How Famous is Kim Kardashian

By Tiara

Just like any other person that dreams of being famous, it takes lots of work to achieve that goal. Being famous is not easy, but there are many ways to stay in the spotlight without having to drop trou for a magazine or TV show.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular people in America today! She made her name as an entrepreneur with her products such as lipsticks, shoes, and perfume lines. However, it was her marriage to rapper Kanye West and their son that really put her on the map.

The couple got married in a surprise ceremony in April 2016 and ever since then they have been documenting every moment through social media. They even had a kid together!

While some may think staying focused on your career is the better route, there will always be things that can get you into trouble if you're not careful. Following what celebrities do might seem tempting, but just because others succeeded does not mean you should too.

It's great to admire their success, but trying to imitate what makes them successful could backfire badly. So, how did this wealthy celebrity become rich? Here are all the secrets she hid from the public.

Found her way into the public eye

how kim kardashian become famous

Before she was famous, you probably knew who Kim Karson-desh! She is now known as not just your average celebrity, but a very popular media figure. You may have seen some of her flashy TV appearances or feature stories in magazines or newspapers.

She made her first appearance in our society about 10 years ago when she entered the spotlight for her family. At that time, she was already an established name due to her career as a model.

You can trace many of her success factors back to her early days as a successful model. The more times we repeat things, the stronger those behaviors become part of us. These powerful habits help shape who we are as people and add up over time.

Became a celebrity

how kim kardashian become famous

Before she was famous, you probably knew who Kim Kazzardian is. You may have seen her show or feature on TV, read an article about her, or listened to her talk at a conference. But now that we’ve got you fully invested in our top “Become A Fame Story Insider” tips, here’s something more substantial — how exactly did she become a well-known public figure?

It all started when she made some money. The way she achieved this wasn’t necessarily smart, but it worked for her. And since it works for her, maybe it will work for you!

She received media coverage because people are fascinated by rich individuals – what makes them successful and how they manage to stay that way. These stories often focus on lifestyle choices (diet, exercise, etc.), business strategies, and wealth accumulation.

So even though she didn’t start out as a businessman, her success sparked conversations about how to succeed in business and life. She became known for these types of discussions, which helped make her popular.

Next, she acted on these conversations by adding additional content to support them. For example, after speaking about health benefits of eating berries, she created a recipe using strawberries and chocolate chips. This product is now sold under her brand name, KBShimmer.

Started a fashion line

how kim kardashian become famous

After graduating with a degree in business, Kendall Jenner launched her own clothing collection. In 2007, she debuted her first piece of jewelry — earrings that featured dangling rhinestones and squares set within circles. These would become known as “diamond drop rings” or “diamond engagement rings.”

Jenner never made too much money from her jewelry designs, but they were popular and her marketing skills are impressive! She has collaborated with brands such as Coach and Givenchy to feature some pieces from her collection.

Her next big trend was putting logos on virtually everything. Starting in 2011, she designed sweatshirts with Jordans printed across the chest – a concept now referred to as “logo shirts.” More recently, she rebranded a type of footwear called Chukkas by adding your favorite movie or TV show logo prints to the laces.

Kardashian is also well-known for sharing pictures and videos of herself wearing very little (or nothing at all). Her self-portraits have become their own genre, and she consistently amazes with her clever angles and skin patterns.

Married Kanye West

how kim kardashian become famous

After meeting at a pool party in Chatsworth, California, in June 2004, then-22-year-old Kylie Jenner got to know rapper Kanye West. The pair hit it off and kept in touch for almost five years before they officially became friends.

Jenner’s family moved away so she didn’t see much of him during that time, but everything changed when he invited her to his house one day along with friend Tiara Dixon. At the house, he made an announcement — he was marrying wife number two!

Kylie was ecstatic (she already had a dog) and wanted to be part of this new marriage too, so she asked if she could invite some people over for dinner. With no hesitation, Ye said yes!

After the wedding, Jenner took on the role as best friend to his newly acquired daughter. She helped care for his kids while he worked, and now she has her very own little family member who looks up to her as an older sister.

It seems like Kylie is always keeping tabs on Matilda, just like any other big sis would. And she doesn’t stop posting pictures or videos of herself with the kid either!

She also shared a sweet story about how she gave Matilda her first words as a self-proclaimed talker. When Kendall and Kylie were around six months old, they went to visit Kanye and Matilda at their home.

Sold her image to advertisers

how kim kardashian become famous

After dropping out of college, making some failed attempts at being an actress, and experiencing little success with her career before baring all for magazine covers and Instagram stories, Khloe Kardashian got into business!

Her brother Rob introduced her to his friend Paul Teutul Jr., who owned a marketing company that did print advertisements and media campaigns. The two hit it off and eventually opened up their own firm together, which they called PKTE Ventures.

They soon landed their first client- what other famous family does not have its very own clothing line?

Khloe and her sister Kylie both had their own lines made by Paul and his partners while he managed their brands as well. But when Kim came along, she asked if there was anyone else in the world who could design her clothes like hers already were, so they hired someone to do just that!

Since then, the Kardashian/Jenner clan has exploded in fame, launching various ventures related to fashion or entertainment.

Became a business owner

how kim kardashian become famous

Before she was famous, Kardashian owned several businesses under her name or as an employee. These include brands such as OZN clothing, The Body Shop, KIKO beauty products, and BED bath & body.

In 2000, Kylie marketed and sold her own line of lipsticks called “Kylie Lipstick” through QVC, a company that sells goods via television. Her popularity led to the launch of another product — the Makeup Trays for Everyday Use, which are now known as MUG trays.

These trays come with either one large open sleeve designed to hold all your makeup brushes or individual compartments for each item. You can also purchase additional sleeves and cosmetic cases to fit them!

Her success allowed her to expand into other areas including DVDs and self-help books. She has published two bestselling books, Life in Onedirection (2010) and The Power Of Who You Are With (2013). Both have been translated into over 30 languages.

She is also the author of three more nonfiction books about fashion and lifestyle design. These include The Best Thing I've Ever Made (2008), My Style And Mine So Get Inspired By It (2014), and Living In A Material World (2015).

Adopted a baby

how kim kardashian become famous

Before she was famous, Kim Kardashian had to adopt her first child. When she did, it changed her life forever! She took time off of work to be with her daughter, Chicago, and now they are close friends.

Kardashian adopted Chicago in May 2009 when she was just five months old. At that time, Kardashian already had one daughter from a previous relationship.

She says being a mother is the best thing ever because she has seen how much their love for each other grows over the years. Now, both daughters enjoy playing together at home and attending the same preschool classes.

Not only does having children change your life physically, but also socially and career-wise. Having a kid makes you focus more on family than anything else – which is why many people consider mothers to be powerful individuals.

Started a makeup line

how kim kardashian become famous

After graduating with her degree in psychology, she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. At the time, most people were not using natural products for beauty and creating your own brand was a way to do that.

Kardashian started her business by buying all of the ingredients used to make cosmetic products at discount prices then mixing them together to create new products.

Her first product was a concealer she called “Buff In-Cancellation Cream” because it gave you light coverage but also had a sunless tan effect. Since then she has launched several other brands such as KKW Beauty (for skincare) and Kylie Cosmetic (for lip treatments).

She is one of the highest paid influencers in America due to the fact that her company grows along with her career and her followers grow along with the brands she promotes. Her main source of income comes from sales of her products via the website and online stores like Amazon and Walmart.

With her current net worth of around $100 million dollars, she is able to spend money on many things without worrying about whether or not it will buy her happiness. She keeps herself busy through work and spending so she does not have too much free time.