How Famous Is Polo G

By Tiara

There’s been an uproar about something that happened at a house party in Chicago over the weekend. A video of celebrity couple Kylie Jenner and Tyga making out has gone viral, sparking conversations about how to handle such behavior. Some argue that this kind of thing is totally fine because we live in a culture where people have sex all the time. Others say it’s not okay because Kylie and Tyga are both under 25 years old and she is half his age!

It's so hard for me to write my thoughts on this topic cause I feel like everyone has already made up their mind. But here goes nothing: as much as I appreciate your opinion, I can’t agree with you.

I understand why some think what they did was gross (or even illegal). They believe it went beyond kissing into more intimate territory.

But there’s another way to look at it. And that is: really, just because someone does things like this in private doesn’t mean anything else will happen.

You may know this as the “novelty effect.” We’ve discussed this concept before in relation to other topics — see our article: Why Does Breaking Up Make You Fall In Love With Each Other More? For example, researchers found that breaking up actually raises levels of oxytocin in romantic relationships.

Has a brand new TV show

how famous is polo g

The always-updating Instagram page of famous YouTuber Polo Gu is announcing the launch of his new talk show! He has named it The Rahul Gandhi Show and he will be interviewing some major names in politics and society. His first guest will be Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who will speak about his life as an MP, how he became involved with Indian democracy, and what he hopes to achieve for our country’s future.

The episode will run for one hour and there will be two rounds. In round 1, which will take up half the time, Mr. Gandhi will discuss his career so far and what made him choose this profession. Then, in round 2, he will share his plans going forward, including what policies he would like to implement if elected president.

It is important to note that while Mr. Gandhi is very well known, he is not yet fully experienced in talking about himself and his past. This is why his first interview will be with someone else! So look out for The Rahul Gandhi Show when it launches on YouTube on May 6th at 10 AM IST (12 PM EST).

Has sold out stadiums

how famous is polo g

You may have heard of rapper/singer ILLUMINATI, or his stage name Polo Gang. He has very popular songs such as “Live for The Money” and “Die For It!” Many people know him not only because of his music but also due to his fashion style.

He is known to dress in flashy clothes that most people cannot afford. His look includes leather jackets, jewelry, and hats with large brims.

His popularity has skyrocketed over the past few years. Since he first gained fame, he has organized free concerts where thousands gather to enjoy his music and see his lavish wardrobe.

These events are usually held at football (soccer) fields or concert venues. Because he gives away all of his clothing, attendees can keep what they want or even give them to someone else if they wanted.

Is worth $10 million

how famous is polo g

In February of 2018, his first full season in the league, he was named to the NBA’s All-Rookie First Team. Since then, his stock has only risen. He recently signed an endorsement deal with Nike that is reportedly for more than $1 million per year!

He boasts over 2.3 million followers on Instagram and almost 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube. His online following continues to grow as he posts frequent videos.

His popularity even extends beyond social media. A recent poll conducted by Sportysofa asked people to name the top 10 soccer players in the world. The winner? None other than him!

Polo is one of the most recognizable athletes in America and arguably the biggest sports star in Canada. He is also among the wealthiest professional athletes in the country.

But what are his secrets to staying focused while on such a high profile career? What does he do to relax after a hard game or practice? And how did he get here?

We had the chance to ask these questions and more about him during our interview back in March.

Has a net worth of $10 million

how famous is polo g

In May 2019, his followers learned that he had acquired a house in Brentwood, California! He shared pictures of the home along with some remodeling plans. The house is listed for over $4 million so it was clearly done with taste!

He also posted several pictures of himself looking through windows of the new property while holding up what appeared to be a glass bottle. Many speculated this was either an iced tea or water bottle due to the shape.

Became a billionaire

how famous is polo g

As mentioned earlier, his career took off after he posted his first song in 2010. His catchy tune “Iceberg” quickly went viral and was later remixed by several artists including Drake. He also collaborated with Future on their hit track "Breakdown."

Polo now has over 2 billion views on his YouTube channel! That's more than twice as many as Justin Bieber, one of the most well-known YouTubers out there.

He is currently ranked number 9 all time on the Forbes list of highest paid musicians, earning $8 million from music royalties alone this past year!

His success allowed him to invest heavily into fashion and other luxury items. He is known for creating expensive collection lines such as No Brand Jeans and Soft Leather Jackets.

These products are not cheap and have sparked debates about whether they are worth it or not.

Has a girlfriend

how famous is polo g

We are always aware of what our favorite celebrities do in their personal lives, but for some it is more secretive. Some keep their private life under wraps to protect themselves or potential new relationships they have. Others don’t like to talk about them because they want people to perceive things only negatively!

For those that know him, though, you won’t see much difference in how popularly known he is. He puts his money where his mouth is by posting pictures and videos all over social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

His many followers enjoy seeing glimpses into his daily life so they can connect with him on an even closer level. His success also helps others find motivation to start working hard to achieve their dreams since he comes off as someone who works hard and doesn’t seem to be stuck on himself.

It's great to admire Hollywood stars, but sometimes we forget that they’re just like us average humans. They go through the same emotions, feel stress and tension, and struggle at times too. It may look like they have everything figured out, but behind closed doors they're not necessarily happier than everyone else.

Goes to prison

how famous is polo g

In May of 2018, Polo went to jail for two years after he got into an argument with another man at his apartment complex in Chicago. The other person was filming the fight with their phone so it got picked up by surveillance cameras.

After leaving the scene, police tracked down Polo using the footage from the camera and determined that he had smashed the victim’s cell phone before throwing him off the roof of the building.

The victim suffered minor injuries but refused medical attention. He also did not file charges against Polo which garnered media coverage.

Polo pled guilty to one count of aggravated battery while in possession of a weapon and received 2 years probation. Due to this conviction, he is now banned from owning or possessing any weapons!

He will be able to return home next week, however, as he only spent 5 days behind bars. Many people feel that this punishment is far too light given what happened and how many lives he has affected.

Fights with Drake

how famous is polo g

While some people spend their lives trying to win a competition, others use their skills to compete with someone else for a bigger prize. These are called competitive behaviors or contests.

Competitive behavior is not just about winning, it’s also about who comes out on top. It’s about proving that you're better than the other person so that they acknowledge your superiority.

It's why athletes will constantly be motivated to train longer and harder because they want to beat their opponents in the next game. And it's why businesspeople will keep going after what they think is a lost cause until they give up and take another approach.

This is how most famous people became famous. By competing with yourself and never giving up.

Polo G is one of these people. He has spent his life being hungry, always seeking more knowledge and challenge. He has put himself through tough situations for extended periods of time, making him hard to ignore.

He is well-known for getting into heated arguments and fights with other rappers. Most notably, he got into an argument with Kanye West over Yeezus back in 2017.