How Famous Is France

By Tiara

The country of France has been famous for many things: its fine wine, elaborate pastry recipes, and impressive monuments to glory. But beyond these well-known foods and decorations, there are several reasons why it is very popular in this era of social media.

France enjoys an extremely high level of internet use, making it easy to connect with people who share your love of cheese or live stream FIFA games. Its thriving tourism industry means there’s always a way to afford a meal or two at one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants or experience some of the beautiful sites Europe has to offer.

And lastly, French culture is rich and diverse, giving you plenty of ways to enjoy yourself if you don’t feel like eating anything but fries and ketchup.

All this popularity makes it easy to find out what things in France are trending online. People talk about their favourite cheese brands, restaurant reviews, and hotel comparisons. They compare prices per square foot at shopping centres and discuss which museums are worth visiting.

It's all fun talking about how good something is, but it would be much more interesting to know what people think about how bad it is. So, we made a list!

On today's episode of The Infographics Show, let us look at the ten most embarrassing things done by fans of a particular food or beverage. We will also take a look at the five biggest scandals related to a specific product.

French culture

how famous is france

Culture is how we define ourselves as people. What languages we speak, what holidays we celebrate, which styles of clothing are popular – all of these things contribute to our cultural identity.

France’s culture is very diverse. You have Parisians, natives in other parts of the country, tourists, immigrants — everyone has their style that they stick to.

This diversity is one of the reasons why France is so famous around the world. People from different cultures admire the way the French live their lives - their dedication, devotion to work, and acceptance of others.

It seems like every street in every city in France is full of something! There's always something going on: A parade, an exhibition, or even just someone performing a song for no apparent reason. This passion for life is not limited to the young.

The older generation still makes an effort with their jobs too. They don't spend hours sitting at their desks but instead take time off to visit family, go out for lunch, or simply enjoy what they're doing.

Famous French writers

how famous is france

Many famous authors were born in or lived in France, including some well-known national figures in their country. Some of these writers include:

François de Charette – Writer, poet

– Writer, poet Émile Zola – Novelist, journalist, critic

– Novelist, journalist, and critic Albert Camus – Philosopher, writer

– Philosopher, writer André Gide – Author, playwright

– Author, playwright Alexandre Dumas – novelist, playwright

– novelist, playwriter Jean Genet – Poet, author

– Poet, author Marguerite Duras – Writer

Many people know the name of bestselling thriller writer Danielle Steele, but you may not know her as Catherine Coulter. She also uses another pen name, Jacquelyn Frank. Her bestsellers include intimate relationship guides such as The Intimate Guide to Dating Online and The Ultimate Guide To Saving Your Relationship.

Steele has spoken about how she struggled with her career after having children, so it is great to see her success now.

Famous French artists

how famous is france

Many people are familiar with some of France’s most famous artistic creations, such as la Voiture (the car), le lion de l'état (the state lion) and even the Eiffel Tower! These designs have become recognizable symbols of the country and its culture.

But what many don’t know is that not only do these brands exist in their native land, but they also have successful franchises all around the world!

Many well-known international companies use authentic trademarks and logos designed by professional artists to represent the brand. Some even go so far as to hire professionals to design new logos for them!

In this article, you will learn about eight things you probably didn't know about the work of some of our favourite artistically inclined nations.

Famous French actors

how famous is france

Several famous faces come from or have significant roots in France. These include some major movie stars, like Vincent Gallo and Catherine Deneuve, as well as popular television personalities such as Jean-Claude La Marre and Florence Loisy.

Many more familiar faces can be found working in French cinema. Some of these artists have become known for their striking appearances in feature films while others have carved out successful careers with small roles in larger projects.

Some even made it to international recognition before settling into their current career lane. This article will discuss ten of the most notable celebrities that were born in France!

Vincent Gallo – Actor

Born Andres Gustavo Gonzalo Gallo Rodríguez in Buenos Aires, Argentina in March 1963; he moved to Paris at an early age where he began studying acting. He later transferred his studies to New York City before making his screen debut in Jacques Audiard’s 2011 drama A Prophet. Since then, he has starred in acclaimed movies such as The Untouchables (1993), Surrogate Son (2003) and Tout de suite après la plage (2004).

His work has won him many accolades, including three MTV Movie Awards, two Golden Globes and one Academy Award nomination. In 2017, he received widespread praise for directing and starring in Ma Vie en Rose which went on to win Best Film at the Glamour Awards.

Famous French musicians

how famous is france

The best way to understand how popular French music is today is by looking at who famous artists are that were born in or around the country. Some of these artists’ parents moved to another country when they were very young, which means they did not grow up with their national language as an accentual dialect but rather as their first language!

Many people may not know some of these artists, but once you do it gives you a better understanding of what elements play into making music successful. Artists such as Daft Punk, Phoenix, Iggy Pop, Justice, Marina And The Diamonds, Mika, Dua Lipa, Stromae, Alizée, Cassius, and Martin Garrix, among many others have either been raised entirely or mostly natively speaking French.

This influence is seen throughout all of their work, even if it isn’t necessarily considered “French music.” Many of these artists use French lyrics and/or melodies in their songs, establishing themselves as part of the French musical culture.

Famous French chefs

how famous is france

Many people are familiar with some of France’s most famous chefs, but what many don’t realize is that not all top-quality restaurants in America are run by foreigners. Some of our country’s greatest culinary treasures exist within our borders!

Many Americans think that every restaurant owner has to be trained at a fine dining school like The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) or Le Cordon Bleu before they can call themselves a chef. This isn’t always the case though!

Some locals take their job as a cook very seriously and go about it with creativity and flair. A few have even made a name for themselves outside of the kitchen!

And while there are no professional certification programs for cooks across the United States, there are several organizations that offer recognition to those who display excellence in the field. These include things such as the Professional Chef Corps, Global Cooks Association, and more.

These groups set standards that professionals must meet to be considered experts in the craft of cooking. By looking into membership levels and how memberships are earned, we can determine just how prestigious each organization is.

The best way to identify if someone is truly qualified to say something is through sources and research. Through this article, you will know just how well-known some of France’s top talent is.

Famous French locations

how famous is france

Many famous things have happened in or near Paris, making it a popular destination. These include:

The Roman Empire grew up here

Voltaire lived his life in this city

Napoleon was born here

Marie Antoinette died here

Marilyn Monroe spent her final days just outside of this city

David Bowie’s final album is titled “Blackstar” after he died here

Many modern artists were inspired by the beauty around them in their work, so staying in an artistic area while travelling is a way to experience some of that inspiration first-hand.

France has enough beautiful natural spaces for everyone. It’s common to take buses or taxis instead of exploring with expensive subway tickets or tours because there are so many accessible areas.

Some examples of well-known tourist destinations in France include Château de Versailles, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, La Tour Du Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, the Catacombs of Rome, and Vatican City.

French fashion

how famous is france

When it comes to fashion, there is one country that always looks spectacularly beautiful. This is no surprise considering they invented clothing! Since then, their design aesthetics have never stopped looking fabulous.

France has built an impressive style legacy full of rich colours, elaborate patterns, and sometimes even futuristic designs. They’ve also got some pretty catchy slogans and decorations.

And while they may not be as popular in the west as say, Italian or Spanish styles, you can find their clothes at most major shopping centres and stores.

In this article, we will discuss five reasons why famous people love buying French clothing.