How Famous Songs Were Written

By Tiara

A song’s lyrics are an integral part of its success, as they add another layer to the music itself and inspire creativity for writers. Many people take inspiration from songs to make new pieces of writing, so studying how popular songs are written can help you hone your pen-stroking skills.

Here we will look at some theories about what makes a song become famous and then discuss several examples of how some well known songs were written. By understanding the process behind how these songs got their notes, you will be able to write your own songs!

Theories About What Makes A Song Popular

1. The Hook

A hook is a short phrase or sentence that grabs our attention and keeps it.

Some say that the first line of a song should be a clear, strong statement that gets straight into the gut of the listener, while other’s believe that the second line must be vague and mysterious.

Either way, the goal is to keep listening because you want to hear more of this catchy thing.

2. The Chorus

The chorus is usually a repetition of something important in the song. It could be a lyric, a message, or both. This kind of repeat typically fades out after a few lines, creating a natural break between the two halves (the verse and the chorus) of the song.


Dramatic tension

how famous songs were written

Many songs are built around dramatic tensions, creating a climax and then easing into resolution. These lyrics describe two people who experience a lot of emotional turmoil before deciding to break up or come together.

Many songwriters use metaphors and symbolism for these relationships. For example, there’s the idea of dancing together as one moves away from each other. Or how both individuals in the song feel like they’re losing part of themselves when they separate.

These types of songs can really speak about anything, but some things seem more appropriate than others. If you’re looking to connect with someone, look no further than this list of famous breakup songs!

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Surrounding imagery

how famous songs were written

As writers, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to make our stories interesting. We brainstorm different plot points and themes, determine what makes sense and what is logical, and then lean on that as a base for telling your story.

But there’s another important element in writing — how you tell your story!

Your tone, expression, style, and even your use of punctuation can have strong effects on the way people read your work. A flowery, poetic language tone may be appropriate for some works, while others want something more straightforward.

And it’s not just the words alone that matter; the way those words are put together matters too.

A poem might only have one theme, but its rhyme or meter helps create an effect like nothing else.

In fact, poems are sometimes so effective because they convey their message with very little content beyond the poetry itself.

Thematic significance

how famous songs were written

A thematic analysis of a song is determined by determining what the song is about and how it relates to other songs with similar themes. When performing this test, there are no limitations as to whether or not the lyrics match the theme of the new song.

This can be done at any stage in the process as it does not require you to have completed the song completely. It also does not need to be for an extended period of time – even minutes will do!

By analyzing the lyrics and music independently, your results will vary and some parts may be overlooked, but that is okay. Once you have finished both assignments, compare the two sides and see if anything makes sense to you.

Recognizable characters

Many songwriters create stories through their songs. They are able to do this because they understand how to write dialogue and narratively-driven stories. When you listen to a lot of music, you’ll hear recognizable lines and characters!

Many famous songs were written about relationships or life experiences. Others focused on something important in people's lives – like listening to a particular type of music.

In fact, some songs even seem to predict future events! That is why it is so interesting to see what people find in the lyrics.

There are many theories as to what writers mean when they compose poetry or prose. Some say that authors use familiar themes and settings to convey an idea or message. This theory applies to musicians too!.

It is very common for artists to incorporate ideas into their songs. Sometimes these melodies go unnoticed until later when you are trying to decode the lyrics. But there are times when you realize that a part of the song reminds you of someone else, or something special.