How Famous Personalities Understand Themselves

By Tiara

A lot of people get really stuck trying to understand the person they think they know. They assume that if they can figure out what makes someone else tick, then they will also be able to identify what makes them happy and/or unhappy, why they do certain things, and what reasons they give for being successful.

It’s hard to see how well this works in the long run because soon you have all these different versions of the truth floating around and no one is sure who to trust.

By the time most people realize there are secrets hidden from them, it has already hurt relationships irreparably and sometimes destroyed lives. It’s like when cats shave themselves — after enough repetitions, you get the same dull cut every time.

Everyone says that their cat is special but none of them agree on what that means until years later when it comes time to make decisions. At which point, some decide to keep the cat and others don’t.

Leonardo da Vinci

how famous personalities understand themselves

Da Vinci is one of the most well-known people in history due to his artistic genius, but he did not consider himself an artist. He once said, “I do not know if I am truly immortal as some say, nor do I care very much. But what I can say for certain is that I will never die while there are still colors to mix and shapes to cut.”

He considered himself more of an inventor than an artist. This made sense because he designed many things such as helicopters, robots, water mills, and even machines to help humans work.

However, none of these things make you famous unless you put them to use yourself or other people learn how to implement them. Art was just one of his hobbies; creating art is only half of being an artist. The other half is using his craft to inspire others to create new art.

This is why he is so important to our culture. His influence lives on through paintings, sculptures, and designs which have inspired other artists to produce their own works.

Another reason why he is so significant is because he pioneered different modes of expression and creativity. For example, he wrote some of the first essays ever written, designed the first helicopter, painted some of the earliest surviving portraits, and experimented with various styles and techniques in painting. All of this helped shape early modern art and set examples for later artists to follow.

Steve Jobs

how famous personalities understand themselves

In his later years, Apple CEO Steve Jobs became increasingly private about who he was to people. He would only spend time with those he truly respected or loved, which is why most of us have never met him.

He lived by the motto “think different” and didn’t mind being called crazy or even stupid for his ideas. But he always expected the same respect from others as himself, and if you didn’t give it to him, he wouldn’t be too friendly towards you.

It's hard to imagine someone more self-aware than Jobs, but there are ways that some famous individuals apply his philosophy to their lives.

Here are three such examples! Read on to see what they mean for you.

Friedrich Nietzsche

In his book, Beyond Good And Evil, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche described why some people seem to enjoy taking risks more than others. He said it is because they perceive of risk as an opportunity to achieve something new or test their boundaries in terms of limitations.

He also mentioned that such individuals are not afraid to fail, which helps them move forward after failing. By thinking about what could go wrong, they're already prepared for that situation, making failure less scary.

This comes from living with uncertainty – there's no sure thing when it come to life. You can't be certain how things will turn out, so you might as well try things beyond your normal limits and see where it takes you. It's almost like a journey without a destination!

Nietzsche was very self-aware and would often compare himself to other famous personality types. For example, he thought he had characteristics of someone who loves challenges, but never faced one he wasn’t willing to take on.

Maya Angelou

how famous personalities understand themselves

When we look at the lives of famous people, what we find are stories full of struggle and triumph, sometimes even within the same day. These individuals have worked hard to achieve their status, so they understand how to use that success to help them motivate themselves to keep moving forward.

Maya Angelou is one such person who has inspired many through her writing and speeches. Not only does she touch upon important topics like racism and sexism, but she also uses her fame to promote self-love and understanding of others.

She teaches us that being well-known doesn’t make you more worthy or significant than anyone else, it just makes you worthy and significant in your own way. She believes that being aware of your strengths and weaknesses helps you develop as a person and inspires hope for the future.

I agree with this philosophy and believe it can be applied to any area of life, not just personal development. It can be used to strengthen relationships or improve work performance, for example.

Abraham Lincoln

how famous personalities understand themselves

One of the most well-known stories about President Lincoln is that he would walk around with his hands in his pockets for hours at a time, thinking about what things mean to him. He spent lots of time reflecting on himself and who he was as a person.

He lived by his moral code and made sure everything else fell into place around him. He took great pride in being honest and trustworthy, and he expected the same from others.

He never wanted people to feel like they could take advantage of him because he valued honesty and trust. At the same time, he also didn't want people to think that they were better than him because he believed in equality.

His personal philosophy was something along the lines of there are only two types of people in this world — good guys and bad guys. And if you meet someone who is totally evil, then it's your job to be a total jerk and stand up against them.

Vladimir Putin

how famous personalities understand themselves

In his first year as President of Russia, he made headlines for promising to never be like his predecessors, the Soviet leader Gennady Gerasimov and former president Boris Yeltsin.

He promised to take control of the media in order to create an environment where only pro-government news is seen and people are shielded from negative information. He also stated that he would use his personal strength to ensure that this happens.

His emphasis on self-control reflects his upbringing. According to one source, when he was 19 years old, he read about how Russian rulers who had been overthrown were sometimes killed after trying to escape. This inspired him to start keeping track of when he was hungry or thirsty so that he wouldn’t do anything foolish.

This anecdote may help us understand why he doesn’t seem very passionate about things. If we are not in touch with our own emotions, it can be difficult to tell what will make us feel happy and what will make us unhappy.

Carrie Bradshaw

how famous personalities understand themselves

In the early stages of her career, not only did Carrie struggle with her insecurities, she also lacked self-confidence. This is evident by how many times we as readers are made to feel like we’re watching an expose of someone who doesn’t quite know what they want or don’t have enough confidence in themselves to pursue it.

Carrie would often give up because she didn’t think she was good enough or pretty enough to be successful. She would hesitate going after what she wanted out of fear that people wouldn’t accept her if she succeeded.

But here’s the thing about famous (or even non-famous) personaltyists – whether you agree with their decisions or not, you can learn from them.

You can take something they said or done and apply it to yourself or to your own life situation, which brings us back to our initial point: being able to identify what makes you insecure is the first step towards overcoming such feelings.

Donald Trump

how famous personalities understand themselves

Many people consider President Donald Trump to be completely self-absorbing, constantly talking about himself and his achievements. All of these perceptions are wrong!

Trump doesn’t feel very respected as he grows older. He feels like he's wasting his time trying to make things better for others, when they're not even willing to help him improve his own life.

He also believes most people don't respect his leadership skills or talent, which is what makes him want to keep working hard to prove them wrong.

His desire to win comes from a place where he feels he hasn't gotten enough praise for his efforts, said Sean O'Brien, Professor of Psychology at Boston University.

"It seems that he wants more recognition for how well he has done in his career, so he works harder to get it," explained O'Brien.