How Famous Is Dylan O'brien

By Tiara

While not as famous as some of his peers, Dylan O’Brien is still very well known! He has been featured on several TV shows including The Goldbergs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Teen Beach Movie. He also starred in his own show, Zoo City, which aired for one season back in 2015.

O’Brien made his small screen debut playing Kelly in the ABC comedy series, The Goldbergs. He appeared in three total episodes before being rebranded as Jordan Barry (his later character name). Since then he has played various characters on other shows like Jake Santoson on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Teddy Montgomery on The Office.

He was also part of the main cast of Nickelodeon sitcom, iCarly, where he portrayed Carly Beth DiLaurentis. His most recent appearance was in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, where he plays April's brother.

Goes on TV shows

how famous is dylan o'brien

While not as famous as his costars, Dylan O’Brien is very popular with television viewers. He currently stars in The Flash as Barry Allen/The Flash, which airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on The CW!

O’Brien made his acting debut in an episode of NBC’s short-lived drama series Parenthood back in March 2013. Since then he has appeared in several other TV shows, including CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Fox’s New Girl, and most recently ABC’s Galavant.

He also won the title role in Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for which he received three Emmy nominations. His first win was in the Best Actor In A Children's Series category in 2017.

But it’s The Flash where he really shines. Besides winning two Golden Globe Awards (for best actor in a comedy or musical and favorite supporting actor) and being nominated for both an Annie Award and a Screen Actors Guild award, he has already been recognized by his peers.

Dylan gave up some time to talk about what it’s like working on The Flash and how much he enjoys his character.

Has a Netflix show

how famous is dylan o'brien

While most people know Dylan as the sweet, down-to-earth guy that fans love to watch on The Vampire Diaries, he actually has his own show! On March 8, 2017, Netflix premiered The Umbrella Academy, an action comedy series starring Hugo Bury (The Divergent Series), Ellen Page (V for Vendetta, Wonder Woman), Robert Sheehan (Daredevil), Emmy Rossum (Gilmore Girls), Keith Johnson (Luke Cage) and, of course, Dylan O’Brien (TVD).

In the show, six strangers are recruited by a mysterious benefactor who promises them special powers once they complete their missions. As each new recruit learns about his or her mission partner, however, they notice something off about them. These “recruits” must work together to solve this mystery and save the world from doom while simultaneously trying to figure out who is really in charge.

It may sound crazy, but it's very well done. There are lots of funny scenes with strong character development. It also features some pretty spectacular visuals and effects. All of these combine to make The Umbrella Academy a lot of fun to watch.

Is a celebrity

how famous is dylan o'brien

Since his first appearance as Scott Davis in The CW’s Vampires Diaries, Dylan O’Brien has made waves for both his acting talent and general popularity among fans. He is arguably one of television’s most recognizable faces, with millions of dedicated followers all over the world.

O’Brien got his big break when he landed the lead role of Ted Mosby in CBS’s hit comedy series The Good Place. As Ted, he not only helped make the show a success, but also won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Since then, he has starred in several other popular shows such as Teen Wolf (where he played Jackson Whittemore), This Is Us (Jack Pearson) and the just-ended Runaways (Nikki Delano). His film career includes such blockbusters like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Suicide Squad, and indie hits like Never Let Go and I Don't Know What You Expect From Me.

He's even ventured into music, having released two albums under his own name and featured on songs by various artists including Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes.

Is a famous singer

how famous is dylan o'brien

As we mentioned earlier, Dylan is very well known for his work as The Vampire Diaries’s main character, Klaus Mikaelson. He also starred in the MTV show Teen Wolf as Scott McCall, an alpha male werewolf with a lot of anger issues.

He has appeared in major films such as What About Bob? (2013), This Is The End (2013) where he played the role of Satan, and Suicide Squad (2017) where he plays Captain Rick Flag.

Dylan did not start acting professionally until she was twenty-one years old. However, she made her feature film debut at age fifteen in Sean Durkin's psychological thriller The Visit, which received mostly positive reviews from critics. She later went onto star in another Durkin movie called Away We Go! alongside Priyanka Chorakya and Nick Robinson.

Since then, she has amassed a pretty impressive list of achievements including two Golden Globe nominations, three Saturn Award nominations, and one Academy Award nomination. Her other notable appearances include New Year's Eve, Where Are You Going, Tony?, I Don't Know How To Surf But They Gave Me A Book And It Says "Surf" On It, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Cloud Atlas, The Revenant, Spiderman Homecoming, and most recently, The Nightingale.

Is a famous actor

how famous is dylan o'brien

Actor Dylan O’Brien is known for his work in both television and film, but he actually started off as a singer. He was trained in music at a very young age and even received some degree of recognition for it!

O’Brien made his acting debut in a 2007 TV movie called The Last Day Of School where he played the part of an autistic child. Since then, he has gone on to appear in various TV shows such as Teen Wolf, Pose, This Is Us, among others.

He also starred in several films including Spider-Man: Homecoming and A Million Ways To Die In The Movie. His most recent appearance was in the hit horror flick Halloween.

Is a famous comedian

how famous is dylan o'brien

As mentioned earlier, he is currently hosting The Joker’s Tale, an animated series that airs on Fox. He also voices Jake in Gravity Falls, as well as Mabel in Wander Over Yonder!

His voice acting career has him sharing screen time with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He has roles in many popular movies such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Where the Dogs Are Toilet Training, Adventure Time, Justice League, Ant Man And The Wasp, and Thor: Ragnarok among others.

He was also featured in one episode of Netflix's mega hit show, Fuller House where he played Jesse Katsopolis’ son. His character got his own spinoff movie which premiered last year called Son Of A Gun.

O’Brien starred alongside Jennifer Lopez in Second Chance, a romantic comedy released back in March 2019.

Is a famous painter

how famous is dylan o'brien

As we mentioned before, he has done some pretty spectacular things in his career, but one of his most impressive achievements is probably as an artist. He is considered to be one of the greatest portraitists of all time!

Dylan O’Brien actually started painting at a very young age. At five years old, he would take lessons every week and now he is truly gifted in the field of art.

He even won the “Young Masters Award” from The Royal Academy of Arts back in 2015 which solidifies his talent.

His unique style comes mostly from how he was raised and educated. His parents were both artists so they always had lots of supplies and examples around them. This inspired him to explore different styles and techniques while practicing daily.

At such a young age, he already knew what made a good piece of artwork and how to use it effectively. All of these qualities make him a really strong artist today.

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Became a billionaire

how famous is dylan o'brien

While his career as an actor is definitely not short, it is also certainly not long! After all, he is currently starring in The Flash as Barry Allen, one of TV’s most well-known superheroes. He will soon be playing the young Superman himself in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel!

O’Brien made his big break in 2013 when he played Jackson "Jackson" DiLaurentis III on the hit show Teen Wolf. Since then, he has starred or co-starred in several other successful shows such as Scream Queens, The Goldbergs, and Charmed.