How Famous Personalities Influence On A Person's Character

By Tiara

People are influenced by the people around them, to an extent. What kind of person these others are can have major effects on their style, but also on what they believe and how they live their lives.

Famous individuals tend to get attached to certain traits that help them connect with other people. These traits often come in handy when they need to convince someone to go along with their plans or give them feedback.

It’s no surprise then that some people have made it into the news for developing similar internalized biases due to repeated exposure to negative stereotypes about minorities.

For example, after filming a documentary about race relations in America, French director Agnès Vardas made headlines for offering her white colleagues $100 if they could spend 24 hours in a black neighbourhood without speaking to anyone.

Her colleague declined the offer, so she left town instead. This shows just how powerful social influence can be.

Here, we'll look at seven ways famous people shape your character.

Steve Jobs

how famous personalities influence on a person's character

Technically, there is no such thing as “fame” per se. It’s not like mass media or public attention where you can see how someone else’s perception of you changes because they have read about you.

Fame is something that people talk about you being, it's an adjective but a noun. People associate you with the word “famous” because you radiate this aura of charisma and prestige.

This influence comes from your actions, your appearance, your speech, and your lack of presence. All these things combine to create this sense of inevitability around you. You become known as one who matters and will be wanted by others.

There are many ways in which famous people affect us. Some studies suggest that exposure to negative stories about celebrities may cause you to feel similarly negatively towards other groups (racial, religious, political).

Some theories propose that we develop mental shortcuts when thinking about important figures and applying their concepts and lessons to ourselves. For example, if they talked about making healthy lifestyle choices then we assume that we should too.

Overall, though, most experts agree that it’s just hard to get worked up about some person unless you care about them.

Albert Einstein

The life of an individual is influenced by many things, including people. What types of people you associate with can have a lasting effect on your character. People who watch movies or play games that promote violence will likely grow up feeling it’s okay to use physical force as a solution to their problems.

Some examples of famous individuals whose behaviours had negative effects on others are Adolf Hitler and his obsession with Nazi ideology, George Bush senior for supporting the Vietnam War, and Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky. All of these men made decisions that negatively impacted those around them.

Other less notorious but just as influential individuals include movie actors and actresses. An example of this would be someone like Mel Gibson. While he may not be known for his political correctness, he has never been accused of being too aggressive or violent towards anyone.

Gibson grew up in a family of alcoholics so he was exposed to excessive drinking at a young age. His upbringing also included domestic abuse which probably contributed to his aggressive behaviour. He learned how to control his anger from both experiences and therefore doesn’t express much outside of the office.

Leonardo da Vinci

how famous personalities influence on a person's character

Da Vinci is an artist who painted some of the most famous works in history, such as The Mona Lisa or The Last Supper. He also designed many things, including robots and helicopters.

However, what people may not know about him is that he had incredible influence over his contemporaries. His personal qualities inspired those around him to achieve their dreams and make changes to help them succeed in life.

He was known for being very intelligent and creative, making it easy to get along with him. Many have quoted how he would motivate others by telling them that they were worth more than they thought they were because he spent time investing in them before.

This didn't just apply to friends, even strangers would notice his motivation and inspiration while listening to him speak.

Donald Trump

how famous personalities influence on a person's character

There’s an old saying that people will show you who they are when they're hungry, thirsty or desperate for money. For many individuals, their desire to gain more wealth eclipses all other qualities like honesty, integrity and compassion.

This is why we see repeated patterns of behaviour among wealthy individuals. They- will, some of them at least- tend to be very self-focused.

They prioritize achieving personal goals over helping others achieve theirs. In fact, in some cases, they actively avoid investing time in relationships because they don’t want to risk losing what they have.

It’s easy to think that rich people are just successful and good, but this isn't always the case.

There are plenty of stories of extremely wealthy individuals doing atrocious things, sometimes for extended periods. We read about it every day in the news.

Warren Buffett

how famous personalities influence on a person's character

In my opinion, one of the most important things in life is to make others feel good about themselves. Consistently put effort into creating an environment where people can connect with their innermost feelings and secrets, and they will appreciate you and trust you more.

This is something that famous people do very well. They are always aware of what people need and want before them and try to give it to them.

By being helpful and encouraging, they develop trust which helps them to perform their job better. At the same time, they gain confidence from how other people perceive them.

I admire many famous people for this quality and I hope to be able to achieve it one day.

Winston Churchill

how famous personalities influence on a person's character

A person’s character is shaped by their experiences, both good and bad. Some people are more influenced by positive experiences than negative ones, while others seem to carry past events with them for a very long.

Famous individuals that have made an impressive impact on society to the list include former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. He was known for his oratory skills and leadership abilities.

He served as the Chancellor of The University of Oxford from 1945 until 1951 when he became the President of the United States. During this period, he led the Allied Forces in several important battles against Nazi Germany.

Not only did he lead Great Britain through World War II, but also played a major role in shaping America’s perception of itself during the Cold War era.

Thomas Edison

how famous personalities influence on a person's character

Born in 1847, Thomas Edison was one of the most influential people in history. He made countless inventions, including the light bulb, motion picture camera, the radio, and telephone technology.

Edison is known for his tenacity when it came to achieving his goals. When he lost faith in something, he would quickly find another way to make it work.

He never gave up and always tried his best even if things got tough or needed changing. This quality helped him succeed tremendously in life.

He inspired others to believe in themselves and not feel limited due to how much money they had or what position of power they held. He focused only on creating successful products and leaving no stone unturned in looking for ways to improve them.

His character influenced many people and will continue to do so long after he died.

Mahatma Gandhi

how famous personalities influence on a person's character

One of the most famous people in history is Mahatma Gandhi. He lived from 1869 to 1948, and his legacy still lives on today.

Gandhi was an Indian politician and social activist who fought for India’s independence from Britain. He also played a major role in introducing non-violent forms of protest into the political arena.

His influence as a person has been celebrated throughout human history. Many people say that he inspired them to give up violence as a means of solving problems and to try more peaceful routes to achieve their goals.

Some even go so far as to call him our greatest moral leader. Others believe that he went too far in rejecting violence as a solution to societal ills and caused an unnecessary backlash against the nationalist cause.

No matter what you think about Gandhi, there is one thing we can all agree on: he was a remarkable individual with profound lessons to teach us.