How Famous Musicians Died

By Tiara

The sad truth is, even if you’re not famous or rich, death can still be very expensive. A well-known artist like Pablo Picasso died at age 91 in April of this year with over 5,000 pieces of art he left behind. He had 16 children from his various marriages, so his family was able to gather and preserve many of his belongings.

However, most people don’t have such strong bonds they can rely on when tragedy strikes. If you are wealthy, you may be able to avoid paying large sums for funeral services and other expenses, but what about the rest of us?

We can run into problems trying to access health coverage due to your passing, which could leave significant medical costs for someone else to bear. We might also struggle to pay rent or mortgage bills while we're mourning your passing, and it's possible that our loved ones will need help out as well.

In this article, I'll go through some examples of how popular artists and musicians died recently, and what their families paid for their funerals. These cost estimates come courtesy of FuneralNotify, an online tool that allows you to search and compare prices for funeral service providers within your area.

Disclaimer: This article should not be used as an exact representation of any specific burial ceremony. Each cemetery has different policies and procedures that affect price.

Kurt Cobain

how famous musicians died

Twenty years ago this week, music legend Kurt Cobain took his own life at age 27 in his home outside of Seattle. He left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten by his fans or musical peers.

Many people may not know what happened to him after he filmed an MTV interview in April 1994. Since then, many have speculated about how his death could potentially relate to his struggle with depression and addiction.

Tragically, there are some indications that Cobain was experiencing symptoms of mental health issues before his suicide. In fact, just one month earlier he wrote a note telling friends that he wanted to die.

But even if you were not personal acquaintances of his, it is important to acknowledge the profound influence he had as an artist. His songs have touched millions of listeners around the world.

His music has been credited for helping others deal with difficult times in their lives. Many use his songs and lyrics to help them process grief, loss, or feelings of isolation.

This article will discuss some possible causes of his death and whether any bear responsibility. But first, let us remember his beautiful legacy.

Michael Jackson

In June 2009, just months before his death, singer/songwriter Michael Jackson was in London filming a Pepsi commercial. While there he received some bad news about his health, but he put on a show for media that were gathered outside of his hotel room.

He performed two songs (“Remember the Time” and “You Got It Going On”) and then told everyone to have a nice day. Unfortunately, the next morning his doctor called him with more bad news and he quickly passed away.

It is important to note how many people close to him died within weeks of each other. His brothers, manager, and several others surrounding his passing all contributed to it.

His family had an incredible amount of grief they needed to work through and process, as well as rumors that spread due to the timing and circumstances of his death. Many believe he killed himself by taking too much of a drug or drugs mixed into liquid which made him pass out and drown in his sleep.

There is no proof either way, so we will never know what really happened to the King of Pop. What we can say with certainty though, is that he suffered from serious mental and physical illness that did not get better over time.

Michael Jackson touched the hearts of millions around the world, and he will be missed. But his legacy lives on now through music, films, and his charitable works.

Elvis Presley

how famous musicians died

The passing of any famous person is always sad, but the death of one who had such an influence on music and culture makes it especially tragic. With his passing in August 2016, we have lost one of the greatest singers to ever live music, Elvis Presley.

Elvis was just 54 years old when he died, making him at least six months younger than most other musicians that die within two decades of their career end. He left us with an incredible legacy as both musician and artist, leaving behind more than $600 million in earnings and countless songs we will continue to listen to for generations to come.

Sadly, however, not all of these songs are well-documented or positive experiences for those who hear them for the first time. Many people feel like Elvis’s music made them uncomfortable, even hurtful. This article will discuss some reasons why this is the case and what you can do to avoid adding to this negative energy while listening to his music.

Carrie Fisher

how famous musicians died

We have all lost one of our greatest comedians, humorists, and beloved characters in the galaxy. Princess Leia Organa was more than just an integral part of many of us growing up, she inspired so many.

Carrie made her acting debut in 1977’s American Graffiti where she played Mary Jane Watson. Eight years later, she landed the lead role as Anakin Skywalker’s daughter in The Empire Strikes Back. As such, she brought to life a strong, independent young woman who possessed strength in self-confidence but also needed love to feel better about herself.

