How Famous Is Ariana Grande

By Tiara

A lot of people know who Ariana Grande is, but few recognize her as an accomplished singer. She has racked up many accolades for both her music and career, including three Grammy Awards, two Billboard Music Award nominations, and one World Music Album Award!

Her first major hit was “Break Free” with producer MNEK in 2014. Since then she has gone on to release several other singles such as “Problem!,” “Into You,” and “Theresa <3 Kim Kardashian.” All of these songs have gathered significant success and airplay.

Ariana also produces some of her tracks, most recently releasing an album titled Thank U Next. This project received positive reviews from critics and her fans.

Many consider her to be one of the top pop singers of our time. It seems like no matter what kind of song she writes; it gets lots of attention and praise.

Biggest concerts

how famous is ariana grande

After her recent breakup, Ariana announced that she would be going back on the music festival circuit with The Sweetener Sessions! She will be performing at several festivals this summer including MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, Sturgis Buffalo Racing Event, and more.

Ari has consistently put out quality music for over a decade now and is one of the most well-known artists in the industry. Her songs have lyrics that people can relate to which makes them keep listening to her music over and over again.

Her song “Break Up With Your Boyfriend And Start A Relationship WITH ME” became an anthem for women who are tired of being hurt by their significant other. Many use it as a way to let go and start dating someone new!

She won two Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Music Video for her album Thank You. Her first number-one hit was “Problem” which also gave her the title of Most Followed On Instagram.

Song lyrics

how famous is ariana grande

Many people consider Ari to be more than just a singer, she is also a songwriter. She has penned some of her songs as well as collaborated with other writers and producers for others! Some of her most popular songs include:

“The Way I Live My Life” – written by Ari herself

"Problem" – feat. Taylor Swift

"Break Free" - feat. Evan Ross

"Love Me As You Did Before" - written by Ari, Max Martin, and Shellback

"Into You" - feat. Shawn Mendes

"Baby With A B" - written by Ari

Her writing style varies depending on the genre of music being sung but she typically uses metaphors and references from everyday life in her lyrics.

She sometimes will write about love or relationships, politics, social issues, etc.

Net worth

how famous is ariana grande

With her current net worth of over $25 million, Ariana is one busy singer! Not only does she have music under her belt, but she also has merchandise, speaking engagements, and even a TV show that keeps her occupied. Her growing fame has allowed her to amass quite a fortune, and she’s spent it all wisely.

Ariana gave up most day jobs years ago when her career took off. She now enjoys donating money to charities, inspiring others through her work, and staying in the spotlight by attending events and recording more songs.

Her success as a musician was never guaranteed, so she didn’t spend time thinking about how much money she would make or lose. Now that she has, she’s invested in other areas of her life to keep what she already has stable.

She doesn’t take part in any kind of frequent spending sprees, instead investing in things such as new workout clothes or restaurants for workouts or late-night eats. While some may consider this boring or not exciting, it sets up a safety net for her future investments.

Overall, Ariana has done very well for herself and knows how to invest effectively.