How Famous Is BTS?

By Tiara

K-pop, or Korean popular music, is a genre that has gone mainstream across America. With their new album coming out next month, there have been many discussions about how popular band BTS is.

BTS was first introduced to most people in early 2017 when they performed at The Grammy Awards as part of an extended performance for the winner’s song. Since then, they have exploded into a global phenomenon with over 30 million followers on all major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Many musicians try to follow what other artists do, but no one else does it quite like these guys — they create and promote their own style. They also use technology to interact directly with their fans more than ever before.

Here are the top ten ways that BTS proves themselfes to be true innovators in the music industry.

1.) Technology

Korean lyrics are some of the hardest to understand because they can sometimes seem nonsensical and poetic at the same time. So, instead of just relying on translation software, BTS creates their own video language by putting up lots of pictures and using captions in English.

Their videos always include at least one high quality picture or illustration, which gives context to the lyrics. Using this method, even non-English speaking viewers can easily understand what the artist is saying.


They have a movie based on their songs

how famous is bts

The music industry has never seen or heard of a group before that gets as much attention as BTS does. With every song being heavily featured in various media, they have become mainstream.

BTS is an internationally recognised band! Their popularity has skyrocketed over the past few years and it seems to be rising steadily.

They released their first album back in 2012 and ever since then they have been developing and improving their craft as artists. This includes writing and producing their own songs and collaborating with other writers and musicians for new tracks.

Their style also changes from genre to genre. They are very versatile and always bring a lot of energy to what they do.

A film based on their songs would definitely make for interesting cinema. Not only would people enjoy watching it because of the soundtrack, but also due to the story and action scenes.

They are sold out everywhere

how famous is bts

The music group known as BTS, or Beyond The Scene, has quickly become one of the biggest bands in the world. With their unique blend of songs that focus heavily on lyrics and vocals, K-pop (the genre they belong to) catchy melodies, and flashy choreography, they have amassed a large fan base across all generations.

BTS’s popularity can be attributed to many things, but none more so than their incredible work ethic. Since their debut in 2012, they have consistently put in long hours towards their success.

They are constantly working on new material, filming MV reels for each song, meeting with media to promote themselves, hosting concerts, and performing live for packed venues every week.

Not only do they give it their all when they perform, but they also show massive passion for what they do. All of this adds up to them having the most dedicated fans around the globe.

What is interesting about these two points is that while both play an important part in helping BTS succeed, no one else could ever take credit for it. It takes everyone involved to make the team successful to ensure there isn’t someone who doesn’t get needed attention because someone else was focused on something else.

This article will talk more about how famous BTS is and some reasons why you may know some of their songs.

They are worth a lot of money

how famous is bts

The more popular an artist is, the bigger their paycheck will be. This is true for musicians at all levels – from singing professionals to indie artists with large followings.

A famous musician can make lots of money off of touring, music sales, and other royalties. It’s not just about how many people you have listening to your songs, but also how much money you earn per stream or sale!

Some bands get really expensive boat tickets because they sell so well. And even if you aren’t rich yet, being known makes it easier to land great job opportunities in the future.

They are not that famous

how famous is bts

Even though they have their own music, TV show, movie, and world tour, there is one thing about them that makes them different from most other artists: they do not consider themselves to be very popular.

They say that being in a group of people who work together and promote each others’ songs and albums helps create an environment where everyone feels supported. As a result, they all contribute to each other’s success and feel like they are part of the bigger organization instead of it just being them.

Another reason why they seem less focused on being “famous” is because they were never really asked that question.

It seems more common these days for young musicians to focus on getting as many followers and likes on social media sites so that they can gain recognition for their art. If they are trying to make money off of it, then they must mean that something has worked to bring attention to them.

For example, YouTube stars get lots of views due to their large audience, while BTS does not. This means that even if they are extremely talented, most people did not know this before they became famous.

By staying out of the way of what made them successful before, BTS avoids comparing themselves to those who already succeeded in the field.

They have their own TV show

how famous is bts

Many people know who these artists are, but few actually recognize them. This is because they mostly perform covers of other songs or music that is already famous. For example, if you listened to the song “Despacito” there are very likely two parts where they lip sync the phrase ‘Bruh.’ Most people do not realize this was done by The K-Pop group BTS!

It is important to note that even though these cover versions are usually shorter than the original song, they still contain lyrics so it is not just noise. These new songs are able to be heard clearly with no interference due to audio issues such as bad quality headphones or speakers.

Their popularity has exploded in the past year. Since their debut in 2012, they have released six studio albums and over twenty singles. Eight of those tracks made it onto Billboard’s Best Selling Charts which makes them all at least modestly successful. Two more were awarded Song of the Year prizes at major Korean awards shows making them prestigious artistes.

BTS is also known for their large fan base, or ARMY as they call themselves. Fans often organize meetups and events organized through social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Some even create dedicated chat rooms to discuss topics related to the band and/or their career.

They are also well funded, having received donations from corporations and individuals to fuel their touring and recording routines.

They are a fashion trend

With their ever-growing collection of merchandise, music, and collaborations, it is hard to consider BTS a non-franchise entity anymore. As they continue to grow in popularity, more and more people become inspired by or affiliated with the group.

Their style has also influenced other groups and artists due to their striking use of color schemes and elaborate hairdos. Many artists have made references to the band’s look, either directly or indirectly.

Some examples include Ariana Grande referencing Bangtan (the term for all members collectively) when she wore her “Bang!” tshirt at the 2018 American Music Awards, The 1975 using an image of V as their avi on social media, and Justin Bieber making several songs about his love for rap.

Bieber even rapped a verse on one of Bts’ own tracks! At the end of his song he says, “I might just be famous like them.”

So how does someone get featured on TV, movie, or video game soundtracks? It takes lots of work! And we mean really, really, LOTS of work. A lot of professionals contribute to album covers and theme songs.

It is not always just your average person who gets this recognition. Some very well known musicians may earn some extra credit for including a reference to you in their soundtrack.

They are a YouTube sensation

how famous is bts

K-pop is known for its vibrant music and impressive stage performances, but what really sets it apart from other musical genres is its incredible popularity. Artists in this genre have their own fan bases all over the world!

BTS is one of the biggest bands in the k-pop scene today. With almost half a billion views on their Vevo channel alone, they truly are a phenomenon.

Their success comes not only from their catchy songs and beautiful music videos, however. The way that they interact with their fans, both online and at live events, has made them very popular.

They hold “meet & greet” sessions twice per year, where people can come to see the band and chat or even take pictures with the members. These events always pack the house, proving their large fanbase.

Overall, how famous BTS is depends mostly on two things – how much you listen to their music and whether you watch their performance videos on YouTube.

They are a billionaire

how famous is bts

This week, Billboard announced that they have made their top music artist of the year award for 2019. The winners were determined by chart data, fan votes, and an expert panel.

BTS took home the prize as both music artists and global phenomenon! That’s incredible to say the least.

Not only is this music group popular across all generations, they also make a ton of money. According to Forbes, Bangtan (the band name means “bullet train” in Korean) has a net worth of $150 million.

That’s not too bad for five people! And with each member having his or her own successful career after the band breaks up, their wealth will grow even more.

Billionaire status isn’t something you achieve quickly, but if you work hard and keep yourself organized, it’s possible.