How Famous Is J Balvin

By Tiara

As we already mentioned, his music is some sort of mix between reggaeton and latin trap. He also incorporates other genres into his songs such as bachata, dancehall, and even hip hop!

Balvin has had quite a successful career so far! He was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2019 MTV VMAS, received two Grammy nominations in 2018 (Best Dance Recording and Song Of The Year) for “Dance With You” with Ariana Grande and Best Rap/Song Collaboration For "Soy Como Yo" featuring Bad Bunny, and he won an Latin GRAMMY Award for best Urban Album last year.

He is also one of the most recognized artists in the world due to his collaborations. Over half of his singles have been featured on another song or have made it onto the charts themselves!

His biggest hits include “Bailando” which features Daft Punk and peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, “I Want To Love You” which features Justin Bieber and reached number 2, and his collaboration with Taylor Swift titled “Bad Blood” which spent three weeks in top 10 and went platinum.

Balvin rose to fame in Colombia

how famous is j balvin

Colombians have always loved their music, from early cumbia and rueda de rap songs to more recent tropical tracks. What makes Colombian music special is that it contains many different styles and cultures infused into one genre.

Juan Sebastian Izquierdo better known by his stage name, J Balvin, belongs to this school of music. He was born in Bogotá in March 1983 and spent most of his childhood there before moving to Miami at an early age.

He began playing guitar when he was twelve years old and writing his own songs soon after. It wasn’t until high school though that he really started developing his songwriting skills, penning his first hit “Amar es Sabiendo Que Estas En Lo Ruido” (Knowing You Are In The Noise Makes Love More Intense).

After graduating college with a degree in business administration, he made the decision to move back home to try out his luck as a musician. Although he had some success earlier, he didn’t find much interest in what he was offering so he rebranded himself as something new.

Since then, he has gone on to become one of Latin America’s biggest artists both commercially and artistically, proving his talent as not only a performer but also as a producer, composer and entrepreneur.

What sets him apart from other musicians his same age is his desire to experiment and grow as an artist.

He released his first studio album in 2018

how famous is j balvin

In May of 2018, he dropped his debut LP Matando (Spanish for Killing) via Sony Music. The album was met with universal praise from music critics.

His lyrics are insightful and to-the-point, which is what people admire about him. His style is also very distinctive – he uses richly orchestrated sounds that emphasize rhythm and bass.

He has collaborated with some of the top artists out there, including Drake, Beyoncé, Cardi B, and Rihanna. These collaborations have helped spread his musical influence.

In addition to all this, he is one of the highest paid musicians in the industry.

His second album is expected in 2019

how famous is j balvin

Having already achieved moderate success as a singer, producer, and dancer, it’s only natural that his next career move would be to launch his own clothing line or music label!

J Balvin has been developing his brand for quite some time now. Back in 2015 he launched his first collection under his fashion company Elefant (Spanish for Elephant). Since then he has designed pieces such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, jewelry, and even shoes.

He also released his first music video as an artist in late 2017 with “Mi Vida Es Suya.” It was followed by another two singles later in the year and early 2018 titled “Bailando,” which features French rapper Yo La Tengo and came out just before Christmas. Both songs are still popular to this day.

His second studio album is currently being recorded and will likely be released in early 2019. He announced its title back in May during an interview with Billboard.

His third album is expected in 2020

how famous is j balvin

In an era of very large music superstars, there’s still one artist that can take his place among the big boys. He has maintained a low profile, but not because he doesn’t want to be famous. Rather, it seems like he just wants to focus on making great music instead.

J Balvin already has three number ones under his belt and a Grammy for Best Rap Album! But aside from all of that, he really does strive to make music that touches people where they live their lives.

He writes songs about love, life, family and success – things that every person can relate to.

He has collaborated with artists including Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and Drake

how famous is j balvin

As his career continues to soar, it is important to acknowledge his achievements! Not only does he collaborate with some of the biggest names in music, but he also collaborates with brands outside of music. You may have heard his songs in commercials or advertisements for products such as Pepsi, Nike, or Red Bull!

He even designed his own line of sneakers, which are marketed under his Reebok brand name. In addition to all this, he designs jewelry and clothing lines that are sold under his label name. All these collaborations help spread his musical influence beyond just singing and writing songs!

His success comes from his hard work and dedication to his craft. He studies other musicians’ styles and techniques to improve his own performance and adds his unique style to their song for credit.

He is well-known for being able to connect with his audience and maintain close relationships with them. He always appreciates any comments or reactions you leave him a comment or tweet and replies back when people talk to him.

Balvin is often referenced in other songs

how famous is j balvin

Many of his lyrics have been incorporated into newer music as writers use him as inspiration for their own rhymes. His flow has inspired many artists to create their own unique style, which is typically referred to as “Balvanizing” or even just using his flow directly in their songs. He also frequently features himself or someone related to him in videos or advertisements, which help his popularity continue to grow.

He is quite popular in his native country of Colombia where he was born, but he has also become very well known internationally. Many musicians feature him in their songs due to his wide appeal and success.

His most famous song probably isn’t actually about him though. It’s called “Dura de Dura” (English: Hard Worker) and it’s not about his job either. The song was originally written by Puerto Rican rapper Wisin and included an interpolation of part of Vico C’s 2017 hit "La Moda". Both songs are about how hard workers deserve respect, and that people who enjoy being lazy will be outworked and surpassed eventually.

So why do we need to know more about this musician? Because he's currently promoting some sort of product!

His new album Individuation includes several products including headphones, yoga mats, and socks. All of these items relate back to his career and what he does for a living, so they make sense as part of his brand.

Some of his most popular songs include “Siete Bailando”, “Me Enamora”, and “Qué Te Pasa”

how famous is j balvin

Many people know who he is now, but not many people are aware of how famous he has become. He was never truly anonymous before, but he kept himself relatively under the radar in terms of media exposure.

He didn't put too much attention into being known, instead focusing more on creating great music. As his popularity grew, so did his profile.

However, it's important to note that aside from some collaborations here and there, he mostly maintained an intimate, personal style. He would often only mention his upcoming projects or the song lyrics in passing while promoting other products or events.

This helped keep him somewhat in control over his image and what people perceive about him.

J Balvin has inspired several other musicians

how famous is j balvin

Colombian singer, songwriter, producer and musician J Balvin is one of the most well-known Latin artists in the world. He first became famous for his collaborations with French artist Mónica Vélez under the duo name MC & DJ Busy Day. Since then he’s gone on to launch his own solo music career as well as collaborate with many more artists!

He was nominated for two Grammy Awards this year for Best Dance Recording (Dance With Me) and Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals (I Could Give You Money). His songs have been used in hit TV shows such as The Office, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy and Teen Wolf.

His latest album, Vibraso, features the international smash hits “Venganza” and “Borrachera” which both reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. They also received multiple award nominations including Best Rap/Hip Hop Song at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards and Album Of The Year at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Award show.