How Famous Is Nepal

By Tiara

Nepalese are some of the most famous people in the world! Many know them for their beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and impressive mountains. Some recognize them as being one of the highest-paying countries to live in. Others admire them for sticking together after devastating earthquakes hit their country.

It is very difficult to create space for other nationalities within this “famous” category, but there are several reasons why Nepal deserves its place among the top. This article will talk about five ways that the nation makes an appearance in the media, and how popular it has become.

Five Ways That People Recognize The Nation As Being In The Media

1) Television Shows

Television shows like The Office (USA), Kathmandu Life (France), or Ola Bola (Nepal) prove that Nepal is not limited to just documentaries and natural beauty shots. These programs include at least two episodes per season which focus exclusively on life in Nepal.

Kathmandu Life follows various characters who live in and around Thamel, a district in western Kathmandu. Each person is involved in different areas of the tourism industry, so they all can give tips to each other. One character even opened a restaurant with his savings!

Ola Bola features stories about daily life in Nepal. A main plot revolves around two brothers who work together while trying to impress women with their cooking skills.

It is bordered by India to the north, China to the west, Myanmar to the east, and Bhutan to the south

how famous is nepal

Many consider Nepal to be one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. With over 1 million square kilometers of land, there are many opportunities to explore and find what you want!

Nepal has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites that showcase their beauty at all times of year. These include Mount Kailash in western Tibet which is known for its glistening snow and rich mountain scenery, Katmandu, the capital city which was built as an ancient Hindu kingdom then later adopted as a royal seat during the Newar civilization before being conquered by the British in 1643, and Chomolhari National Park just outside Kathmandu where you will see some of the largest herds of elephants in the world.

There are also various national parks such as Langtang in northern Nepal, Dhorpatan in central Nepal, and Shivani in southern Nepal with incredible landscapes and biodiversity. All these protected areas offer great hiking and trekking routes for both novice and experienced hikers.

Many Nepalese people refer to themselves as Rai or Tharu (both mean “people”) due to the large population of Rourmansh (which means "sky-clad" or "bare-handed") in this Himalayan country.

It is home to more than 26 million people

how famous is nepal

There are several ways to determine how famous Nepalese are. A simple way to assess this is to look at what kind of attention they get in the media, whether it be online or offline. What brands do they endorse? What products do they use and praise constantly? What types of stories do they contribute to social discourse? And why would they take up space by talking about things that matter to society as a whole?

Nepal’s status as a developing nation with rich natural resources makes it attractive for international corporations to operate in. This helps them promote their brand name and gain recognition for their work. Businesses come here to invest because of its low cost of living and relaxed regulations. Many large companies have already invested, making Nepal quite wealthy.

There are many examples of how well known Nepalis are. Bollywood actors and actresses, CEOs and vice presidents of major multinational corporations, professional athletes — you name it! Even though most foreigners don’t know much about our country beyond the headlines, there are still plenty who recognize some names.

And while not every person involved in the tourism industry works directly for a top company like Hilton or TripAdvisor, everyone working behind-the-scenes to bring visitors to Nepal benefits from the popularity of prominent locals.

Editor's note: The word “local” was used instead of "famous" due to an editing error.

It is a popular tourist destination

how famous is nepal

There are many reasons why Nepal has become such a famous destination. First, it has some of the highest mountains in the world, with incredible scenery at all levels. Second, its rich culture — from cuisine to fashion — keeps travellers coming back for more.

Third, there are lots of activities available to do, both active (such as hiking or rock climbing) and passive (watching nature). Fourth, there’s plenty of accommodation to choose from, ranging from luxury five-star hotels to simple guesthouses.

And lastly, Nepal is relatively inexpensive when compared to other expensive destinations. You won’t have too much trouble finding somewhere to stay and eat if you don’t want to spend too much money.


Nepal has seen an ever growing amount of international attention over the past few years. With every passing year, the popularity of this beautiful country continues to rise. Many people enjoy spending time here to appreciate the natural beauty that Nepal offers.

