How Famous Do You Have To Be To Get A Wikipedia Page

By Tiara

If you’re looking for proof that being famous is totally unnecessary as an element of success, then look no further than Wikipedia!

Sure, there are some very successful people who don’t have a million dollar portfolio or a flashy house with a swimming pool, but they all have one thing in common: They made enough of an impression on other people to get written about online.

By using your personality, your skills, and whatever unique value you have, you can create momentum that propels you up the ladder at the speed of internet. This article will talk more about how to use Wikipedia to achieve this goal.

If you’ve read this far, then you already know what a great tool it can be. But before we dive into specific strategies, let us discuss why having a Wikipedia page is important.

Why Is It Important To Have A WikiPage?

To start off, let us make two assumptions about you. First, that you are not completely disconnected from humanity yet, and second, that you want to improve your personal effectiveness and leadership qualities.

Now, assume that you entered this world five years ago, and nothing has happened since. People have talked about you, but only superficially – maybe even making unflattering comparisons to yourself or others.

The birth of Wikipedia

how famous do you have to be to get a wikipedia page

Many people know about Wikipedia, but few really understand how it works. It’s kind of like the Internet at large – you have your favorites that are well-known, and then there are the rest. Some get lost in the crowd with no visibility, while others rise to fame and notoriety!

It is important to note here that this isn’t always positive for those who make the site or its users feel uncomfortable, threatened, or even harassed. As we all know, some very famous people don’t exactly set the best example when it comes to using social media, so it would be hard to expect anything different from them.

That said, many less known individuals do use their status to spread knowledge and information, which is why they end up with their own page on Wikipedia. These people typically start creating content and sharing it with the world before anyone else did, thus paving their way to online glory.

This article will talk more about one such person and what made him special. His story can easily apply to yourself if you love learning new things and developing your writing skills. He was someone who didn’t let his lack of popularity limit his ability to achieve his dreams, which makes him worthy of our attention.

The rise of Wikipedia

how famous do you have to be to get a wikipedia page

In February 2001, an 18-year-old student named Sanjay Goenka launched what would soon become one of the most famous websites in history.

He called it and invited anyone to contribute and edit pages related to any topic they were interested in.

Within weeks of its launch, hundreds had signed up and contributions were coming in from all over the world.

But there was a problem — no one could figure out how to get their own user page.

It took two more months for someone to come along and design just that. And when his userpage got approved, he chose the username “user” because he thought it sounded cool!

Since then, almost every well known person has received their very own user page on Wikipedia with only their first name and sometimes a nickname. It is free to do so too.

Many people use these pages to spread knowledge by adding links and writing articles or even making themselves look less professional by using simple word processing software like Microsoft Word instead of Photoshop.

There are now nearly 2 million registered users who have made at least 10 edits each which is the minimum number needed to receive top rank under the community voting system used to determine if and where to include information.

This means that they have put some time into improving the content and/or reordering things about the site to make it more intuitive.

How many Wikipedia pages are there?

how famous do you have to be to get a wikipedia page

There are more than 2 million individual article articles in the English language version of Wikipedia, with over 5 billion total words. This makes it the largest collection of knowledge in human history!

That’s not even mentioning all the user contributed content like images and media, polls, and notes which can be found under each article category. The number of users is also growing rapidly, reaching a record high this past summer at around 32 million active contributors.

There have been times when people have made false claims about events or individuals that got heated, but overall editing activity has remained steady. And while vandalism definitely exists, it is very rare.

By using an internal tool called MediaWiki, anyone can create an account and contribute anything from writing an article to designing a theme for the site.

Do all of these pages exist?

Does having a famous last name make you feel more important than people with less prestigious names?
Having a great surname is an incredible way to boost your self-esteem and help you connect with other people.

It can do this by creating an aura of prestige that surrounds you. People will refer to you as “with so and so,” or “the son/daughter of such and such.”

This adds an air of importance to you because others perceive you as someone worthy of respect.

It also helps inspire confidence in yourself and others who look up to you.

Can you have your own Wikipedia page?

how famous do you have to be to get a wikipedia page

Yes, you can! This is an excellent way to increase your online presence and get more exposure for who you are or what you do. It’s also great for providing information that may be scarce about you!

If you want to gain access to this feature, then you must first prove that you have written at least 200 words and uploaded an article or video with your name in it. Then, you need to create an account using your email address as well as your password.

After all of that, you will finally be able to write your new personal wiki page and edit it yourself. Your colleagues, friends, and family can also contribute to your profile by editing or writing articles and keywords.

It’s not only powerful for your personal growth, but it’s also helpful for your career. Since everyone has a global audience, this website is perfect for getting noticed.

Why is Wikipedia so popular?

how famous do you have to be to get a wikipedia page

This article has discussed why there are more than 21 million registered users for Wikipedia, but what about all of those anonymous user accounts that people use to edit pages or create new ones?

Why do some people feel compelled to contribute to this free online encyclopedia?

It’s because they want their work to be seen by other people. People like Janie Zeman who worked hard to earn her reputation as an environmentalist and activist will proof how much influence she had on changing others’ perceptions of pollution.

Another person may have read about famous singer Taylor Swift and then decided to look up information about her career and personal life, helping her image.

There was a time when using anonymity to improve the quality of the content in Wikipedia would not been allowed, but now it is!
Anyone can register and log into Wikipedia anonymously and start editing.

Most people don’t even know that this option exists, which makes it seem less accessible than it really is. It’s totally possible to go through Wikipedia without being linked to any profile pages or information about anyone.

Tips for creating a Wikipedia page

how famous do you have to be to get a wikipedia page

Creating an article is a very simple process that anyone can do, provided they are using it as a platform to spread their message or image.

The most difficult part about writing articles for Wikipedia is knowing when to stop editing. Writing an article does not have a deadline, so you should spend time developing your writing skills before submitting what you wrote.

Some people start editing right away without taking enough time to make sure everything is perfect. This may hurt your status on Wikimedia projects because of poor quality content.

Avoid plagiarism by doing some research into how to write appropriate material before starting to edit. Make sure to give credit where credit is due! Plagiarizing is unacceptable and will get your writer’s license revoked.

Link your page with the internet

how famous do you have to be to get a wikipedia page

Many people use social media to connect with friends, learn about new things and contribute by sharing information or comments. By doing this, they get exposure for their personal profile and the content they share!

People create online profiles to show off what kind of person they are and what areas of interest they have. These can include Facebook pages, YouTube channels, blogs, etc.

By linking these different accounts together, you can take it one step further and gain more visibility through an external link to your account.

This is called linked-up branding or linkable marketing. It’s rising in popularity because it works!

Many companies leverage this technique by creating what’s called a “link-out” from their website or mobile app to another site that we already know and trust. For example, Amazon links out to other sites at every opportunity to promote buying there instead of

Here’s the thing though — only popular brands get linked out to so most people don’t benefit from the strategy.

Famous brands are able to reap the benefits of linkable marketing, but not everyone is lucky enough to be part of that group. This isn’t fair to them.

It’s unfair to yourself if you want more recognition for who you are. It’s also unfair to others if they aren’t given the same chance to grow their follower base and influence.