How Famous Musicians Died

By Tiara

The chances of your favourite musician’s death being a mystery are very slim, however. Before reading this article, you should know that many musicians die every year due to suicide or accidental overdoses. Some even meet their deaths while trying to save another person!

Sadly, some people choose to honour their loved ones by shaming them for their deaths. These individuals may spread rumours about the cause of death or speculate about what might have caused it.

Some believe that the artist is guilty and therefore deserves their fate, while others think that their death was unnecessary or unjustified.

In either case, these beliefs often influence public opinion and can hurt their legacy. This article will discuss several examples of famous artists who died under mysterious circumstances. However, before jumping into the cases listed here, make sure to read our tips for coping with grief.

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Here we will talk about some instances where popular music stars passed away unexpectedly. We will also look at some theories surrounding their deaths and whether they were justified or not.

Note: All information mentioned below has been adapted from various sources such as Wikipedia and The Guardian.

Kurt Cobain

how famous musicians died

On April 5, 1994, twenty-three years ago today, music legend Kurt Cobain took his own life. He was twenty-six years old.

He left this world alone, but he didn’t have to be. There are many ways we can help people who struggle with depression or substance abuse.

Music has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Learning how to play an instrument is a great way to do that.

It’s also important to recognize early signs of suicide and get help immediately.

That’s why I’d like to talk about some things related to Suicide Prevention you may not know.

Many times, before someone dies by self-harm, they will put thought into their mind as to what they're going to do.

Sometimes there's nothing wrong in our minds that lead us to hurt ourselves. It's just normal nervousness, fear, or frustration that makes them consider ending it all.

Michael Jackson

how famous musicians died

The death of singer Michael Jackson was ruled as “accidental” in April 2019. While performing at his last London show, he used an off-the-shelf heart monitor to check his pulse. Unfortunately, it detected something strange, and he was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

The coroner determined that the cause of his death was acute cardiac hypertrophy caused by fluid accumulation and pressure on his heart. This occurred because his body reacted to the stress of performing a very popular song with a lot of audience interaction.

While there were rumours about his health before this incident, none of them appeared serious enough for him to cancel or postpone his tour. His doctor and team members gave repeated assurances that he was in good shape and would be able to perform safely without knowing what would make him feel ill.

It is important to note that although his doctor declared the event medically safe, she also warned people not to get too close to him during the concert. It is possible that her warning made him more nervous than usual which could have contributed to his eventual collapse.

Despite all these precautions, some fans went beyond simply watching the performance from the side of the stage. Others reportedly engaged in prolonged touching or kissing of his hands or legs while others climbed onto the stage.

Some even reported feeling unwell after interacting with him directly or having to wait outside for hours after the show had ended.

David Bowie

how famous musicians died

In February 2016, it was announced that legendary singer-songwriter and musician David Bowie had passed away at age 69. He lived an incredible life as both a songwriter and performer.

He started his career in music with The Beatles before going solo where he became one of the most well-known singers of all time. His best songs include “Space Oddity”, “Rebel Rebel”, and many more!

It is very difficult to describe just how important David Bowie was to not only music but also fashion, cinema, and technology. He will be remembered for his creativity and influence for years to come.

Sadly, this news comes almost two months later than we would have wanted. But now you know – a famous way to lose your beloved leader.

Share what you learned here today with someone you think might benefit from these lessons. Add yourself to the list below.

Tupac Shakur

how famous musicians died

In 2004, just months before his death, Shakur announced that he was retiring as an artist due to health issues. He later revealed that he had been diagnosed with HIV back in 1995.

He continued to express his love for music and would go on to record songs about his struggles with the disease. Many of these songs became defining pieces for him as they conveyed how important music is to people and how it helps us heal.

His final album, All Eyes On Me, which he released just two weeks before his death, featured several tracks dedicated to this idea. He called himself “the soundtrack of my life” and said that music helped keep him going when nothing else did.

