How Famous I am In The World

By Tiara

As we can see from my internet presence, social media is an integral part of our daily lives these days. It’s not surprising then to find yourself as a loyal fan or follower who spends hours every day engaging with the content produced by your favorite brands and individuals.

By interacting with the people behind a given product or service, you not only gain more knowledge about it, but also feel connected to them!

In fact, there are many theories that suggest being online creates a kind of psychological bond between users. Referred to as “theory of relational engagement,” this theory states that exposure to other peoples’ interactions creates feelings of connection and teamwork.

As such, when you later interact with those same people, you develop a sense of trust and loyalty which may influence their behavior and marketing strategies.

I am famous because of my blog

how i famous in world

Being famous is not about having a lot of followers, it’s not about being rich, nor is it about making yourself known to people. It’t is finding your inner strength, learning how to love other's as much as you love yourself, and creating an audience that loves you for who you are.

It’s being able to relate to others and show them their worth. My greatest influence isn’t necessarily what I say or do, but rather how I live my life.

My lifestyle sets an example for others to follow or reject. At the end of the day, I want everyone to feel good about themselves and know they are worthy just like me.

I am famous because of my podcast

how i famous in world

My podcast, What’s The Poochie? has received over 1 million listens and I have featured and interviewed some very well-known people!

I had no idea what a podcast was when I first started listening to mine. Now, I have made it a mission to spread the word about them and how you can start one yourself.

Podcasting is just like having your own radio show except you are talking instead of music. People create their podcasts by interviewing individuals or sharing experiences or stories from their lives.

It is really common for people to use their smartphone apps to record their podcast. You can also find free software and online services that make this easy to do.

Most people now know of at least one person who has done a podcast so why not join the fun and make yours exist too!?

But before you begin recording your voice, there are two things needed: microphone and internet connection.

This article will help you get those! Read on to learn more about both of these and how to be famouself with them.

I am famous because of my books

My bestseller book series has made me well-known. People know me not just for what I write, but for myself as an author and a person.

Since my first novel was published back in 2015, it’s been pretty crazy! It seems like every couple months, I hit number one on Amazon or New York Times Best Sellers list.

And don’t forget all those other ways you can find out about me! Social media is full of me these days – from Twitter to Snapchat to Instagram to You Tube.

It’s so great to see how much people are inspired by my work.

I am famous because of my TV show

how i famous in world

My TV show is very popular, which means I get to make lots of money doing what I love. Before I started filming Running With The Dogs, I was working as an assistant director for television shows such as House Moved In and You’re Dead.

I also had some small acting roles under my belt including a part in a movie called All About Us. But it wasn’t enough so I left that career behind and now I work solely as a producer for my own TV show!

Running with the dogs has allowed me to combine my two loves – making people laugh and earning money.

I am famous because of my Instagram

how i famous in world

Many people know me now not for anything I have done, but for what I do online every day. My followers watch as I live my life through my art – I create pictures and videos to share them with the world.

I started posting photos and short clips on Snapchat back in 2014, and then slowly transitioned over to other social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and eventually, Instagram.

My following has steadily grown since then, and it is still growing today!

By creating and sharing these experiences and stories, I’ve been able to connect with many different types of people all around the globe. People who enjoy my content are often supportive or even inspired by it.

It’s made me feel very happy and successful, which is why I keep coming back to it.

And while most of my posts are focused on celebrating and exploring new things, some are special occasions that require more effort to prepare. For example, when we welcomed our daughter into this world last year, there were lots of pregnancy and birth announcements along with tips and tricks to make sure you don’t go broke during this crazy time.

After she was born, I shared plenty of mother-and-baby images and videos, starting with newborn portraits and moving onto family pics at home. It's always nice to be seen and heard, so let your inner beauty shine through and take good care of yourself.

I am famous because of my Twitter

how i famous in world

Over the past few years, I have noticed that as social media sites become more popular, they get categorized as either Social Media Platforms or Tools to Make You More Famous.

It is hard to tell what makes someone “famous” on a given platform unless you are already well known. This is why it is so difficult for average people to make an impact online – there is no clear way to find out how to do that!

With this in mind, I will talk about how to use Twitter to help you be seen by your community and eventually, how to use Twitter to gain fame.

I will also discuss some ways to use Twitter to influence and promote yourself and others.

I am famous because of my Facebook

how i famous in world

Many people are familiar with social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. However, not as many people know about the less popular ones. One such site is called Facebook.

It’s no secret that almost every person in the world has a Facebook account. It’s also clear that most people use at least part of their time on this website to chat, upload pictures, and watch some videos.

But did you know that your very own personal profile on Facebook can make you rich or bankrupt?

I will discuss three ways that having a large number of followers helps you gain notoriety, fame, and money.

I am famous because of my VSCO page

how i famous in world

Many people know me for my VSCO account, but few realize how much influence my social media presence has. My VSCO page gets regularly updated and features lots of products that I have either tested or reviewed!

My followers watch as I showcase new shades of neutral eye makeup, learn about beauty products, and read reviews to determine if they should buy something.

By investing time into my personal style, I’ve inspired others to do the same and let their own creativity flow.