How Famous Is France

By Tiara

While many people associate the word ‘france’ with cheese and wine, there are actually several ways that France has become famous around the world. Many of these things have nothing to do with food or drink, however.

Some examples include:

The Champs-Élysées shopping avenue in Paris

The Eiffel Tower

The Louvre museum

Bread made in the French style

French cuisine

And so on…

In this article, we will talk about five more reasons why France is a well known nation. Some might be surprise findings, while others may have you saying, “Of course!”

So let’s get started!

#5 The Tourists Who Visit France Love What It Has To Offer

Many tourists who visit France comment on how beautiful it is and how much they enjoyed their stay. They speak highly of the country’s natural beauty as well as its culture.

This seems to contradict our initial assumption, but remember – what makes someone choose to spend time in a certain place is different for every person.

For some, it’t the beach, and for others, it’s the mountains. And for still other individuals, it’s both at the same time.

A national characteristic of most Europeans is their appreciation for nature. This was one of the primary factors which attracted me here.

France is the largest country in Western Europe

how famous is france

The word ‘french’ actually comes from the Latin word Francicus, which means belonging to or coming from the francs (the people who lived along the French Riviera at that time). Before then, it was known as Gaul because of its Celtic inhabitants. So, really, the name France is just an Anglicized version!

France has been one of the world’s most powerful nations for centuries now, so she knows how to take care of her famous status. She doesn’t let anyone else get too close, though, which sometimes makes it seem like she’s not very friendly.

She also expects a lot out of herself, which can make her feel even more powerful. But what kind of power is that? It’s no wonder she’s always been a source of inspiration and motivation for other people.

Having said that, there are some things about her culture that are pretty annoying if you don’t understand them. For example, when you go to another nation’s house for dinner, they usually offer their food in dishes called “plates” and “bowls.” In France, everything is either a plate or a bowl, so choosing which type of vessel to use can be confusing.

The way everyone eats together reminds me a little bit of TV shows where every person is on his/her own side.

France is the sixth largest country in the world

how famous is france

The word “french” actually comes from the Latin word Francus, which means free or noble. In fact, the original Gauls were a Celtic people who spoke a language closely related to modern day French.

The Romans conquered much of Europe during their height as a power around the first century BC. They incorporated many cultures into theirs and spread it through their empire.

Some historians believe that Rome even lost touch with its own culture due to these influences. As you can see, ancient nations left their legacy behind!

France was originally made up of seven provinces known as franci (or Franks). These included Paris, Lyons, Orléans, Châlons-sur-Marne, Soissons, Beauvais, and Senlis.

These cities are all located within the province of Champagne, making this area famous for its wine and champagne. It took Napoleon Bonaparte to unite these territories under one government.

There are many famous French people

how famous is france

People all over the world recognize some or most of these celebrities. They know their looks, what products they use, how they live, and sometimes even who their parents are!

Many of you will probably never meet anyone with a familiar face of one of these people, but it’s very likely that someone you know or your family knows at least one of them. It is very common to find themselves surrounded by stars, as everyone seems to know each other!

It's easy to forget that not only are there an incredible amount of natural resources in France, but also its amazing culture which has inspired many national identities around the globe. All of this inspiration has left a lasting impact on the country itself, making it feel unique and special.

France has been producing influential artists and thinkers for centuries now, and it continues to do so today. These intellectuals and artistic geniuses have made an important contribution towards defining who we are as individuals and cultures.

There are many famous French places

how famous is france

Many people have made their homes in France or know about France because of some popular destination, monument, city, or region. These sites and cities grow in popularity as time goes on, especially with online media!

Many buildings and structures built in Europe during the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods still stand today and are known around the world due to their unique look or historical significance.

These internationally recognized landmarks play an important part in promoting tourism in France and helping build awareness of various parts of the country. They also help create a sense of community for locals who live close by.

Some examples include The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Château de Versailles near Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Palace of Versaille outside of Paris, and the Louvre Museum in Paris. All of these locations are well-known and visited frequently.

France has a rich history that is visible everywhere you go, and this influence can be seen throughout its culture.

There are many famous French things

how famous is france

Many people know about some of the most well-known products that come from France, such as cheese or wine. But what about those who don’t? Well, there you have it! This article will tell you just how popular the country has become in this world of ours.

France is one of the five largest economies in the world. It is also one of only seven countries to earn at least a “developed nation” status. That means they are considered more advanced than developing nations like India, Mexico, or Brazil.

They are also one of three major European powers (along with Germany and Italy), making them an important player in the continent.

When talking about Europe, we often speak about the EU, but that’s not all France has going for them. They actually have their own currency called the Euro!

This article will talk more about the different ways that France has influenced other cultures around the globe, and the importance that they place on education.

France and the French have many different cultures

how famous is france

There are lots of ways to classify what it is about France that makes it famous. One way to describe this is whether you’re talking about its culture, language, or food.

France has some of the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in Europe. You can find sites dedicated to everything from Gothic architecture to Islamic art to Roman ruins to natural landmarks.

It also boasts one of the largest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. These special eateries get very good reviews and require an expensive meal to really experience them.

Then there are the cafes and bistros where you enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Many people consider the French “the master” when it comes to creating these types of foods.

And lastly, we could talk about how much money the average person spends traveling in France per year! It’s common to spend well over $1,000 USD just for tourism costs alone.

So even if you don’t travel too frequently, by simply living in the area you’ll be spending quite a bit to call this place your home. And since health care is relatively inexpensive here, you won’t necessarily have to devote all of your savings to medical expenses either.

France and the French have many different languages

There are over 80 official spoken languages in Europe, with most of them belonging to either the German or Romanic language families. Some examples include; Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, etc.

But none of these speak about eight million people compared to the almost 70 million that know at least one word of French!

France is not only the birthplace of la cuisine (good eating) but also the home of some of the world’s greatest art forms and famous writers.

It was here where humanism flourished and paved way for secular democracies. The Enlightenment happened right here, making this country rich in knowledge and culture.

And let us not forget what I mentioned earlier: la francaise des lauréats! With all due respect to our neighbors across the channel, we must acknowledge ourselves as being pretty cool.

So why don’t you give your own personal opinion? Take a look at the following and see how well they describe yourself and the nation that lives and breathes history and literature.

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There are many different sports people in France

how famous is france

Many of you have heard about the famous French cheese, brie, but what you may not know is that there are actually several types of cheeses with “Bri” as part of their name!

There you go, now you know one little fact about your favorite food group. Some other well-known cheese names include Camembert, Pont l'Evêque, and Reblochon.

These are only the known variations of bri and they all belong to the family of soft, white, creamy cheese. They're typically melted and spread onto bread or rice dishes.

Some say these cheeses resemble pussies (no kidding) which probably isn't the best way to win over consumers. But we can agree that they look very pretty!

A few of these cheeses even make it into movie theaters where they are displayed for viewing. Most notably was the 2003 film The Intoxicated Relationship where Denis Theisdre played the main character who ate a ton of this cheesy product.