How Famous Singers Got Discovered

By Tiara

As we know, famous singers get discovered through many different avenues. Sometimes it’s through word of mouth, people talking about you, or someone spotting your talent and encouraging others to watch you perform.

At other times, it’s via social media, where people notice you and your work and spread word about you. And sometimes, it’s through an agent who notices your work and is able to secure you as the next big thing.

In this article, I will talk about some of the most common ways that well-known musicians were found and how they succeeded in breaking into the music industry.

I will also discuss what types of artists typically have successful discovery stories, and why being aware of these things can help you achieve your dream of becoming a singer.

So let’s dive in!

Disclaimer: The content discussed below has been written by us here at with inspiration from Anoush Ghorashi, Owner of and songwriter of her own songs. These articles are for educational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice. Consult a doctor before attempting any exercises or strategies mentioned here.

The Importance Of A Recording Contract In Getting Found As A Singer

We all want to sing and contribute to the world through our art, but we often don’t take the necessary steps to do so.

Become a fan of singers and their songs

As with any form of art, most people who are famous did not become so overnight. They spent years developing their craft, working hard to perfect their voice, style, and/or instrument.

Many sang in school bands or community choirs as kids before investing time into learning how to play an instrument or studying music theory. Some even took lessons outside of entertainment studies!

Some found inspiration from others and learned what they could by watching YouTube videos or listening to recordings. Others made up their own melodies or lyrics instead of copying something else.

Whatever method you use to learn about musicians, keep doing it! The more you expose yourself to music, the better your ear will get and the greater chance you have of discovering your talent.

This article will talk about some ways that popular artists got discovered and some things you can do to try and be like one someday.

Find a way to help market your singing talent

how famous singers got discovered

As we mentioned before, being a famous singer doesn’t happen overnight! It takes time, effort, and putting in constant work to achieve that goal. However, there are some things you can do to make sure this happens for you.

To start, you need to know what types of songs people like and how to play them. If you cannot, then it is time to learn! There are many ways to teach yourself about music so that you may one day take over the world as a musician.

As much as possible, try to sing other people’s songs because they have already done all the hard work for you! All musicians begin by learning how to play an instrument or two and incorporating those into their music. You should too!

Your first step towards becoming popular as a singer is to pick a genre and practice everyday. Many singers switch up their style from song to song, which is why people enjoy listening to their music.

Join a singing group

how famous singers got discovered

As with any profession, there are people who achieve success without having to work very hard for it. These individuals have supportive or influential friends that help them succeed in their field. For some singers, these friendships go beyond just helping them succeed as artists, they also facilitate their career by being representatives of the company he or she works for.

For instance, Taylor Swift’s best friend since high school is famous chef Christina Nguyen. In fact, many believe Nguyen helped launch her music career when she convinced Swift to join her and other students at a recording session.

Swift eventually made an album under Nguyens label and got her record deal through her and his connections.

This isn’t limited to only top singer-songwriters either.

Record and share a song you love

how famous singers got discovered

There’s a reason why your favorite singer has been singing for years and is still receiving praise for their work — they invested in into creating their craft and learning how to get attention as a musician.

If you are struggling to find your music voice, start by picking an album you have already heard a lot of positive feedback on and practicing it repeatedly. Then, pick another track that sounds similar and practice those notes and lyrics.

Practice making your vocals match the rest of the instruments and adding some extra flavor to the recording.

Connect with a manager

how famous singers got discovered

As of today, there are over a billion dollars being made in music every year! That is just crazy to think about! But it’s not because everyone who wants to make money as an artist goes through all the steps needed to reach that goal.

Most artists are famous due to years of hard work and preparation. They spent their teens and twenties developing their skills and gathering followers before getting noticed by people more experienced than they were.

That’s why most major label recording artists have very close-knit groups of friends and family members who help them get jobs done – from answering interview questions to offering moral support during times you can’t seem to find one other person anywhere else.

It’s also what helps them stay motivated when things feel like they’re going nowhere. A good manager keeps you focused on your goals and works hard to ensure success.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Business Insider, having a strong working relationship with your manager is what makes or breaks your career as an aspiring singer.

The researchers found that singers without a clear leader nearly twice as likely to be paid less than $100,000 per album, while those with a stronger leadership team earned almost five times as much money.

So how do you become a superstar if you don’t have a great manager already? Here are some helpful tips for becoming a successful songwriter/artist.

Be consistent

how famous singers got discovered

As we already discussed, being famous is much more than just having a big social media fan base or appearing in many videos. It is about consistently putting out quality content you have worked hard to perfect that people are willing to listen to and watch.

As of now, there are over one billion users online which means there is an opportunity for your music to be heard by millions. With all those ears listening, there’s always someone who will want to speak back to what they hear.

If you are passionate about your songs and what you write, then chances are others will feel the same way. Writing good lyrics and melodies is something most people can appreciate so why not get into the business side of singing?

Start practicing your vocals

Practicing your voice is like exercising any other muscle in your body. You must work it regularly or it will weaken and deteriorate. Just because you don’t use your muscles anymore doesn’t mean they completely lost their strength.

Luckily, with technology coming up with new ways to train our voices every day, this isn’t as difficult as it used to be! There are apps and tools designed specifically to help singers develop their skills, and yes– some even offer free accounts too.

A few of these applications have fun modes where you can practice recording yourself but no matter how playful the settings may seem, they are still excellent methods for training.

Know how to market your talent

how famous singers got discovered

As we know, being famous doesn’t happen overnight! It takes work and investment in the process of becoming well-known, but more than that, it takes marketing yourself consistently every day.

It is impossible to become popular without investing time into promoting yourself. This can be done through social media sites, sharing experiences online, creating an audience via blogs or YouTube videos, speaking at events, etc. – anything that gets people to notice you and want to listen to what you have to say.

And even though chances are very slim that you will ever meet these celebrities, they still maintain active profiles on all the same websites and advertise for themselves where ever possible.

By doing this, they let potential fans connect with them and learn about who they are from the sources that they put out there. They also give their followers some kind of content they can look forward to, which helps promote their profile and brand.

Be friendly

how famous singers got discovered

As we already mentioned, being a musician is not easy, nor does it pay well. In fact, most musicians are either rich or at least have their own music studio-side jobs to make ends meet.

So how do you become famous as a singer? You need to put in a lot of effort – lots of calls, emails, and messages trying to pitch your songs and yourself.

And that’s all very hard when you don’t have much going for you. Most people aren’t aware of what kind of talent they have so there’s no way to tell if someone is really looking to sing or if they just want your money.

That’s why it is so important to be friendly and try to connect with other singers. Your colleagues, friends, and family can help you get work by sharing your material and/or offering tips.

But beyond that, some things about you will stick out even though you might feel like nobody knows you. For example, many people know of Michael Jackson‘s fame but few realize he was once rejected by every major record label before launching his solo career.