There are several ways to gain knowledge about the country before heading out onto the streets to explore. One way to begin exploring is by reading our list of things to know before visiting Nepal. In this article, we will talk about one of the most well known features of the country – how famous it is!

How famous is Nepal?

It is quite difficult to put into words just how well known Nepal is as a tourism destination.

It is famous for many things

Many people are not aware of what exactly makes Nepal so famous. Most associate it with its beautiful landscapes, active outdoor lifestyle, rich culture and history, or maybe even the Himalaynaes!

But none of these things matter much if you don’t know how to speak Nepali!

Nepal has one of the largest languages in the world- that’s no small feat! And though most tourists learn some basics before they go, speaking at least enough to get around and have some basic conversations is very important.

You can see the world’s highest mountain

how famous is nepal

Many consider Mount Everest to be the most famous natural feature in the world, but there is another very tall peak that has gathered quite the reputation. Chomolungma, also known as Goddess Mother China or Ganges, is considered by many to be more beautiful than her less-known big brother.

Mount Everest is truly awe inspiring, but it is not the tallest mountain in the world nor does it have any of its own unique features. What makes this giant different from the rest are the frequent sightings of climbers on top along with reports of people who have reached the summit for their dreams.

Nepal is home to both mountains, making it one of the best countries to visit if you are looking to take some pictures and find yourself surrounded by nature.

You can see the birthplace of Buddha

how famous is nepal

There are many things people consider to be symbols or representations of Buddhism, like the yellow circle with a line going through it called the Dharma wheel or the lion statue surrounded by flames known as Asha (meaning “equal”) or Maitreya, the future Buddha.

But one thing that is not considered a symbol of Buddhism is actually famous!

The country of Nepal has become well-known for being an incredibly beautiful place to visit. It was first inhabited over 5,000 years ago and still boasts some of the highest mountains in the world.

Not only does Nepal have incredible scenery, but also lots of rich culture. People of all religions live together peacefully here, which happens very little elsewhere in Asia.

This article will discuss several reasons why you should add Nepal to your travel bucket list and what kind of traveler she/he is.

You can go on a trek to see the Himalayan mountain range

how famous is nepal

Many people consider the mountains in northern India, Pakistan, China, Southeast Asia and Central Asia as part of the Himalaya mountain range. This is not quite right! The term ‘Himalayas’ was coined by British explorers who referred to the tallest peaks in their region as Mt. Everest (the name given to the highest peak in the world at that time), Mt. Himlung (named for the Tibetan word for mountain) and Mt. Makalu (which means white lion in Nepali).

The Himalayan mountain range actually starts where the Asian continent meets another major continental block called Eurasia or mainland Europe. As you know, the Alps are a very well known mountainous area in Europe so this makes sense!

This does make it difficult to define the exact borders of the Himalaya because there are different definitions. Some say the border between the Himalaya and other highland areas ends when the altitude drops below 2,000 meters (6,600 feet)! Others use 3,500 meters (11,550 feet) as the cutoff!

Either way, most of the famous tourist destinations such as Mount Everest, K2, Annapurna and others are clearly within the Himalaya.

You can visit the ancient monuments

how famous is nepal

There are no tall, skyscraper-like buildings in this country, but there are some very famous temples and sites that have become well known for their beautiful architecture as well as history. These include Pokhara with its breathtaking views of the surrounding area, Kathmandu with its many markets and historical sights, Dhorahi Temple outside Kathmandu, Janakpur temple in northern Nepal, and Changu Narain Sagar (CNS) lake just north of Varanasi in India!

Nepal is home to over one third of all surviving pieces of Buddhist art from Ancient Greece and Rome through China. Many of these artifacts were looted during or after the time of the British Raj, so it’s quite difficult to find original statues and paintings now. But what you can see today are mostly copies of lost works!

The popularity of Buddhism has also made several important relics of the religion here. Important sampas (statues), stupas (votive shrines built around a core), and ghatams (chariots; large hollow bowls) are common sights throughout the land.

We’ve put together a list of sixteen ways to show your love for Nepali culture by giving something special away or buying an item connected to this theme.