How Famous Singers Write Their Songs

By Tiara

As we know, singers are famous for their singing voice, but what is typically left out of conversation about their music is how they write songs. Some singer’s songwriting styles have been documented, so there are examples to look at!

Some people may assume that every bit of success a musician experiences is because of their singing talent, but this isn’t always the case. A lot of times, it is the writer of the songs that get recognized, not the performer.

In fact, some musicians don’t even include themselves in their own songs! This can be tough when you want to call them self-centered or something of the like. It also proves that being able to write your own songs is just as important if not more than having a good singing voice.

There are many ways professional writers create lyrics, so here I will go over three of the most common ones and how they are used by some of the best known artists in history.

Collaborate with your team

how famous singers write their songs

As a writer, singer or producer, you will need to collaborate with other people at some point in your career. This can be another artist, songwriter, guitarist, bassist, or even yourself as an instrumentalist if you’re able to play an instrument!

The more collaborators that you have, the better your songs will sound — this is because different people bring their own style to the table which you then add into yours.

Collaboration is also very helpful when it comes time to find funding for your project. More experienced producers and writers are willing to work with you if they feel like you’ll contribute to their success later on.

Some of the most famous artists out there built up collaborations over many years – look at Taylor Swift, Adele or Jay-Z. All three of these singers learned how to write lyrics from writing with friends and family, through doing improv comedy, and by sharing their poetry and stories written before.

You should never feel that you “have to” use one of these strategies as your main source of inspiration, but by knowing what others did, you’ll know where to turn for help. And don’t hesitate to ask for advice, too! Many musicians are happy to share tips and tricks with you.

Use a notepad and pen

how famous singers write their songs

As we have seen, writers write down what they want to put in their writing every time they sit down to do so. For songwriters, this process is usually done with music sitting in your head or you listening to an audio book that you can insert lyrics into.

When it comes to actually getting those words onto paper, there are several ways to go about doing so. Some people use word processing software to type out their ideas but most famous songwriters don’t use technology when it comes to composing.

They get up, take a shower, and then just start writing! This could be for a new song, an old favorite, or even a poem that you need to turn into a melody.

Whatever genre of music you are trying to create a song off of, there are typically some basic rules followed by most successful songwriters. These include figuring out how much content you want to include in your songs, choosing which chords to use, and determining where to break down the song structure.

After all of that, the hardest part is deciding whether to add lyrics to a certain chord or not. What are your hobbies? What types of songs do you like? Using these as inspiration, you should come up with at least one lyric for each chord used in the song.

Brainstorm song topics

how famous singers write their songs

As writers, we spend a lot of time writing about things that interest us or things that need to be said. Writing about what you know and articulating thoughts effectively are important parts of your profession.

But what if you want to write about something that is not necessarily well-known? What if you want to write about issues that are too controversial, even uncomfortable?

That’s when it becomes tricky. You can’t just pick any topic, you have to choose carefully.

Luckily, there’s another way to come up with ideas for songs. By brainstorming appropriate song topics, you will find one that fits your music, your lyrics, and your voice.

Create an outline

how famous singers write their songs

Writing songs is a tricky process that requires you to be both in tune with your emotions as well as knowledge of music theory. It also means having a lot of resources at your disposal, from songwriting apps to formal lessons in music theory.

But before you can write your own songs, you have to create them first! That’s why it’s so important to start writing. Get yourself into a writing mood first by creating an initial draft using an appropriate template.

From there, you can begin organizing your ideas and putting together pieces of the song.

Write a draft

how famous singers write their songs

Most songwriters start with a writing process that is mostly word-based. They may write down notes or lyrics, then combine them into a narrative or script before editing it and shaping it to work as a finished product.

Some writers begin by creating a story based on events in their own lives, or things they have experienced. Then, they find songs that fit these stories well and edit them to make them your own.

Many people get inspiration from music, so tapping into this source of creativity can be very helpful in drafting your own songs!

If you’re looking to launch your singing career, learning how to write your own songs is an essential skill for success. Luckily, there are many ways to do this!

In this article, we will discuss five famous singers’ methods for brainstorming new songs.

Edit your draft

how famous singers write their songs

As writers, we spend our lives editing other people’s writing. Taking notes and creating drafts of our own material is much less common. But if you want to become a great writer, it’s important to take time to do it.

It will make you better at your job.

Editing is an essential part of creative work. And no matter what kind of writing you do — fiction or non-fiction, blogs or formal essays — there are always ways to improve your craft by doing it more often.

Writing a poem can help you hone your verse style. Rewriting a short story or chapter can teach you how to organize its events more effectively. Editing your own writing can strengthen your voice and give you insights into the nuances of the language.

The thing about editorial work is that it can feel like a lot of work at first. It may even seem impossible at times. That’s why it’s so crucial to set aside time for it. You have to believe in yourself enough to invest in your creativity.

Review the final draft

how famous singers write their songs

After you’ve written your song lyrics, it is time to review them! Once you have finished writing, it is very important to assess whether or not the words make sense and are flowy.

It is also important to compare your work with that of other songs in order to see how well you write. Yours should be as close as possible while still being different and special.

Many people begin writing their own music by copying what famous musicians do. This can sometimes lead to plagiarism if you don't give credit to the original writer.

You shouldn’t feel bad for doing this though since many times, those artists take great advantage of copyright law by requiring permission to use their material.

Publish your post

how famous singers write their songs

Writing songs is a tricky process that requires you to be in constant state of creativity. There are many ways to begin writing lyrics or melodies, but the hardest part is actually publishing your song!

After all, once you’ve finished your masterpiece, what do you do next? You have to pick a genre, structure, and timing for it to fit into, as well as music styles and instruments used. Then, you need to publish your song so others can hear it!

There are several ways to go about doing this. The easiest way is to use a website or app that has a free account already set up. Some of these sites offer you limited features at no cost, which is good since you don’t want your friends to listen to someone else’s music!

By creating an account on one of these platforms, you get access to all of their tools and features, making it more professional than using just yours alone. These apps also usually have various modes where you can perform and promote yourself, which is very helpful when you're trying to spread your music.

This article will talk about some ways to publish your song that aren't too expensive nor too difficult to create them.