!

If you are able to film it, then editing software can help you edit down your footage into a more concise movie-like piece. Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and YouTube’s own YouTube Movie Maker can be used to cut down your video and create an easier way to publish.

After recording your piece, it is time to start editing! Many people begin with the title and setting of their video before moving onto other parts.

Try experimenting with different styles, settings, and genres to find one that fits you well and use that for your final version.

Use a program like Adobe Premiere Pro

how was famous video made

As we mentioned before, filming your own videos is the most authentic way to create your YouTube channel. But it is not for everyone! If you have never filmed a video or if you are very creative, then this can be tricky to do well.

There are many ways to film a movie-length video. Some people use a smartphone as their camera, recording away via mobile app software. This is definitely good starting material, but becoming popular requires more professional equipment.

Some people make their movies using expensive computer graphics (or CG) softwares such as Photoshop or After Effects. These are great tools that take time to master, which may deter some people from creating videos.

Other filmmakers edit their videos in free or low cost software programs such as Microsoft Movie Maker or Google Photos.

Use a program like Adobe After Effects

how was famous video made

Using a software tool called After Effect, most people start by creating their frame/story of the video. A story can be anything- your car getting stolen, you crashing into something, someone walking away, etc. This is usually the length of the movie (keen viewer attention).

Next, they create an element in the film that comes after another. These are called crossovers or transitions. The hardest part about making a good crossover is knowing when to use one and what style fits your medium or genre.

Third, they add in some elements such as lyrics, narrations, or stories. If there is already a narrative in place, then adding onto it is better than starting from scratch.

Last, they edit the colors and settings for the piece. For example, if the song was written before the movie, then changing the color and tone matching the storyline is done here.

Produce your video

how was famous video made

After you have done your research, gathered your materials and booked your studio or location, it is time to start producing your movie!

When filming videos of any kind, there are three main things that make or break the piece: camera angle, lighting, and music. All three of these items are important for telling your story and creating engagement with your audience.

The first thing is having the right camera angle. This depends on what type of content you are making as well as the setting. For example, if your video is for an online magazine then a vertical video shot is better than a horizontal one.

For personal use, a smartphone is usually enough since it has limited features. If you want more advanced functions, try buying either an iPhone or Android which have built-in cameras.

However, if you plan to create longer form videos or films, you will need to invest in some basic equipment. Some of this may include a tripod, neutral background music, and final cut software (editing program).