How Famous Is Dragon Ball Z

By Tiara

There are many things that define the popularity of something, including how well it has done in its past, what people still actively talk about it today, and what kind of influence it has had on other products.

Dragonball is one of those things!

Many consider Dragonball to be one of the greatest cartoon series ever made. It’s not too high of a bar, but it’s definitely in the top tier. The show follows an orphaned boy named Goku as he trains under the legendary Kiai (read: “dragon spirit”) warrior Vegeta to become the world’s strongest fighter.

As the show progresses, Goku meets his match when he faces off against three powerful opponents known as the evil trio of Majin Buu, Gogoatian Gorr, and Super Saiyan God. Luckily for him, two more friends arrive to help out!

In terms of legacy, Dragonball has left an incredible impact on anime and manga. Not only does it hold up extremely well over twenty years later, but some of the fundamental concepts within it have been adapted and integrated into newer works.

This article will discuss my five favorite ways that Dragonball has influenced media.

Future of Dragon Ball Z

how famous is dragon ball z

With Dragonball Super having just finished its first season earlier this year, there has been significant talk about how much longer the series will last. Having said that, it is important to remember what the franchise is really about!

Dragon ball z was never truly about large scale fights or epic set-pieces; instead it is an anime about friendship and hope. It was always intended to be one very long adventure for all involved.

More TV shows based on Dragon Ball

how famous is dragon ball z

There have been many popular anime series that are known around the world, including Japan at least. Some of these like Pokemon or The Lord of the Rings have made it big through merchandise, toys, and other products.

Dragonball has done this in a much bigger way. Since its initial broadcast back in 1984, there have been over 250 episodes (and almost 30 movies) and still people watch them to this day!

This is no small feat as the show does not appeal to everyone. It is very action oriented with lots of explosions and loud noises which some may not enjoy. Also, due to the violence and gore, it is not suitable for children.

New anime series

There have been over 250 episodes of Dragonball Super so far! That’s more than half-a-million minutes of content that people all around the world have watched at least once.

The show has also spawned two feature length movies, which were both very well received by fans and critics alike. These films are considered classic works of Japanese cinema and have even won several awards.

Furthermore, the franchise still enjoys large amounts of popularity today with new TV shows, games, and merchandise being released almost every year. It seems like no matter what angle you look in, there is always something coming out about Dragonball!

So how famous is Dragonball? Very much so!

General knowledge

Most people know who some of the main characters of DBZ are, but few can name each one or identify their character traits. This article will go into detail to help you learn this!

There are eight major characters in total within the Dragonball universe. They are Bulma, Vegeta, Goku, Frieza, Cell, Kaio-Ken, Gotenks, and Broly. Each one of these characters has left an impact on not just the DBZ fandom, but the media industry as a whole.

Some remain popular icons for manga and anime to use as inspiration, while others have paved their own path and become successful creators and personalities in their own right.

Dragon Ball Z fashion

how famous is dragon ball z

While there have been many iterations of clothing designs inspired by Dragonball, some are quite popular. These include t-shirts with funny sayings or pictures related to the show, hoodies or sweatshirts, and even full outfits!

Many companies make officially licensed clothes that feature characters from the series. This is especially true for kids’ sizes, where things like long sleeve shirts and pants are fashionable again!

In fact, one company makes really expensive looking costumes that are only available through their website! It is very cost effective if you are trying to find formal dress up clothes or want to add some flashy accessories to your collection.

These types of dresses, coats, and other apparel can be pretty pricey initialy, but they are worth it because they are high quality products.

Fun facts about Dragon Ball Z

how famous is dragon ball z

Many people associate Goku with being famous, but that isn’t quite true- he has always been popular! He first appeared in TV back in 1984 as an eight year old child. Since then he has gone onto to have his own show as well as multiple feature length movies!

His popularity really took off when he teamed up with another character; Vegeta. These two characters became best friends and eventually fought against their greatest enemy which was Lord Gora.

After this battle Goku and Vegeta both left the village they were living in to start new lives elsewhere.