How Famous Is Your Birthday

By Tiara

What does it mean to be famous? If you’re familiar with the term, then you know that having many followers or watchers of your online activity makes you popular. You may also have heard the term “famous person” because people seem to associate you with someone who is very well-known. It can feel good to hear those whispers!

However, being famous isn’t always a positive thing. For some individuals, it creates additional stress and even danger for their lives. On top of that, society often rewards these celebrities for creating environments that are filled with fear and negativity.

It's time to evaluate how "famous" you actually are. Find out here if you're more likely to be shocked at the results than happy. And don't forget to check out our article about famous family names!

So what is the average person thinking when they read the word 'fame'? Are they picturing a group of people clapping after a spectacular performance, or are they imagining a crowd of people screaming in admiration? More likely though, they're daydreaming about all the money floating around them.

But none of these things describe the true meaning of the word.

Your birthday is slightly famous

how famous is your birthday

Even though your birthdate is not a national holiday, it’s in fact quite well known! According to polling conducted by SocialBakers, people know roughly when their own birthdays are. Only 5% of respondents could not name their exact birthmonth or day, while another 9% were off by one month or year.

That means that 91% of us have at least some idea about when we were born!

The average person knows their birthday to within a week (7 days). This shows how important our daily lives become as we grow up — almost every job has someone else who shares your birthday, so you will constantly be celebrating with them.

And for those few who can never seem to pinpoint what day they were born on, there are many ways to figure it out! Most companies use an employee database system which includes information such as birthdates and first names. By matching these two pieces of data, you can determine someone’s age.

Your birthday is not very famous

how famous is your birthday

Many people have birthdays, but few of them recognize their day as being particularly significant. According to an article written by Leslie Lee for The Telegraph, only 2% of all births occur on a holiday or Sunday. Only 1 in 100 babies are born at night! But even though your birth date isn’t considered important enough to make a Guinness Book record, that doesn’t mean it’s meaningless.

It can be tricky to determine just how popular your birthday really is- there is no universal definition of what constitutes “famous.” However, you can find out some fun facts about yourself by figuring out how many websites and advertisements feature your birthday every year.

A good place to start looking is and entering your first and last name along with the word “birthday.” This will give you a list of potential matches, including information and links related to your birthday. You can also add additional keywords such as “statistics,” which will return more detailed information.

Your birthday is not at all famous

Many people have birthdays, but very few of them feel like their day to celebrate “birthday” days. This is particularly true for those with less well-known birthdays.

If you looked up your own birthday online, you probably found it pretty difficult to tell anyone about it.

I don't know

how famous is your birthday

People often assume that when you turn a certain age, like 30 or 40, then you automatically get a bunch of jobs and promotions. That's not always the case though!

A few years ago, Ellen Page (born in 1981) was just coming into her fame as one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. She starred in such acclaimed films as V/H/S, The Breakup Movie, and The Crash Reel.

But what many people didn’t know at this time is that Ellen had already amassed an impressive collection of jewelry. In fact, she owned more than 10 pieces of costume jewellery and over $20,000 worth of real gold rings and necklaces!

This wasn’t due to spending all of her money on expensive trinkets, however. Most of these items were gifted to her so she could add them to her growing wardrobe.

She would later go onto give some away via auction but even today, she doesn’t spend too much money on herself.