How Famous Is Uluru

By Tiara

The word “famous” can be quite the struggle to define. For some, it means being rich and having lots of followers on social media. Others may use the term more broadly, like when you read that somewhere has recently been awarded ‘Famous’ status.

In this case, they mean anything with a large audience is now considered famous. A popular movie or TV show will usually get the same recognition.

With all these different definitions, how do we determine if something is really famous? Here are 10 things that could potentially make an object or concept very famous.

Popularity of Uluru

how famous is uluru

The natural wonder that is Uluru has gone mainstream as it’s now been featured in several popular media sources, including movies and TV shows. You can even buy merchandise with its silhouette or name printed on it!

Uluru has appeared in various forms of media since they first photographed it back in 1879. It was later incorporated into the “dreamtime stories” of Aboriginal Australians and then translated into English as Ayoora (which means place belonging to the spirits) in 1922.

In 1981, photographer Martin Empson captured what many consider to be one of the greatest nature portraits ever made – his picture of Uluru just before sunrise. This inspired artist Jan Sibereaux to create an oil painting titled Sunrise over Uluru which would go onto win him the World Book Award for Best Nature Painting in 1991.

More recently, Uluru has found itself appearing in movie scenes and advertisements. In fact, it was used as the location setting for some parts of the 2017 film Bright.

Cost of visiting

how famous is uluru

Visiting Uluru is not expensive, even if you do it during high season! There are many ways to see Uluru and the surrounding area for less than $1,000.

Many people begin their Australian trip with a tour of Uluru. These typically start in Ayers Rock or Sunset Viewing Locations before heading out onto The Red Rocks for some photo opportunities and/or sunrise or sunset viewing. This can cost anywhere from around $90 – $100 per person (depending on how much time you spend at each location).

There’s an excellent opportunity to visit Uluru without taking a tour. We recommend doing so if you’re traveling on a budget as there are plenty of low-cost entry points into the Uluru landscape. Some examples include:

Taking your own transport to take advantage of the inexpensive ride share services that are available. Many people choose to use Uber which costs about $30-$40 per day depending on where you go in Australia. You can also opt to take public transportation which usually isn’t too pricey either.

Going on a cycling holiday across Australia is another way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes while saving money. Most major cities have bike sharing programs that can get you started.

Best time to visit

how famous is uluru

If you’re visiting Australia in winter, then avoiding Uluru is not possible as it will be covered in snow!

That doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself at other sights around the area though, just make sure your timing is right before heading over to see this magnificent rock formation.

In fact, if you're traveling during spring or autumn, there's even better chances of seeing less people due to the lower temperatures.

Getting to Uluru

how famous is uluru

There are two main ways to get to Uluru. One is by land, and the other is by air. The former is much more expensive than the latter!

Land tours usually cost around $250-500 per person for one or several days. Some only last a few hours while others can go all day depending on how many people you’re traveling with.

There are different levels of tour you can choose from as well. For example, some will have you visit certain sites along the way whereas others may not. And some include refreshments like snacks and drinks, but most do not.

Tours that don't stop often leave you feeling hungry and thirsty because there isn’t very much food and water available at each site. This is especially true in Australia where most places have limited resources.

What to do in Uluru

how famous is uluru

While staying at an A-list hotel, or even if you are visiting for the first time, don’t forget to make time to take some sort of tour of the area. There is so much going on here that it can feel overwhelming.

There are many different tours available, but none compare to taking your own pace. Find one that fits into your schedule and just go!

Many people begin their trip with a day visit to Uluru and the surrounding areas. Some stay the night, and some don’t. You should know what kind of traveler you are before making this decision though.

If you have limited time, then choosing not to stay overnight is the best option. It will give you more time to explore the region during your daytime visits.

But if you would like to spend the night, there are plenty of great options across the city. The choice really comes down to personal preference.

Eating in Uluru

how famous is uluru

While some may find it cliché to say that you can never eat enough of something, this is very true for Uluru. If you are looking to taste-test everything from baked goods to meat or fish, there will be no shortage of things to try!

There are several excellent restaurants located just outside of Uluru where you can enjoy good food while exploring the area.

Places to visit in Uluru

how famous is uluru

There are many ways to enjoy this sacred place, but you do not have to spend a lot of money or time here. You can simply take some time to reflect and connect with nature at its core.

There is so much to see and do in Australia that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of top five things to do while visiting Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock). Try your best to make one of these a day-long outing if needed!

1. Take a walk around the rock

This is by far the most popular activity at Uluru. Nearly two million people every year trek across the desert just to soak in all there is to see.

Many only stay within close proximity to the rock however, making it seem like less than half the visitors get to fully experience what Uluru has to offer.

2. Learn about the history of Uluru

Surrounding the area of the park where the large stone sits is an array of different plant and animal life. Some call this diversity “the circle of life” because everything comes together and dies, leaving space for something new to emerge.

The way indigenous Australians view the land makes sense to those who were born into Western culture. For them, the connection between humans and nature goes beyond natural beauty. It is part of their survival system.


Is there any good weather in Uluru?

how famous is uluru

As we mentioned before, visiting Uluru is definitely not budget-friendly unless you are rich or live close to Australia. Fortunately, however, there is an easy solution to this!

There’s a website that tracks how popular Uluru is at the moment. You can find out just by typing their name into Google. The site will tell you how many people go to see it annually, as well as what months of the year are most crowded.

It will also give you some statistics about how much money tourists spend while they’re down under. All of these things add up to one important fact: There’s never really “bad weather” for seeing Uluru.

On average, between January and March, around 50 million pounds ($71 million) gets spent traveling to see Uluru. Between April and June, that number rises slightly to 53 million ($76 million).