How Famous Is Hunter X Hunter

By Tiara

Before we get into it, let’s talk about how famous Hunter x Hunter is. It has spawned several manga series, two anime seasons, three movies, and even an interactive game! The show itself received both critical praise and widespread popularity and has since become one of Japan’s most well-known programs.

It also made its presence known in other media such as comics, novels, and video games. There are even theme parks that feature characters from the show! And now, thanks to Hollywood, there will be a movie adaptation coming soon.

So what makes this show so popular? That is something you should all know!

In this article, we will discuss why this show is so beloved and how it influenced various mediums. If you have never watched this before, I would definitely recommend giving it a look – you won’t regret it.

Now, let us dive in!

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Popular characters

how famous is hunter x hunter

There are many versions of Hunter x Hunter, but one thing that stays the same is the long list of famous characters in the series. Some people may know some parts of these characters while others may not, but everyone knows who they are at least superficially!

The anime follows an order called The Three Realm System which divides up the story into different sections representing each realm (or place). Within those realms, various characters have their own area or chapter to focus on, developing their side stories and roles within the universe.

These characters all exist in our world today, and some even live next door to you! Many stay in this position for years before moving onto the next stage in their lives. This article will discuss your favorite characters by looking at their success as individuals and what made them special.

We’ll also take a look at how much influence they had on other characters and if there was anyone like them in the manga/anime. Let’s dive in!

Ares – God of War

Character: Gon Freezer

Synopsis: A child prodigy with incredible mathematical skills, he developed his abilities through intensive study and practice. He eventually built upon his knowledge and created The Three-Realm system, creating it as his life’s work.

Gon wanted to create an invention that would allow humans to use alien technology without damaging themselves. By studying the aliens, he learned their weaknesses and constructed his device around them.

The show's locations

how famous is hunter x hunter

While not as well known as some of its contemporaries, such as Death Note or One Week to Live, Hunter x Hunter is still very popular. Not only does it boast one of the biggest anime fandoms, but it also has an active merchandise market. boasts that there have been over 585 full length movies made from the series! That’s more than any other manga-turned-anime in history. And with each movie being around twenty minutes long, people are making lots of money off of them.

The film adaptations alone earn enough revenue for the franchise to stay afloat, so why not keep going? It makes sense financially.

But aside from the financial benefits, staying within Japan adds value to the culture of the country. Cultural exchanges occur every time products are manufactured abroad or companies work together to produce something new.

This collaboration creates opportunities for both countries to strengthen their economies, which is always a positive thing.

Famous scenes

how famous is hunter x hunter

One of my favorite things about this manga is all of the great, extended stories that it has within it. There are so many chapters with one or two episodes per chapter that it sometimes hard to know where to begin in terms of reading order!
As such, I will not be organizing this by scene but by episode instead. That way you can read any given episode in order regardless of when you started reading the series.

So here we go – the first five episodes of Hunter x Hunter and their extended storylines!

Episode 1: A New Day (Starts at around 10 minutes)

Title: The Beginning

Synopsis: After an epic battle between Gon and Killua, both men wake up trapped inside another person’s body- as if they had some sort of cosmic switch and were now controlled by someone else.

They realize there must have been a fight earlier, because they remember nothing past that moment. They also notice each other’s presence, which means they knew who the others were before this happened!

After coming to his senses, Killua realizes he is in Gon’s body and vice versa. Both are shocked to learn that they share the same last name too!

Gon quickly calls himself “Hunter” while trying to figure out what just happened and how he got into this predicament.

Memorable moments

how famous is hunter x hunter

One of my favorite things about this manga is its ability to surprise you constantly. There are so many different types of stories it can tell, with each one feeling totally unique. It has great characters that people really get into, lots of humor, action, and heartwarming scenes.

One such scene comes in chapter 80 where Gon faces off against his arch-nemesis Killua. This battle takes place across three chapters, and it is just as entertaining as the rest of the story!

