How Famous Is Harry Styles

By Tiara

After five years as an international music sensation, it seems impossible to describe how famous English singer-songwriter Harry Styles is! He has racked up many achievements including three Grammy Awards, nine Billboard Music Award nominations, eleven #1 singles on the Billboard Singles Chart, and over 50 million album sales worldwide.

But what really sets him apart from his fellow musicians is his dedicated fan base. Over half of all Spotify users listen to at least one of his songs every week, making him one of the most popular artists in the world!

His growing legion of followers are actively supporting his career by buying merchandise and attending shows where he performs for rewards such as free concerts or special meet & greet opportunities.

Harry’s popularity isn’t limited to just his native country either – he boasts close relationships with musical groups and influencers across the globe. Many musicians have built successful careers off of touring and promoting their music, but Harry does it while simultaneously encouraging others to pursue theirs.

He always carries two laptops full of writing materials and never stops talking about songwriting.

He has 1.3 million YouTube subscribers

Almost every person under 30 knows who Harry Styles is, he’s famous! But how much do you really know about him? Luckily, it's easy to find out some fun things about his life off-camera.

He grew up in Cheshire, England, where he attended St Ambrose College. While there, he was active in many student groups, most notably the music club. It was here that he first met Liam Payne, later his best friend and bandmate.

Harry then went on to attend University of Manchester, majoring in business. After graduating, he moved back home to work as an accountant before quitting to pursue his dream full time.

He now enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and listening to new music. His favorite artists include Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Drake. He also enjoys going to concerts, especially ones related to or organized by their songs.

His passion for music was at a young age, he always had headphones ready and was known for singing along loudly to whatever song he heard. As he got older, this evolved into learning more lyrics and finding strength in them.

He now uses his voice as a tool to promote other musicians and products. For example, when he sang “Happy Birthday” for twenty people, he linked to a website selling aviator sunglasses. He did the same thing for his birthday last year.

His songs have been streamed over 1 billion times

Even though he’s only twenty-three years old, his music has hit such a massive chord with people that it feels almost impossible to appreciate him as an artist without knowing who he is.

He was unveiled to the public back in May when he performed at the British Summer Time Festival in London, but his musical career really took off after he shot to fame by singing Kelly Clarkson's famous song "Dance With Somebody" during her third VMA performance of the year in August.

Since then, he has gone on to release two EPs (The Way He Loves Me and I Stand) and one full length album (what we refer to as The Inbetweening Tour Album). All three albums have reached No.1 on the Billboard Charts!

His best known tracks are probably "Numb", "Love What You've Got (Start From Here)", "What About Us?", "Remember Who You Are", and his most recent single "Glass & Stone".

He has sold out concerts all over the world

As mentioned before, his solo music career is quite successful. He released his first album in 2014 called Aon Fling and it quickly rose to success. Since then he has launched several other albums that have also done well with music fans.

His latest album is titled In My Head which was released in December of last year! It spent three weeks at number one in the UK Albums Chart making him the third artist ever to do this.

He has collaborated with some very famous artists including Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Adele and more. Some songs featuring their name as a lyric or direct reference are played often.

His song “Perfect” features British singer-songwriter Charli XCX and received a lot of attention when she performed it live for the first time.

She did such a good job singing her part that people started copying it and using the song as inspiration. Many musicians now use parts of the song in their own works!

Overall, his popularity continues to grow and he has many loyal followers. His style of music is very popular so his fan base grows constantly.

He is a member of the One Direction boy band

As mentioned earlier, he is part of one of the biggest bands in the world right now! What many may not know about his career though is that before joining 1D, he was already quite famous.

He has starred in several TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl along with feature films like This Is England and Love, Rosie. His singing talent has also been showcased through various collaborations including songs with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and more.

His solo music career includes hit singles such as Breathe, Midnight Request and Living Without You.

He is a singer-songwriter

As a musician, he has achieved success as both a lead vocalist and composer of his songs. His singing career started in 2011 when he joined The One Direction band as their new lead singer.

He then embarked on an independent music writing and performing journey with his first album being What I’ve Been Missing. Since then, he has released five more studio albums and two live albums.

His fifth solo LP was entitled This Is Us and it was inspired by his experiences as a parent. You can read our full review here!

