How Famous Is Monsta X

By Tiara

K-pop is an ever growing music genre that has gathered a significant fan base all over the world. Artists such as Psy, Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation, and Lee Seung Gi have risen to fame with their catchy songs and vocal prowess.

Many other artists have climbed up the ladder by collaborating with well known producers or singers and incorporating features into their songs.

A few more have made it onto stage as they are able to bring energy in their performances while also showcasing their range as musicians.

In fact, some even manage to combine both performance and musical talent in one! These artist/musicians not only put effort into performing but also actively pursue music outside of the industry.

Xenia Kim (known professionally as Xeni) is one such musician. She began playing violin at age five before switching to guitar later on. Since then she has focused on developing her skills as a guitarist and songwriter.

Her talents were finally recognized when she was selected for the third season of The Music Seminar, a TV show which gives aspiring musicians a chance to showcase their craft.

Since its debut back in 2012, The Music Seminar has featured various artists from across genres who want to improve their play style.

It is definitely worth checking out if you are looking to learn new things about music!

Here, we will take a look at the story of one particular group.

They are famous in China

how famous is monsta x

As mentioned before, their debut song is called “Intro” which was also one of the most listened to K-pop songs last year! Since then, they have released several other popular tracks such as “I Like It,” "Trouble," and "Me Me." Their popularity has spread across all mediums including music, YouTube videos, and merchandise.

They even got featured on The Masked Singer season 2 where they competed against other groups for a prize. In fact, their performance made it into the top 5! This show features masked singers who must perform a cover of a hit song while using instruments and costumes that only they know how to use.

Their main member is Mark (Monk) Lee who is known for his flashy fashion choices and incredible dance moves. He is said to be very close with fellow members Jin and Jackson. All three of them work together frequently to promote each others' individual projects.

This group seems to enjoy meeting new people so they often do photoshoots or interviews after a concert or event. They always invite fans to join them for drinks or snacks after events, showing their desire to connect more than just with your average K-pop star.

They are famous in the U.S.

how famous is monsta x

The success of MX has not been limited to just their native Korea, but across all borders as well. In fact, they are arguably one of the most popular k-pop groups ever here in America!

They made their American debut back in October of 2016 at the LA KIZZY radio festival with an iconic performance that had fans screaming and dancing along. Since then, they have performed several more times for different events including TV appearances and festivals such as Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Their popularity can be seen by how many merchandise items they sell online, how large their fan base is on social media, and how packed their concert venues get every time they perform.

Not only do they seem to enjoy meeting and talking to their foreign audience, but they also make efforts to connect with them outside of performing. For example, some members will hold Q&A’s or giveaways via Instagram or YouTube.

They are famous in Mexico

how famous is monsta x

As we mentioned before, this group was formed back in May of 2016 when MC YANG entered an audition for The Show! He brought his best friend with him to perform their first song as a trio, and they both got chosen immediately. Since then, these men have been working hard to achieve their dreams and pursue success as musicians.

Since then, they have released two albums, one EP, and twelve singles. Some of those songs even reached number one in the Mexican music charts!

Not only that, but many people recognize them now because of their international fame. Many see themselves as fans of the group due to their impressive musical skills and charismatic performances.

They also manage to gather large amounts of followers on social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube. All of this is possible because of their hard work and dedication to their craft.

They are famous in Spain

how famous is monsta x

As we mentioned before, this group was formed in May of 2018 when members Iggy Azalea (Iggy) and Jin (Jin) met for the first time while filming a music video.

The duo quickly became close friends and they eventually decided to work together as musicians. Since then, their success has skyrocketed!

Monsta X is an English language rap unit that mixes Spanish lyrics with rapping. The two main artists are Korean immigrant Daniel Garcia aka TK and Chinese American Kenneth Han (Xenia).

They have one album out called “Y” which came out back in August of 2019. Since its release, the song “Gentleman” has been hit or miss depending on how well it translates into different languages.

However, no matter what country it is heard in, people seem to like the song very much because it is just fun to listen to. Many compare the sound of the song to that of Drake but some say his style is more unique than similar to anyone else’s.

They are famous in France

how famous is monsta x

In May of 2018, members Jun Hyun-seong, Mark Yung, Kihyun, Jisang, Sungjae, VIC, Xiaodan, Iggy, Johnny, and Dongho made their debut as the group MONSTA X!

Since then, they have become one of Korea’s most popular groups with over 10 million followers on various social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube.

They also quickly became internet favorites due to their funny, charismatic videos that feature them singing and dancing along to songs of all genres.

Their popularity even led them to perform at prestigious events such as The Seoul Music Festival and Mnet Asian Awards where they received a big ovation from fans.

Not only do their many fans enjoy watching their music performances, but they also frequently upload stories and pictures about their day-to-day lives. This gives us an insight into what kind of people they are and how they live their life.

They are famous in Brazil

how famous is monsta x

Recently, South Korea’s K-pop group MONSTA X took over Ibiza at Summer Blast, their first ever headlining show there! The crowd was very supportive of them as they performed some of their most well known songs suchas “Nightmare” and “Heat Up.”

They have also received attention for their fun onstage antics including dancing with fire torches and spraying water onto each other. Many fans say that these instances add to their charm and appeal.

Not only is MONSTA X popular in their home country, but they are also quite successful outside of Asia. In fact, they even reached No. 1 on Billboard's World Albums Chart with their latest album!

Overall, MONSTA X has achieved success not just in their native Korea and Japan, but all around the world.

They are famous in India

how famous is monsta x

After their debut in Korea, MONSTA X has exploded all over the place! They have starred in TV shows, music videos, feature films, and more. Not only that, but they even achieved fame outside of Asian borders as they performed at The Billboard Music Awards this year!

They received both praise and criticism for their performance, but what most people agree on is how much they enjoyed their set.

Many considered them to be incredible dancers, while some noted that it was hard to tell who sang certain songs due to Ji Hyun’s impressive vocals. Some even mentioned that their stage show inspired them to start performing themselves!

Monsta X made their Indian television debut earlier this year with a song titled “I Like It”. Since then, they have been traveling across the country to perform for large crowds every week.

While many may not know too much about the group, most know one member or several members of the band. This makes them very popular in the country!

Their popularity continues to grow thanks to the success of their first album and frequent touring. Many consider them to be an important part of Korean culture because of this!

Music fans can enjoy listening to their songs nearly anywhere, which helps them connect with other Koreans living abroad.

They also help promote the language since many of their lyrics include translations into Konwo (Korean slang).

They are famous in Sweden

As mentioned earlier, this group is very popular in Korea and Japan. In fact, they even have their own music video! Their debut song was actually not part of their first album but it became an internet sensation and helped them gain popularity.

Their second Korean album debuted at number one on the Billboard chart as did their third Japanese album. Both of those albums contained songs that got major attention including “Teddy” which features American rapper Young Thug and “I Want To Know What Love Is (Oops I Already Do)” which received over 2 million views on YouTube.

They also made their acting debut with a small role in The Spy Who Dumped Me season 1. You may know some parts of their appearance if you watched the show. After filming finished, the members took time to focus on individual projects before reuniting for TV and film appearances.