There’s no way to predict what will happen next, which makes for an interesting read. I love how detailed these chapters are, even including little background stories for certain characters. All of this adds to the overall feel of the book being smart while also being fun to read.

Another thing I loved about this series was all of the references to other works. Some examples include Gosei Tensei (a genre of Japanese fiction focused on military conquest) or The Last Samurai (about a samurai who must come together with members of another clan). These similarities add some depth to the storyline and show how much inspiration Yoshito Luttaz knows about storytelling.

Future episodes

how famous is hunter x hunter

There have been eight main seasons of Hunter x Hunter, with each season consisting of around twenty to twenty-four episodes. However, that doesn’t mean there is an end in sight for the show!

The series has officially announced its tenth and final season will begin airing in April 2020! This means we have one full year left until the finale. In fact, it’s such a long time until then that many fans are already referring to this as The New Season or just TNS!

It was back in May last year when the first announcement was made. At the time, Series Director Katsuyuki Konishi said, “We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who have shown us your support by watching every episode, making merchandise, and talking about the show online. We hope you look forward to the new season with anticipation and expectation!”

He continued, saying how much everyone at Kodansha, Studio DEEN, and Production I.G. love the show too so they want to give their best to make sure it gets finished properly. So rest assured, the work won’t stop because there isn’t going to be a big wrap party.

Why isn't it on TV anymore?

how famous is hunter x hunter

One of my favorite anime is definitely not your average show. It has been around for eight years now, and has gathered a large dedicated fan base. Many people still watch the series online every week or so, and some even read the manga.

It’s very popular. And yet, it seems like no one remembers what happened in the last episode!

That's because the episodes are actually two separate stories that never connect. There are only three total openings and three endings, making six individual scenes with a cliffhanger ending in each one.

This is how the show gets its name: The first half is called an “X-Actuation.” It starts off with our main characters traveling to another country, then cut to them at their destination, before cutting back home again.

Biggest anime ever

how famous is hunter x hunter

The show that has gone down as one of Japan’s biggest television successes never actually finished its run in Japan. It was not canceled due to poor ratings or low audience numbers, however. Rather, it reached an all-time record for Japanese animation when it surpassed its predecessor with over 100 episodes.

Hunter x Hunter is the longest running animated series of all time. When the show ended back in 2015, it left behind 104 completed episodes and two movie adaptations. All but three of those movies were released within just over a year!

The show follows the adventures of young genius doctor Gon Freezer (Vincent Wong) and his partner in crime Killua Z Kabiessu (Christopher Bahg). Both are looking to take control of the world by any means necessary and use their scientific know-how to do so.

While they team up at times, there are always bigger fish to fry which forces them into separate pursuits. However, this doesn’t last long before they meet again or Gon finds himself working alone once more.

In between these epic set pieces, the duo work together in order to solve various problems related to science, technology and magic. While some issues can be easily addressed, others require extra effort and teamwork.

Who is the protagonist?

how famous is hunter x hunter

The protagonist of Hunter x Hunter, just like most anime protagonists, are in their own personal journey to find who they are and discover what strengths they have. They strive to better themselves by seeking knowledge and understanding others’ points-of-view.

The protagonist of HunterxHunter is arguably one of the most famous characters ever created. He has been featured in various media including television show, feature length movie, video game, and even theme park!

He has been portrayed many different ways depending on which medium he appears in and who his audience is. This article will talk about how popular Hunter is as a character and figure out if he is overrated or not.


I hope you enjoy reading all of my reasons why I think Hunter is overblown and overly loved. If that happens to be your case then great! You are coming from a strong place already.

If however, you really love this character then feel free to skip down to the next section where I explain some theories as to why he may still have value.

Disclaimer: I am leaving major parts out and choosing my words carefully so that this does not come off as an all out rant. There are plenty of good things about this character and it is not unfair towards him.