How Famous is My Name

By Tiara

As my name implies, I’ve always been famous! It seems like everyone knows me now with all of these social media sites that feature me and grow my fan base every day. All of this exposure has helped me develop my career as an artist and influencer.

It's so great to see how many people are inspired by my artwork and creativity. I love seeing other artists' work and knowledge about art styles is growing because of what I share with them.

My success comes from creating engaging, artistic images and marketing myself online, but it also includes producing art and sharing it publicly. This article will talk more in depth about some ways you can get into the art business or improve your current skills as a visual creator.

I appeared in a movie

how famous my name

Way back when, before my TV career took off, I made one very famous appearance. It was for an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

In this scene, I played Anakin Skywalker’s sister Adi who comes to stay at his house while he goes away to look after her kids. He has to work hard to convince her that there is no romantic interest between him and she.

I have seen this episode many times since then and still laugh every time because it so perfectly captures what it feels like being a young working professional in the early 2000s. Technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now, but people were busy with their jobs just like they are today.

A lot of us worked long hours and spent most of our free time taking care of our families or chasing our dreams. In those days, you needed to be really dedicated to show up everyday and give your all to succeed, which can make it tough to enjoy yourself outside of work.

I appeared in a book

how famous my name

A few years ago, my life changed when I read a book. It made me look at myself with new eyes and gave me new insights into who this person was behind the curtain.

The book I read is called The Secret Life of Wealthy People. In it, the author breaks down the secrets to living a wealthy lifestyle. He calls his system “wealthy style” which includes principles such as investing in yourself, living a simple life, and giving back to others.

I learned a lot from this book and I have incorporated many of these concepts into my own life. So what are some things you can learn about me by reading this article? Here are seven important lessons I will tell you how to apply to your life.

1) Invest in Yourself

This concept comes under the heading of ‘study hard, study well.’ This means putting in time and energy to get better through education or training, or both!

Think about it – we spend money on lots of different products and services every day. Why not invest in yourself so that you can enjoy the benefits later?

You would probably agree that learning something new gives you a feeling of satisfaction. You may even find it enjoyable enough to keep studying for hours instead of watching TV or taking naps.

2) Live Simply

Wealthy people live an austere life. They do not overspend nor waste resources.

I started a business

how famous my name

Many people know me now for my job, but back when I first decided to launch my own business, I didn’t feel like I was famous yet.

I thought about it for months before actually doing it, and even then I only really considered myself ‘famous’ because of my career as a journalist. But that’s what I talk about every day!

So how did I become someone who gets recognised in malls and restaurants across the world? What made me worthy of being labelled as ‘fame-worthy'?

It took years to figure out, but there were some things that helped make the difference. This article will tell you all those things and more!

Start from somewhere you feel comfortable

As with anything creative, writing is no easy feat. It takes time to perfect your handwriting, grammar and structure, not to mention editing and revising your work.

Taking lessons isn’t always the best way to learn something new though, so instead try finding an area that makes you happy and start practicing within those parameters.

For me, drawing and painting have always been fun ways to express my creativity. So starting off with simple drawings or paintings has allowed me to develop my skills much faster than if I had tackled complex art projects right away.

I became an internet celebrity

how famous my name

In early May of 2016, my then-fiancé and now husband, Jared, and I were sitting in our car after dinner at Chipotle when we noticed people taking some very interesting pictures outside the restaurant.

We both recognized what was happening — it’s called a “van lifedrive.” People take photos of themselves inside the vehicle while they drive around with their van doors open.

It’t funny you would run into one of these vans parked somewhere, but not a single person gets out to take pictures or talk to anyone.

Then everyone starts talking about how beautiful the other cars look as they idle next to the opened door, trying to get a picture. It’s kind of like when dogs walk away from your house and there are always a few dogs that stop by for a minute before walking back home.

I thought it was really sweet because someone else found beauty in our van and wanted to add some flavor to the story by taking additional pictures.

I starred in a TV show

how famous my name

Many people know me as the famous television character Arianna Starmus, but you may not be aware of my other accomplishments.

I started my career very young, starring in my first series at just eight years old!

My second job was understudy to the lead role of Ariana Grande on the Nickelodeon sitcom “Grande Goes Pop”.

As you can probably tell, I loved performing from an early age! It made me feel happy and comfortable, so it is no surprise that I kept pursuing acting as a career.

Since then, I have appeared in several more shows such as MTV’s popular music competition show, The Rap Game, Comedy Central’s animated series Key & Peele, and CBS’s long-running comedy, Big Bang Theory.

But none of those jobs compare with what I currently do for a living. Since May 2017, I have been hosting Channel 4’s late night talk show, The Nightly Show With Larry.

I became a politician

how famous my name

After college, my career took off in unexpected ways. Following in my family’s footsteps, I left the private sector to pursue public service.

I worked as a staff consultant for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan from 1985-1993 before being elected to Congress myself. During that time, I learned how to be successful by watching him work.

As a member of the House Budget Committee during the Reagan administration, he helped develop our country's budget principles. He also played an integral role in passing major legislation such as Social Security Amendments of 1983 and 1984, which included Medicare Part A and B.

His legacy is one of hard work and perseverance. Even when things get tough, you keep moving forward because you believe in what you are doing and who you are helping.

After leaving office, he remained active in Democratic politics, serving as ambassador to Canada (1995–2001) and then U.S. senator (2002–2003).

He was known for his no-nonsense style and direct approach towards people. And even though he may not have been familiar with some acronyms or slang terms, he would use them anyway!

If you want to achieve your goals, sometimes you've got to let go and trust others to do their jobs.

I became a billionaire

how famous my name

As mentioned earlier, my career as a business owner was not easy. I didn’t have any formal education or training beyond high school and some basic courses at community college. But that wasn’t the case for most people in this industry.

Most entrepreneurs spend years studying marketing, finance, psychology, and other fundamentals of running a business. They also must educate themselves about how to run an efficient company that produces quality products and services.

I never took those routes because I knew what kind of product I wanted to create and sell. And being rich is already hard enough! Who wants to be richer than their friends?

So instead, I picked up whatever skills I could find online and through personal experience. It’s totally possible to learn everything you need to know about starting and growing a successful business from no more than Google and YouTube.

And even though I don’t have a degree, I still managed to become a millionaire several times over. In fact, I’m writing this article series based on the success I had launching my own digital health startup in 2015-2016. (Tip: You can read all five parts of this article here.)

If you're struggling to launch your own business like me, then keep reading to discover the secrets I've learned along the way. I'll also share what worked for me and what failed miserably so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

I went to space

how famous my name

In May of 2001, the Space Shuttle Atlantis was preparing for its final mission. As it reenters Earth’s atmosphere, it must shed some material to prevent damage or destruction by lightning or other cosmic forces.

Since this is actually happening in close proximity to us here on earth, there are lots of people watching it live! NASA puts up an estimated one billion dollars per year to advertise the launch and landing of the shuttle.

They also put up another one billion dollar advertising budget to promote the vehicle once it lands. This is how many ways they market your car!

It seems like every channel you turn on has a show about the shuttle launch or landings. People really seem to enjoy watching them, even though most of the time nothing happens. That is why they call it advertisement!

With all these advertisements, the shuttles become famous. They get a lot of attention and fans that follow their missions online and on social media. Some even organize watch parties at home where everyone watches together.