How Famous Musicians Impact Pop Music

By Tiara

The influence of music is undeniable. It has inspired countless artists to create new styles and genres that we enjoy listening to today. Many musicians strive to achieve legendary status, and they often do so by copying or making references to earlier songs and/or artists.

Some may even credit their success as an artist to a particular song or album!

Music touches everyone differently, which is why there’s no one “right” way to listen to it. Some people love songs with lots of drums and bass, while others prefer tracks with many soft melodies and clear vocals. What makes a song catchy also varies from person to person.

Many consider music to be a form of language, and thus some lyrics are more important than others. Certain lines or phrases can mean different things depending on who you are and what you're going through at the time.

This article will discuss five ways in which famous musicians have influenced pop music.

Pink Floyd

With each new album, The Pink Floyd Experience (as they called their music collection) got longer and more diverse. They never truly stayed in one genre or style, making it hard to place them into any specific category. As we already mentioned, they experimented with many different styles and genres, but there are some constants within their sound.

Their lyrics usually focus on societal ills such as capitalism, religion, and government corruption. These types of songs are often referred to as protest songs. According to psychologist Daniel Giese, protesting is an integral part of human development. He says, “Protest is a fundamental need for every advanced society because only when something is wrong do people take action to fix it.” [1]

Another important element of Floyd’s music is how the use of rhythm and tone. Their instruments have what psychologists call implicit functions. This means that even if you didn’t know they were meant to convey certain emotions or concepts, they would. For example, bass drums can create tension, while using lower frequencies can evoke fear.[2][3] In listening to The Floyd, you will also notice how their vocals match the rest of the song.

Overall, their musical legacy includes not just individual songs, but entire albums and modes of expression that have inspired other artists.

The Beatles

how famous musicians impact pop music

After forming in 1962, The Beatles quickly rose to fame as they adapted their sound to fit whatever genre of music was popular at that time. They also experimented with different instruments and song structures to produce their hit songs.

The band’s lead singer Paul McCartney is well known for his work outside of music as well. He has published two books and hosted several documentaries since he joined the group.

Other members have gone on to successful solo careers as musicians and writers. Ringo Starr released his first album in 1971 and still records it regularly today. John Lennon wrote some of his most famous lyrics during his years with The Beatles. And George Harrison left The Band after serving as a member for three years before embarking on a career as a musician and writer.

Overall, the influence of The Beatles can be seen everywhere in our culture. Their style inspired many other bands to pick up guitars and start performing. Many musicians credit them as major contributors to their success.

Taylor Swift

how famous musicians impact pop music

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important factors in pop music is influence. Artists such as Beyoncé and Rihanna have inspired many to pursue music as a career. They took what they loved and made it into a profession!

Taylor Swift is an excellent example of this. She loves singing and writing songs very much, so she never stopped practising. Luckily, she was not shy when asking for help with her craft, which helped her hone her skills even more.

She would frequently share her songwriting process with other people, giving them feedback and encouraging them to do the same. This influenced others to try their hand at writing lyrics or melodies.

Her style has been characterized as “country” since the early stages of her career, but that is only because she incorporated those elements into her songs. Her success comes from being passionate about what you love and sharing her knowledge related to that field with other people.