How Famous Serial Killers Died

By Tiara

The more times someone commits murder, the higher their chance of being caught is. This is an incredibly important factor in how many people survive a deadly encounter with a murderer. If you’re ever threatened or confronted by a person who seems suspicious or could be considered dangerous, there are some things that can help you determine if they are really threats or not before taking action.

It’s always best to avoid fighting, but sometimes this option isn’t available to you. When this happens, it’s very important to remain calm and assess the situation. Does the other person seem like they want to hurt you? Are they carrying something that could easily be used as a weapon?

If these questions don’t seem relevant, then chances are they aren’t. All too often, people who have committed violent acts never appear threatening until much later.

By knowing what sorts of behaviors indicate potential violence, you will know whether to take precautions or not. For example, if someone makes comments about harming others, waves their hand around nervously, or stares directly at you, then it’s safest to step back and assume that they mean it.

Fortunately, we’ve gathered all the information you need to identify the signs of lethal conflict so that you can stay safe.

Ted Bundy

how famous serial killers died

Known for his charm, Ted would begin by asking how someone’s day was before offering to help them. He always made an effort to connect with people and create strong relationships. Once he had their trust, he would ask about certain things or tell stories that seemed out of place or unexpected from him.

He would then make vague comments about being rich or having a good career. Before long, he would suggest going somewhere more private so he could talk more.

Once in this private location, he would go through several different tactics to gain your sympathy. He might say something like “I don’t feel loved” or “Nobody cares about me”. If you were struggling with love or feeling lonely at the time, it could seem believable.

After getting your attention, he would slowly move towards telling you what kind of person you are like him. He would praise yourself, call you smart, and say how much he wanted to be like you. All of these statements are clearly related to making you think he wants your approval.

Next, he would try to get you into a closed room where there is no way to escape. In his case, it was a hotel conference room with no window. Or he would take you someplace separate where he can be alone later.

When he has enough control over you, he will kill you. But first, he will do all sorts of weird things to you.

John Wayne Gacey

how famous serial killers died

In March of 1982, 33-year-old former marine John Wayne Gacy was arrested for molesting an 11-year-old boy. The police were initially skeptical that he was capable of such vile acts, but after searching his house they found more than 200 photographs and videos featuring children being sexually abused or murdered.

Gacy admitted to killing at least 32 boys and girls between ages 6 and 14 in what would later be determined to have been a serial murder spree. He died from gunshot wounds while trying to escape arrest two years later.

His death wasn’t reported by the media until several weeks afterwards because authorities didn’t want people to think that someone with so many accomplishments had lost their life due to a mistake.

However, it is important to note that even though he killed numerous kids, he never received any kind of criminal sentence for his actions. This shows how much society values money over human life and how influential wealthy individuals are.

Jeffrey Dahmer

In 1989, just months before his murder arrest, police discovered what they described as “the world’s largest collection of human remains.” They found 17 bodies in all — 10 men and seven women ranging from ages 15 to 29. Nearly every body was mutilated with tools such as knives, meat slicers, and pickaxes.

Many of the victims had been eaten or consumed by the others. Some were even buried alive next to each other so that their decomposing corpses provided additional food for one another.

Some parts of the bodies were discarded into garbage cans while others were burned beyond recognition. However, investigators did find two teeth belonging to different people which helped them identify some of the deceased.

After being questioned by police, Dahmer admitted to killing at least 16 more individuals but claimed he disposed of the bodies somewhere close to his apartment. He also mentioned eating part of several of the dead bodies.

Dahmer was arrested three days later after an employee spotted him carrying out bags containing severed heads and limbs. Although he didn’t say anything about it then, he eventually told detectives where he hid the rest of the bodies.

He confessed to murdering and dismembering at least 14 young men between 18 and 22 years old. Many of these teens went missing either locally or across state lines, making it much harder to track down who they were and how they died.

Charles Manson

how famous serial killers died

On November 9, 2018, news broke that convicted murderer Charles “Tex” Watson had died of natural causes in prison. The 67-year-old was serving two life sentences for his masterminding of the gruesome murders he orchestrated at his home outside of Los Angeles back in July 1969.

Almost half a century earlier, when these horrific crimes were carried out, few people knew who Tex Watson was. Since then though, he has become one of America’s most notorious murderers.

He is also arguably the country’s first true celebrity serial killer. His killing spree made him famous but it was also reported how much he struggled with mental health issues throughout his adult life.

It seems as if those problems got worse towards the end and many believe they may have played a role in his death. Even so, some feel sorry for the man because he didn’t deserve to die alone. Many hope this won’t be the case.

Here we look at the details of his death and what might happen next.

Gary Ridgway

how famous serial killers died

Most people know about Ted Bundy, but his story is not as well-known. He was an accomplished pianist before he turned to murder. In fact, he even released an album titled “Why I Killed” which includes songs like “Killer Dreams” and “I Am The Killer.”

Bundy got his start killing at age 18 when he strangled a 16 year old girl in Seattle. After that, he would go onto kill seven more times, including raping some of the bodies.

He murdered close to 20 individuals between 1978 and 1990. All of this happened while he was working for the city as a street worker!

In 1998, police found him near his home with the body of another young woman. They arrested him and later determined she had been killed around two years earlier.

After spending the next six months trying to figure out who her family members were, they realized she did not have any living relatives. This means that no one will get her money or anything else ever again.

So far, law enforcement has never identified anyone related to her death nor do they know what really happened to her. It is possible that she met Ridgeway after he hired her to work as a part time office assistant.

Ted Kaczynski

how famous serial killers died

Most people know of the infamous murderer known as The Librarian, or more popularly now, The Man Who Killed Time. He is most famous for killing three people in total and wounding eight others during his bombing spree in 1995. What many may not realize however, is that he was already well-known before then!

Kaczynksy began writing poetry when he was seventeen years old and published two books of poetry later in life. Many believe it to be one of the primary reasons why he chose to bomb heavily populated areas; he wanted attention.

He also wrote an elaborate eighty page manuscript called Industrial Society and its Future, which some claim was intended as both a manifesto and a warning against overconsumption and consumerism.

Most notably though, he penned another work titled Four Fundamental Concepts of Socialism. This book explores how socialism can help preserve nature and reduce pollution. It even goes so far as to suggest using death as a means of achieving this.

This might sound weird but it makes sense when you think about it. By encouraging population control through natural causes (disease and starvation being chief examples) we save resources needed to keep up with larger populations.

By having less children, there are fewer new consumers seeking out manufactured goods. At the same time, deaths from environmental disasters use up valuable resources.

Socialist regimes have used death before to motivate change and conserve what they could.