He also mentioned how he wanted his children to know what it means to make a difference through your work and how you live your life.

It is our duty not only to give back to others but to ourselves by creating something we are passionate about and sharing it with the world.

Amy Winehouse

how famous musicians died

In July 2011, the music world lost one of its biggest stars when 33-year-old singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning and prescription drug abuse. Just three years earlier she had achieved superstar status with her hit songs like “Rehab” and “Love Is Gone”.

But things began to go wrong for her in 2007 when she recorded an early version of what would become her breakout song "Baby What's Your Problem?". At that time, it was titled "I Don't Care" but later changed to match the lyrics more closely.

The lyrics contain the lines, " I don't care if you're drunk or tired," which some listeners took as encouragement to drink and party. It is now considered controversial due to this interpretation.

After recording the song, Winehouse shelved it and eventually deleted it from all digital platforms. She then rewrote most of the rest of her album, Back To Basics, around it.

However, after hearing the new version, several people noticed a strong resemblance to the original song with only slight changes. Some say this proves she planned to release it at some point and just didn't have enough time before releasing the record.

Many believe these factors contributed to her eventual death, as she struggled with addiction herself.

John Lennon

how famous musicians died

In 1980, music legend John Lennon was murdered outside of his home in New York City. He was shot twice by an unknown assailant as he walked back from a recording session with his professional musician friend.

Lennon had recently broken up with his girlfriend, who would go on to marry Sean Yoko Ono two days after his murder. Lennon is most well-known for his song “Imagine” and his famous moustache.

He also left an incredible legacy as one of the first musicians to use his influence to promote social justice and equality through his lyrics and political statements. These include songs like “Give Peace A Chance” and “Woman Is The Reason I Live My Life.”

John Lennon died too soon, but his death has continued to inspire people across all genres for years now.

Steve Jobs

how famous musicians died

In October 2011, just over three years after he first took control of Apple, CEO Steve Jobs announced that he would be stepping down as company leader. He made this announcement during an employee meeting in which he also revealed his plans to spend more time with family and reduce his work hours.

Jobs’ health was starting to take a toll. Since assuming leadership at the company in 2001, he had led it through its most successful period ever, helping it win multiple prestigious awards and launch new products like the iPhone and iPad.

He remained active outside of work, however, and continued to enjoy travelling and spending time with friends. But increasingly, he found himself exhausted and unable to focus on tasks that needed his attention.

In August 2010, around six months before his resignation, he went back on medical leave due to another bout of serious health complications. While he returned part-time soon afterwards, he never fully recovered his stamina and gave up his position as chairman of the board later that year.

Since then, there has been much speculation about what caused his death. Many pointed the finger at his use of supplements such as fish oil and ginseng, but these are common treatments for people with similar health problems to him and thus can’t be ruled out as factors.

Ted Bundy

how famous musicians died

The most famous murderer in America was also one of the most recognizable faces. Born Robert Allen Chapman, he grew up in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and spent his early teen years acting. He appeared in over 30 TV shows as well as several movies before dropping out to focus on music.

He made it onto MTV’s list of top twenty worst-dressed people twice, for both dates with no shirt and black leather pants. His second appearance saw him donned in an elaborate white suit with red patterned gloves and boots.

Chapman began performing under the stage name Teddy Bundy, and soon became known for his dramatic performance style. He would often cry or scream during songs, drawing comparisons to Elvis. Many musicians have cited his influence.

In 1978, at age 24, he changed his last name to match that of the recently assassinated president. At this time, he had already begun developing a reputation as someone who could not be trusted, so many avoided meeting him.

The next year, however, he struck again. This time he travelled across the country to visit friends in Utah. There he picked up another young woman and took her somewhere isolated where he murdered her and left her body in a lake.

He then drove back home, telling everyone that she had left without saying goodbye. Police eventually discovered the truth and arrested him, but only after he had committed six more murder cases.