How Famous Is Michael Jackson

By Tiara

A lot of people know what album, song or performance of his is considered iconic for him, but how many know who he was before that? Or where his career really took off? Or why he’s so famous now?

It’s easy to assume things like “Oh, he’s just popular because he had lots of hit songs and videos” or even “He’s got money, so he’s rich!” But none of those explain his rise to fame.

Instead, you have to look at it as three main stages of his career. It’t not only what made him famous, but also what helped make him stay famous.

Here, we’ll go over each stage in detail and talk about how well known he still is today. Then, we’ll discuss some surprising numbers such as how much money he made and how influential he was.

You will learn a lot from this article, don’t forget to read out paragraph and bullet point fully.

Popularized dance moves

how famous is michael jackson

Dance moves that we know and love today were made famous by none other than The King of Pop himself! His most well-known dances include his Moonwalk, which he first performed in 1983 during a concert at London’s Wembley Stadium, as well as his flamboyant leg shaking known as the Vibe or the Booty Shake.

Other popular moves include the Pounce, the Chippendale Chest Pass, the Dirty Mac, and even his own signature move — the Thriller Dance! All these dance styles have earned him many accolades and are still practiced to this day.

Michael was also very passionate about dancing and frequently trained with professionals when he needed some inspiration. He has been credited for helping inspire dancers around the world!

He is so closely linked to dancing that there is an organization dedicated to his legacy called The MJA – The Michael Jackson Association. This organization works to spread awareness about health and fitness while also supporting educational programs that promote self-esteem and positive body image.

These efforts contribute to breaking down barriers related to gender and racial identity, and help reduce stigma surrounding mental illness.

Popularized moonwalking

how famous is michael jackson

As mentioned earlier, his dancing style is known as “moonwalking.” This requires him to take one foot off of the floor and then put it in a toe-kick position. He then steps forward with the other leg so that he can really get into the groove!

This was first done by professional dancers and they called this move the Vibe. The reason why it got popularized under his name is because of how cool it looks. People have since copied this dance pattern and modified it slightly, but none have truly mastered it like MJ did back in the day.

He would perform this dance during many songs including ones from the early stages of his career when he was just learning to sing. After he became famous, people would make references to his dancing skill set by saying things such as, “Wow, someone trained their feet professionally!” or, “That guy knows what time it is!”

These types of comments show that he made this style very popular. His popularity even spread beyond dancing as he could easily add this trick to any song. He would do this not only for himself, but also for others to enjoy as well.

After his death, his family had to go through a difficult process of dismantling his legacy. Many people feel like his contributions to music are being discounted due to this.

Popularized singing

Most people know the songs of music icon Michael Jackson by heart, with his famous track “Happy Birthday” being one example. He also popularized dancing to music while wearing flashy costumes and striking poses.

But aside from his musical career, he left an incredible legacy as a singer, songwriter and producer. His powerful voice has been heard by many generations across genres, making him one of the most well-known singers in entertainment history.

He is also known for creating some of the biggest hits of all time such as the lyrics to both the classic tune "Thriller" and the Grammy Award winning ballad “Another One Bites The Dust.”

His success allowed him to do things that few other celebrities can say they've done; he invested in business ventures and paid close attention to philanthropy. He was very passionate about giving back to charities and helping others, especially children.

He lived a pretty public life, so there are lots of photos and videos of him around. People have written books and essays about what he did or didn't mean when speaking publicly about various issues.

None of this takes away from his artistic legacy, but it does add context for how aware he was of media coverage and the influence it could potentially have on his career and personal life.

Popularized face painting

how famous is michael jackson

After his initial success, many people know or recognize him for his singing and dancing, elaborate costumes he designed and wore in performing concerts, and his famous dance moves like The Moonwalk and The Flamingo. He was also known for popularizing some of the most well-known face paints!

Jackson is credited with creating several types of face paint that are still used to this day. Some of these include color matching, contour drawing, blush, eye makeup, and luscious lip colors.

He would experiment with different formulas and textures before settling on what worked best for his looks. Many of his designs have been copied and adapted by other artists since then!

His favorite styles included incorporating natural products such as oils or milk into the face decorations so they did not hurt your skin. People who enjoy painted faces can be referred to as “face painters” or “mask makers.”

You may have heard of some of his designs, but there are always new ones being created and published about him. There are even online communities where you can share yours! His style has influenced many others.

Was always creative

how famous is michael jackson

As we know, the music world is very competitive. It’s not easy to get famous as an artist! But one thing that almost every successful musician has in common is being really creative with their craft.

It’s so important for your artistic success to be able to bring something new to the table when you start writing songs or performing them. You have to love playing guitar to add some new tricks to it.

Michael was constantly developing his skills by listening to new artists and incorporating what he learned into his own style. He even picked up on how other singers use rhythm effectively.

He wrote many of his own songs and made them sound unique. When musicians are too similar with each other, it can make it hard for people to tell who they like because everything sounds alike.

However, no one ever repeated a song of his’s! That shows how much he influenced others and how well he sang from within himself.

Enjoyed doing stunts

how famous is michael jackson

As we mentioned before, one of his favorite ways to relax was by doing certain stunts or activities. He would often try new things such as skydiving, parasailing, bungee jumping, and diving with great white sharks. All of these require you be very comfortable in water, which he was!

He loved taking risks and trying new things that might possibly hurt him or potentially kill him, but he did not care. His only goal in life was to enjoy it, so he never focused on what could go wrong.

This is why he died at age 50 because he took too many chances and wouldn’t let himself feel anything other than having fun.

He didn’t want to feel sadness, fear, or regret for the rest of his life. This is something we can all learn from.

By living your life just for yourself, without worry about what others may think, you will find more happiness.

Helped start many charitable organizations

how famous is michael jackson

One of his greatest contributions to society is his work with charity. He helped found several charities, including ones for children with special needs, animal rescue groups, and more.

He also hosted philanthropic events, such as the “Dancing For The Cause” event that raised money for different causes. Many famous people have participated in these events, including your favorite singers and celebrities!

Many of these foundations still exist today because he gave away part of his wealth to help them continue their mission. People all over the world loved him, which helps explain why his fan base has grown larger with each passing year.

Michael was known for keeping an open-door policy when it came to giving back to others and encouraging everyone around him to do the same. This influenced many people to give back and be involved in charity works.

His legacy will live on forever through his continued involvement in charity.

Was a successful businessman

how famous is michael jackson

After leaving his home in Chicago, Jackson settled into a house with pool access in Calabasas, California. He lived there for more than two decades before selling it to focus on other ventures.

He owned several businesses over the years including Azzam Publications, MJJ Productions Inc., Invincible Publishing, The Firm LLC (representing Ola Oludolu), The Ultimate Channel Corporation (for music videos) along with owning Sony’s Imageworks division which produced computer graphics for film.

In addition to all of these business investments, he was an investor or part-owner of various companies such as THQ, QAM Systems, eCompanies, AllClear ID, VitalWare Technologies, and iStar Financial.

These holdings made him one of the wealthiest people in America at the time of his death in 2009 at age 50.