How Famous Do You Have To Be To Get Verified On Instagram

By Tiara

Many people use their social media accounts as markers of success – having a large number of followers, posting pictures frequently, and staying in touch with others online. If you’re not quite there yet, that is fine!

It can be tricky determining your “fame” level though. Only add people to your follower list if you are comfortable doing so and verify their account before adding them.

By verifying an individual or business’s profile, you show that you have read their posts, thus promoting trust between you two. It also proves that someone you know exists which helps spread the word about the person/business.

If you are ever contacted or asked to verify another user, choose carefully! Make sure it makes sense and that you will not run into any issues down the road.

You need to have a big audience

how famous do you have to be to get verified on instagram

This is not true of all types of accounts, only those that feature you as the focus. For example, if your account is mostly pictures and videos of yourself or people interacting with you about your personal life, then this rule does not apply. But if your account is focused on business or career success, then this rule applies very heavily!

If your goal is to gain new followers, then this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but making fake accounts to draw in new followers can be annoying for regular users.

Some companies make it easy to create an account just by filling out a few forms, but others may run additional background checks which could flag you as a fraudster. Even being famous enough to get verified doesn’t guarantee safety unless there are no signs of hacking or fraudulent activity.

You need to have lots of followers

how famous do you have to be to get verified on instagram

This is not true if you are just starting, or even if you already have your account!

If you are looking to gain more followers on Instagram, then there is an easy way to do it. By using our free tool, we can connect you with anyone that has a large audience and may want to add you as an influencer.

We know that most people’s accounts start with few followers, so this is not a bad thing to do.

You need to pay to get verified

how famous do you have to be to get verified on instagram

This is not your typical social media platform. While you can create an account for free, things are different about profile verification.

You have to spend money or earn points to gain access to features such as changing your username, flagging comments as spam, and verifying that you are indeed an adult. These are all needed before you can launch into other settings like private messaging and posting content.

By being paid to use the app more generously, it encourages people to contribute more to the community and help keep the site clean.

It also helps promote the service by creating an incentive for people to add more content and interact more within the network.

There are other requirements

how famous do you have to be to get verified on instagram

Beyond having an account, you must also meet some additional criteria to get verified. These include posting under your username with a profile photo, using the app correctly, responding to comments and messages, and linking your accounts is a big one.

Another one is creating content or engaging in conversations that make people look at you and want to connect more closely. Yours should be focused on promoting yourself or others, being educational, funny, inspirational, etc. And don’t forget to compliment and appreciate others!

By verifying your account, people will believe you are who you say you are and trust you more. It creates an air of legitimacy which is very attractive.

There are exceptions

how famous do you have to be to get verified on instagram

Even though you need 1,000 followers to get verified, that is not always the case. You can have all of those followers, but if your posts are boring or people don’t like your style, then your account will be empty for quite some time before it gets filled up with engagement.

This could hurt your brand slightly in the short term, but it’s important to remember that engaging with others online comes naturally to most people. Most people who use social media also spend time chatting with friends in real life, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t expect the same level of participation from users everywhere.

By letting go of the pressure to be “famous,” Instagram gives you space to focus on what you love and what makes you happy, which ultimately helps you grow as a person.

Instagram is changing

how famous do you have to be to get verified on instagram

Over the past couple of years, social media apps have become increasingly difficult to use. Gone are the days when you could create an account easily and simply by providing your personal information and clicking “Create Account”.

Now, most major social networks like Facebook and Twitter require you to go through elaborate verification processes that can take weeks or even months before you get access to all features. This is especially true for large platforms like Facebook and YouTube, where content creators are now being asked to prove their authenticity to promote them.

For someone who wants to quickly launch an account to broadcast his/her dreams, thoughts, and experiences, this may be too restrictive. It also puts more pressure on users to make fake accounts instead of investing time into creating authentic ones.

Instagram is introducing new features

how famous do you have to be to get verified on instagram

Recent reports claim that the popular social media app, Instagram, will soon launch an option for users to be paid for “sponsored” posts. What this means is that large companies will be able to pay IG to feature products or services in your direct feed!

This is very important to note because we all have a lot of influence over what brands we listen to, and what types of products we purchase.

By adding sponsored content to Instagram, it becomes more difficult to ignore advertising messages as the influencer value of the platform rises.

It also raises questions about whether or not people are being compensated for promoting certain brands (or even brands of merchandise!).

Tips for getting verified

how famous do you have to be to get verified on instagram

Finding out if someone is not verified on Instagram can be tricky, but there are some things you can look into to determine this information!

It’s important to note that most people use fake accounts to test whether or not they are visible to the public. This is why it's so difficult to verify someone's status as an influencer -- we don't know if their posts are actually from them!

Luckily, there are ways to check which celebrities have paid subscriptions to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. For example, you could head over to Google and do a search for their username + subscription cost, or you could go onto Amazon and see what products they purchased in the past.

By looking through these sites, you will also find out how much money they earn via advertisements and sponsored content, as well as how wealthy they are overall. All of this info gives us a good idea of whether or not they are actively working to increase their influence.