How Famous Models Were Discovered

By Tiara

As with any other profession, there are ways to make money off of your talent. A popular way is being discovered through social media or via exposure by people who want to promote yourself for it.

There are many routes that get you into this business, but most start with trying out as a model — sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. In either case, here’s how some of the world’s top models were found!

Models usually begin their careers as an “aspiring” model. This means they try on clothes and pose for photos and/or videos in order to gain experience and knowledge about posing, photoshoots, etc. They also must be able to convey a sense of confidence when modeling so that no one feels uncomfortable.

From there, they hone their craft by going to various fashion shows and events where they can showcase their talents. Many find a mentor or two who will help them take their career to the next level.

Lastly, the really famous ones launch their own line or clothing collection. People purchase their products because they believe in their brand – and thus, invest in them!


Being a model is a beautiful thing and there are lots of ways to achieve this dream.

Kate Moss

how famous models were discovered

When model agency founder Andreja Meller first met British fashion superstar, Kate Moss, she was completely unaware of her fame. At that time, however as an aspiring photographer, Meller was looking to expand her portfolio by shooting models for magazines.

Moss, at the time, had just finished high school and was studying art but no one knew about it yet. She worked in various restaurants and food stores while trying to find a way to make money to continue her education.

When Meller asked Moss if she would be willing to do some modeling for her magazine, she agreed. It wasn’t until later though when Moss realized how popular she became.

It is now known that before she picked up a spray can of paint and started painting herself, Moss already had many followers. Her artistic skills were clearly very polished back then!

Her talent really shone through when she modeled for Meller and she has since been featured in countless publications including Vogue and Glamour. You may have seen her work before – she's arguably one of the most famous people on the planet.

Dating back to 2005, Moss has received over 70 international style awards and decorations, not to mention numerous prestigious honors such as being inducted into Britain’s National Gallery of Modern Art.

Kate Upton

Before she was famous, model Kate Upton worked as a topless dancer. In fact, before landing her first big modeling job, she made over $10,000 stripping! Her agent spotted her while he was looking through portfolios of models for his company to represent. Since then, she has gone on to have success in modelling and entertainment career features including TV appearances, movies, and product endorsements.

A lot of people know Upton now for her sultry looks and sexy poses but what most don’t realize is that she spent years working as a stripper to gain attention as a model.

Her initial goal was to make enough money to buy a house so she could start a family with her fiancé at the time. It seems like it paid off since she already has a son and daughter together!

By investing in herself by studying how to be a good nude dancer, she learned some basic modelling techniques and put them to use. Now, she can truly say that she fell into modelling professionally. She never planned on being a model, but she always wanted to do something performance-related.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how famous models were found and influenced by their past experiences.

Kendall Jenner

how famous models were discovered

When you’re famous, people are always trying to get your attention. For model and entrepreneur Kendall Jenner, her appearance in a commercial was what got her fame. While walking out of a restaurant with her friend after filming, she was spotted by a photographer who worked with the company that filmed the ad. He asked if he could take some pictures of her, and she agreed!

After shooting several more photos, the manager of the restaurant where they were eating contacted the photographer about finding him an employee so he could hire them both. Since his employer already had their contract, he gave it to him and Kendall has done very well since then!

Her success as a model is just part of her career now, she also runs her own fashion line and does runway work. She is known for putting herself out there and being honest about who she is and what she loves. This has helped her stay popular and loved.

Gigi Hadid

how famous models were discovered

When you’re dreaming about a career in modelling, it can be hard to envision yourself walking down a runway with your shirt off or posing seductively for fashion magazines. But what most models don’t know is how they got into their current position!

Most people assume that professional model search processes begin with agents who represent models looking to connect them with employers. While this is true, it isn’t the only way many top models were found.

There are several ways aspiring models can pick up knowledge of the industry, including through social media, word-of-mouth, and meeting other likeminded individuals online. In fact, some professionals even advertise for job openings by posting pictures and information about themselves!

In this article, we will talk about one such method — talking to famous models.

Adriana Lima

how famous models were discovered

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina as Adrianna Gómez de la Torre, she was discovered at the age of 13 when an agent spotted her posing for a photographer. She has gone on to become one of the world’s most famous models, appearing in campaigns for top fashion brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Givenchy, Versace, and more.

Lima is best known for her voluptuous figure and unique style that includes flashy jewelry and long hair that is frequently dyed different colors.

She is also very active off-camera, having founded her own clothing line and starred in several TV shows and movies. In fact, she is so popular that even though she is not a natural blonde, people enjoy referring to her as such!

Her beauty secrets include rubbing cream all over your body (the expensive kind!), using bronzer instead of contour makeup, and never shaving your legs because you will look better with short hairs.

Lynn Hirschberg

how famous models were discovered

Born in New York, model Lynn Hirschberg was scouted at an event she attended when she was nineteen years old. Since then her career has been mostly fashion related as she is constantly being sought out for editorial work and runway appearances.

Hirshberg now works with major modelling agencies and has even done some film roles. She is well known for having participated in beauty contests throughout her life which helped get her into the modeling industry!

She is also very active off-set where she models various products. You may have seen some of her before in advertisements or television shows.

Her success comes from her hardworking attitude and dedication to her craft. Her passion for it makes her successful, and she always keeps herself ready to work by practicing his looks and things like contour drawing.

Karlie Kloss

how famous models were discovered

Born in Sydney, Australia, in 1992, Karlie is most known for her work as the face of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle collection. She has also appeared in campaigns for brands such as Guess, Diesel, Valentino, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, and Burberry.

In addition to working with some of the biggest fashion houses in the world, she has graced the runways of New York, Paris, Milan, and London many times. Her sizzling hot style has made her an icon among all types of people!

Her beauty secrets include rubbing egg yolk onto your skin to boost its natural moisture and using coconut oil to treat dry feet or even putting it directly on your hair.

Ali Knox

how famous models were discovered

When you’re a model, your success depends on how hard you work to get jobs. A lot of models spend months if not years trying to connect with people who can help them promote their services. Some even develop special skills like performing or acting so they can showcase that talent.

It is very common for aspiring models to put in lots of effort and be rejected many times before getting a chance at job opportunities. This process can burn out most people. For some though, it seems to give them an adrenaline boost and fuel to keep chasing their dreams.

Ali was no different. She spent her teen years pursuing modelling as her career while also studying business online. At 19 years old, she got her first big break when a friend connected her with a fashion company looking for new faces. Her friend worked there and gave her some tips, which helped her land her first ever job!

Since then, Ali has gone on to have a successful career promoting clothing brands by posting pictures and videos of herself wearing their clothes. She has over 1 million followers on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

Her popularity has grown massively due to the fact that she posts almost daily updates about her life and career. Many admire her for being able to balance school, work and personal time while still making sure her fans feel seen and appreciated.

She is well known for being honest and down-to-earth, creating strong bonds with her followers.