What are his achievements as a musician?

Harry has won several awards for his work including three Brit Awards (for Best International Album, Break Free and This Is Us), one MTV VMA (Best Song For A Cause – Why Don’t We for Suicide Prevention) and four MOBOs (Music Of British Origin Award).

As well as this, his singles have amassed over 100 million streams on Spotify, his debut EP has sold around half a million copies, and his latest album This Is Us became the fastest selling UK Independent Album ever in 2018.

The Evolution of Harry Styles: From Boyband Heartthrob to Solo Icon

From his beginnings with One Direction to his current solo career, the evolution of Harry Styles has been nothing short of incredible. When One Direction first debuted, Harry was often seen as the "baby" of the group due to his young age and curly locks. Fast forward to today, and he has carved out a distinct identity for himself, maturing both musically and sartorially.

While the boyband primarily produced pop hits, Harry's solo music delves deeper into rock, indie, and even folk influences, showing his versatility as an artist. This musical evolution is not just evident in his sound but also in his songwriting. His lyrics have become more profound, touching on themes of love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and even societal issues.

His fashion choices, too, have evolved drastically. Gone are the days of skinny jeans and t-shirts. Now, Harry is often seen donning custom suits, high-fashion brands, and even gender-fluid outfits, breaking stereotypes and pushing the boundaries of male fashion.

This transformation from a boyband member to a solo icon is a testament to Harry's talent, hard work, and willingness to experiment and grow as an artist.

He is ranked #3 on Forbes list of most powerful celebrities in the world

As mentioned earlier, he is very popular and well-known. Not only is his music loved around the globe, but his personal life has been documented for all to see. His relationship with Taylor Swift was one of our era’s biggest celebrity stories and his engagement to Kate Bosworth made global headlines.

He is also known as an incredible dancer and performer who can shift gears quickly when needed. While not many know it, he trained as an accountant before making a career out of singing and performing.

In fact, he once said that after investing years studying music and business, what people really want to hear him sing about are “love and money.

The Philanthropic Side of Harry Styles

One dimension of Harry Styles that many may overlook amidst his glitz and glam is his generous heart. Over the years, Harry has consistently shown his dedication to charitable causes and social issues. He’s an advocate for mental health, often speaking out about its importance and urging fans to seek help if needed.

In 2018, Harry launched the Treat People With Kindness campaign, which encouraged love, acceptance, and treating people with respect. The proceeds from the campaign merchandise went to various charities that support children's education and fight against poverty. Additionally, during his tours, he’s known to have made significant donations to local charities in the cities he’s performed.

Besides financial contributions, Harry also dedicates his time. He’s visited hospitals to cheer up patients, worked with organizations that tackle homelessness, and has consistently supported LGBTQ+ rights. One remarkable thing about his philanthropy is that he rarely publicizes these deeds, doing them out of genuine concern rather than for publicity.

He is a fashion icon

Styling his looks is one of his hobbies, which he does to enjoy them. The way he styles himself is very popular now. Many people look up to him and his style!

He has done his own hair in many different ways and paid close attention to what colors look good together. His favorite clothing brands are Givengy (sweatshirts) and TeamISW (cardigans).

His mustache has also won lots of praise, with some even saying it makes him look more masculine. Some have referred to it as his signature look.

Harry has always been known for liking high-fashion clothes, but that has changed recently. Since becoming famous, he doesn’t feel obligated to dress expensively, so he tends to buy less flashy clothes. But who can blame him when everything he owns gets ooohed about how beautiful it is?

He loves creating looks and experimenting with new materials and textures. People take pictures of him and his looks all the time, making it easy to copy his hairstyles and outfits.

His style has been described as “edgy and cool”

Although he is not very well known, his style has been consistently described as edgy and cool. These descriptions are mostly due to his frequent use of leather products such as bags and shoes, and even jackets and sweatshirts with logos or patterns that emphasize death and destruction.

He often uses bold colors like red and black, and sometimes shades of gray and blue in designs. He also loves tight jeans and loose shirts which show off his shape and muscles.

His personal taste in music includes artists like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Drake, and many others. Some songs he listens to repeatedly include tracks by these artists as well as ones he makes himself listen to.