She reprised this character in three films that collectively received over $856 million at the box office worldwide. Her performance as Leia has been described as powerful, authentic, and relatable — something we can all relate to.

After leaving Disney, it took several months before fans could finally begin to process what they had experienced with Leia. Many were left feeling empty and/or depressed for weeks or even months after her death last week due to her health issues.

While some may have found the actress’s battle against cancer too painful to watch, others watched her final film and gave themselves permission to cry. She lived longer than either of the two main men in her life, which is always nice.

In addition to being an incredible actor, Carrie worked hard to raise money and awareness for charity.

Tupac Shakur

how famous musicians died

In April 1996, just over one year after his 22nd birthday, two months before he would release his 16th studio album All Eyez On Me, Tupac left a party with some of his friends in Las Vegas.

He was never seen or heard from again. His body was later found in an open sewer tunnel not far from his apartment. He had been shot twice – once in the shoulder and then fatally in the back.

Police initially speculated that robbery may have been the motive for his murder but this theory was quickly discarded as they could find no signs of theft.

A few days earlier, Pac spoke about money problems in an interview conducted by Elle magazine. According to sources, he told them that he owed several million dollars in gambling debts which he couldn’t repay. This may have put him into debt with people who wanted their money back.

Many still believe that these debts were what led to his death but others allege that it was because of a dispute over a woman. It is also possible that someone wanted revenge for something else he had done.

David Bowie

how famous musicians died

In January 2016, the news broke that legendary musician David Bowie had passed away at age 69. While his death was noted for its shocking nature, what made it so notable is who he died as him- not just as a person but as an artist.

Bowie spent most of his life in music creating songs we all know and love, establishing himself as one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time. He also left an incredible legacy as a fashion icon, filmmaker, and performer.

But before all of those things, he put in work to be famous. And while some may think being well known means staying in the public eye indefinitely, there are actually quite a few ways to run out of opportunities to do so.

Sadly, dying alone can sometimes make running out of options seem like a worthy outcome. So, here are the top five deadliest ways to die for popular celebrities.

Medical negligence is often overlooked when talking about how stars lose their lives, but it’s an important factor. When people talk about medical negligence, they usually refer to something along the lines of someone getting sick from bad or no food or medicine, or having a surgery done without proper precautions.

However, it can go much deeper than that- even going as far as causing death directly. Medical professionals who fail to treat patients properly can result in lawsuits filed by survivors or loved ones of the victims.

Amy Winehouse

how famous musicians died

In July 2011, the world was shocked to learn that singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse had died of alcohol-related causes at age 27. She found success as a musician early in her career before experiencing several runins with the law and public shaming due to her use of cocaine and other illegal substances.

But she struggled with her personal life for much longer than just those few years.

In fact, many people didn’t know about some of the more serious health issues she faced until it was too late.

She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 19, but failed to receive proper treatment because she wasn’t always able to access drugs or therapists who would work with celebrities.

Her father was reportedly abusive towards her, which may have played a part in why she never seemed emotionally stable.

And while she enjoyed moderate success early in her career, she began suffering from depression and anxiety as her fame grew. These feelings were often overlooked or ignored by those around her.

It took a family member bringing her into rehab to get help at last, though. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

John Lennon

how famous musicians died

In 1980, music legend John Lennon received his ultimate tribute with the passing of his death. He was shot and killed in front of his home by an obsessed fan.

John had just finished recording what would be his final song when he noticed someone taking pictures outside his apartment building. As he walked out to greet this new person, Lennon was fatally gunned down.

The murderer fled the scene but not before leaving behind a note that said, “I am your enemy”. This phrase is spoken directly after the name of the album the two men were working on at the time of Lennon’s murder. The album title? It's called Imagine.

Sadly, the tragic loss of life for one of the most well-known musicians in history didn't seem to make too much of an impression. Because of that, it's quite possible many people never heard or saw the lyrics to "Imagine" until now.