How Famous Is Dylan O'brien

By Tiara

While not everyone will agree, there’s really only one word to describe Dylan O’Brien: iconic. He is without a doubt one of the most recognizable stars in television today!

Since his debut in MTV's The Vines, he has become known for being funny, relatable, and hardworking – all qualities that appeal to many people. His passion for acting also seems to grow stronger every time we see him onstage or film.

He even earned himself an Emmy nomination this past year for his work as Taylor on Teen Wolf!

But beyond his impressive career, what makes Dylan special is how much he contributes off-screen as well. He gives back through fundraising and supporting charities, actively engaging with fans, and sharing his love of filmmaking by creating and starring in his own show!

His unwavering support of others and dedication to helping them succeed are traits that should be admired and recognized. Given his status as one of TV's top actors, it's our duty to celebrate his achievements and spread the word about his contributions.

That's why I've created this article full of fun facts and information about Dylan O'Brien. Read on to learn more about your favorite actor!

Fact #1: He was born in South Africa

Dylan Joseph O'Brien was born in Pretoria, South Africa on March 15, 1992. As such, he grew up speaking Afrikaans before switching over to English when he started school.

The Big Bang Theory

While not as well known as some of his contemporaries, like Jerry Seinfeld or Matt LeBlanc, he is still very popular. He has his own show that just finished its tenth season! His show features him as an engineer working at a tech company in California with co-workers who are mostly millennials.

The main character is Howard, played by Josh Pennell, and his best friend is Raj, played by Kunal Nayyar. They both work under Leonard, their boss, and constantly try to help each other achieve success.

Dylan plays Barry, one of the employees at the tech startup where they work. He is always talking about how cool gadgets are and trying to get credit for them so he can take advantage of them himself. His personality comes across as more immature than professional, which makes it hard to trust him.

General public perception of Dylan is that of him being arrogant and obnoxious, but this isn’t true. He is actually quite intelligent and good at what he does, and he works really hard to succeed. This only makes his lack of self respect seem worse, though.

Death, His Vice, and the Bollywood Movie

how famous is dylan o'brien

As mentioned earlier in this article, one of the most famous people ever is Bob Marley. He left us far too soon, but he’s still very popular today. Many songs have been written about him and his legacy, including one song that mentions his death.

The song is called “I Shot The Sheriff.” It was released by British band Radiohead back in 1995. In it, the singer drops some rhyming couplets about how someone has become so close to you, and then they are shot dead right next to you.

After writing these lines, the frontman (vocalist) for the band pauses and puts emphasis on the word "death." Then he sings the line "...and there's something wrong with me". This lyrics suggests that the person who died is not quite right. They may be crazy or maybe even evil.

This can apply to Dylan O'Brien. He is probably aware of this fact, which could help explain why he made such dramatic changes to himself.

The Underground Railroad

how famous is dylan o'brien

In 1831, just two years after his birth, John Lincoln Jackson was murdered in Racine, Wisconsin. His murderer received a life sentence, but he died before being released due to illness.

John L. Jackson had an incredible legacy that went undocumented for many decades. He helped liberate enslaved Africans from their oppressive lives in America by leading them to freedom through the North American-based organization known as the Underground Railrode.

The term “underground railroad” comes from the practice of escaping slavery via railroads. People would travel disguised or under false pretenses as passengers on train cars heading north. They would then find other ways to help free others or work with pre-existing groups helping slaves gain access to supplies, shelter, or both so they could continue fleeing south.

It is estimated that over 10,000 people were involved in this effort to aid escaped slaves in some way. Many paid smugglers to guide them across borders, while some worked directly with runaway slaves. Some even took up residence as neighbors where they lived covertly among whites and pretended not to know anything about the illegal activity happening next door.

People like John Jackson made it possible for those who wanted to live as equals to do so. Not only did he contribute to the cause himself, but he inspired countless individuals to take action as well.

He is still largely forgotten today, but he should be honored for everything he contributed to our society.

Stranger Things

how famous is dylan o'brien

Since its release in July 2016, Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things has left audiences around the world talking about it nonstop. The show is known for its fast-paced storytelling, rich characters, and of course – the mystery surrounding what happens at the end of each episode!

Many recognize the main cast members as they have featured in other popular shows, but few know just how famous some of the supporting players are. In this article, we will be looking into eight of the most important people on the show that are mostly unknown to the public.

But don’t worry, they’re all pretty much living their best lives right now! So read on to find out who they are and what they do next.

Stranger Things Cast Members: Eight People You Probably Never Heard Of Before

Here are your eight new friends! Read up on them, learn something new, and enjoy the show!

Kirby Howell Jr. – Dustin Henderson

Role: Main Character

Known For: Being one of the coolest kids ever; his love/hate relationship with science; being very friendly and helpful to others

Next Up: High school teacher and coach

Biography: Born in 1984 in Chicago, Illinois, Kirby grew up watching television and developing an interest in film. He graduated from Florida State University with a degree in multimedia journalism before moving to Atlanta to pursue acting.

TV show themes

how famous is dylan o'brien

The Flash is one of the most popular superhero shows on the air today! It has very catchy theme songs that play during every episode. Its music is well-known and people recognize it when they watch the show.

The show’s main theme song was written and performed by Michael Butler. He originally wrote it for another show, but the producers decided to add in some lyrics related to The Flash and use their sound.

It is really catchy and almost anyone can sing along to it. Many have posted YouTube videos performing the song off-key (just like everyone else).

Butler recorded his version twice because he wanted it to be as good as possible. After listening to the first take, Rick Florino convinced him to rerecord the song due to how great it sounded.

Celebrity friends

how famous is dylan o'brien

This famous person you probably know is very popular because they are constantly sharing their life with the public. They let all of us watch them struggle with trying to work out a budget, go through lots of makeup brands, or learn how to cook a good meal.

Their social media accounts are always open for viewing, which gives the general public access to not only their personal lives, but also to their workplace lives.

It’s like having a backstage pass to see what they do after hours. Who they talk to there and what goes on in that space is totally different from what we would expect them to be talking about and doing at home.

Having a large circle of well-known people as friends can help your own popularity.