How Famous Is Friends

By Tiara

If you’ve ever watched a season of The Office, then you have some very famous friends.
Olivia Olson is probably best known as Angela, Dwight's (John Kramp) girlfriend who dumped him for his superior leadership skills before he was promoted to manager.

If you've seen a few episodes of New Girl, then you know that Cece may not be the most popular person in work, but she has a lot of loyal fans!

And if there's one thing that Phoebe Buffay knows how to do, it's make an audience laugh so hard they can't breathe.

Friends are people we look up to or enjoy spending time with because they make us smile. They inspire us by showing us what being a good person looks like, and they show us that we aren't alone even when everything seems lost.

Famous friends take part in activities together, talk about things we would never consider talking about, and sometimes they just keep each other company while we're too busy doing our own thing.

But aside from all those reasons, the main reason why famous people are considered rich is because they use social media to promote themselves.

They create accounts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and use them to advertise their products and services.

By advertising on these websites, they get exposure which could potentially lead to more business for them.

The beginning of the show

Before there was “Friends”, we had seen some characters go through what many people would consider to be their breaking points in terms of friendship.

We saw Monica struggling with her position as Chandler’s friend after he broke up with her (and she made it very clear that she did not want to remain his friend anymore), Phoebe going through romantic stages with every man around, Rachel trying to figure out who she can trust, and Joey developing an obsession for doughnuts.

But none of these characters ever really found true friendship until they learned how to let themselves feel emotions and accept help from others.

Monica only truly accepted Chandler’s help when she realized he loved spending time with her even if no one else did. They still spend holidays together today.

Phoebe finally allowed herself to love someone after realizing she loved barbecuing, so she partnered up with Rainie and developed a crush on her while learning how to enjoy being alone. They are now married with two kids!

Rachel gave herself permission to care about other people once she decided to give Uprynie to Ross. He rewarded her by accepting her help when he needed it most, and they both enjoyed a successful relationship.

The beginning of the movie

how famous is friends

Before there was even a title for the film, we are already given an extended look at what makes this show special. We meet a group of six individuals who all seem to have their own secrets they’re keeping and things that make them feel insecure about themselves. These characters spend the next ten years trying to come together as friends, only to be torn apart by external forces.

The movie begins with one of these “friends” introducing himself to the rest of the group while they’re all sitting around talking after work. He tells them his name and where he lives before asking if anyone has ever made love in their life.

At first it seems like an odd way to start a party, but then you realize how true this statement is. None of these people have actually done anything beyond kiss each other good night when they left the house. They never explored more than two different positions or experimented with any type of intimacy.

It looks like someone has finally realized how alone they really are and decided to do something about it. Unfortunately, they picked a worst possible person to try to win over.

The beginning of the book

how famous is friends

When you think about it, the show really begins with its very first episode. This is also what most people consider the start of the series. In this season one episode, we meet the core group of friends in an apartment setting.

They’re all sitting around talking when Joey comes across some old photographs that he wants to look at before showing them to his sister. He gets up to go get some wine but leaves the door open as he goes through it.

This allows for Monica to see him in only his underwear which she finds quite amusing. She quickly calls after him telling her friend Phoebe how funny she found his situation while secretly finding his half-naked self very attractive.

Phoebe then proceeds to tell Rachel all about Chandler and his apparent fetish for pictures of women in pants. At this point, Chandler enters the room just like always wearing jeans but without any shoes. He makes straight for the photos and starts looking through them.

He eventually looks over at both Monics who are now staring openly at him and says “What? I was doing something embarrassing!” To which they reply back “You were totally checking out my brother in his birthday suit!”

After laughing off their initial embarrassment, Chandler decides to make the best of things by kissing each of them passionately.

The beginning of the TV show

how famous is friends

While not technically a sitcom, Friends is often considered to be one because it follows a very similar formula for its first season.

It starts with the main characters meeting in either a setting or situation where they would naturally spend time together (for example, work, school, or shopping) before deciding to form a group outside of their normal settings.

Then, these individuals all agree to put themselves out there by sharing secrets, experiences, and stories with each other – kind of like friends who know some of your secrets but invite you over so that they can find out more.

The relationships develop as the episodes progress, and sometimes things change or test the bonds of friendship.

The beginning of the TV series

how famous is friends

While there have been many sitcoms, none come close to having as large of an audience or staying within that fan base for such a long time like Friends. When it first aired in 2004, it was considered new territory for television.

Friends is set up similarly to how most people are with their friends- there’s usually one main character who we get to know throughtout the show. Each of these characters has a distinct personality and story arc that brings us into a sense of closure at the end of each episode.

The show takes place in New York City where all of our favorite characters work so some similarities to workplace relationships can be drawn. This allows for more general laughter and situations that are easily relatable to almost anyone.

After its initial run, the show quickly became a staple of both network and cable schedules. It consistently places in the top ten highest rated programs ever and continues to bring in viewers years later.

The beginning of the YouTube channel

how famous is friends

Before there was even an official TV show, there were several videos featuring the main cast sitting around talking and having fun. These are our initial introductions to the friends format that has grown into one of the biggest comedy brands in the world!

These videos feature only Joey as host, but his charisma makes it easy to watch him carry on with whatever he is chatting about at the time. He’s just like that way he is; talkative and funny.

He made these videos himself and they have gone on to help his career so much by creating more opportunities for him.

Since those early days, other members of the crew have joined him to create their own YouTube channels where they share their unique humor and style. All while working along side each other in various ways.

It’s truly a testament to how well these guys work together and what kind of trust and friendship exists between them.

The beginning of the movie

how famous is friends

When we first meet Ross and Rachel in the opening scene of the show’t, they are just like many other couples – he is most likely sleeping while she watches TV.

But then something funny happens!

She turns off the t-v-s and says that she wants to spend her life with him. And even though it takes them years to actually get together, people really love watching their romantic journey because it makes them feel good.

Many things about this movie make it famous including its catchy theme song, the characters, and the way the story develops.

The main character for the movie is probably one of the most important parts of any great movie -the protagonist-. In this case, it is Rachel.

Rachel is an average person who does not have much going on in her personal life. She works as a fashion designer but has no inspiration or motivation to design anything. Her close friends keep disappearing so there is little support around her.

When she meets Ross, he is also pretty boring at first. He likes eating food and having sex almost every day and barely acknowledges his existence unless someone is paying attention to him.

However, these qualities are what makes them perfect for each other. They both need lots of sleep and food to function properly so they agree to be married and have children together. This gives them incentive to care for each other and help promote healthy relationships.

The beginning of the podcast

how famous is friends

What is ‘Friends’, you may be asking? It’s a TV show! Well, not quite.

It was originally a concept for NBC in 1997 before it got picked up as an hour long sitcom. Since then, it has grown into one of the most popular shows ever with more than 200 million downloads across all platforms.

Friends premiered at 9pm ET/PT on September 6th, 1994 and ran until June 20th, 2019 (18 years, 4 months). There have been 16 seasons and 236 episodes total.

The show follows six friends who live together in Manhattan after they graduate high school. They are always paired off with two other people and spend their time talking about each other and themselves.

Many theories exist as to why the characters stayed close throughout the series. Some say that the writers used genuine relationships between the characters to create the framework, while others believe that there just aren’t many easy ways to portray friendship in television these days.

Whatever the reason, it works and the show still makes over $100million per season even today.