How Famous Do You Have To Be To Be On Raya

By Tiara

This week, we’re talking about how famous you have to be to do something in Malaysia. What is this crazy thing? It’s called ‘Raya!’

You may have heard of it before but maybe you didn’t know what it was or why it was important. Or even if you did, you might not agree.

So let’s talk about it.

What is Raya anyway?

First off, let’s make one thing clear: Raya has nothing at all to do with Ramadan. (I will explain more about that later.)

It comes from an Arabic word which means festival. But here, the word is used as a way to celebrate someone’s birthday. So every year, people take time off work to enjoy the other person’s birthday, by giving them presents and celebrating with them.

In Malaysia, there is no official state-wide holiday for Rayah Day, so most places organize their private celebrations. Some hold street parties where everyone celebrates together while others hold smaller events at restaurants, cafes or shopping centres.

Why is having Raya day such a big deal? Because it gives people a chance to show off how much they care about you, and because it can earn you lots of money.

You need to be well-known

This is not the case for most nights of Raya. According to sources, only about 2% of Malaysians are aware of how to celebrate Raya effectively!

That’s right – just two per cent know what all the fuss is about when it comes to celebrating this Islamic holiday.

Another source says that less than one in twenty people can recite the exact night of Raya celebrations from memory.

You need to have a good reputation

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

Being on the biggest night of the year for Malaysia is not only an honour but also a huge responsibility. As such, there are very specific requirements to be part of the event as a host or participant.

First things first, you can’t just show up at the venue on ROH Day without being invited!

And while having a ton of friends isn’t always a great thing (we all know some crazy people!), having a large circle of acquaintances who respect your work and knowledge will help you get through the day.

That means making sure you’re well-connected on social media, actively posting about Raya events, supporting other individuals by sharing their content, etc.

You need to be consistent

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

BeinRaya Raya or any major holiday is not enough; you have to consistently celebrate it every day to make it count. This could be difficult as some people may feel that they do not want to spend money or work on their savings for things like groceries, drinks at the mall, and transportation to and from work during this period.

Many employers allow their employees to take off one day per week so if you can work Monday through Thursday, then you should be able to enjoy Raya without too much hassle.

If you cannot bear to part with your cash even just once during Raya, then perhaps working outside of the norm is better for you. Find ways to save money before Raya and use those funds towards your celebration!

It’s also important to remember that while it may be hard to find an excuse to stay home on Raya, it can sometimes be harder to go out afterwards because of the lack of availability of food and drink. Plan by eating well beforehand and packing your lunch or buying something simple at the supermarket.

And don’t forget about family – most Malaysians will gather around each other over Raya, making it easy to connect with relatives that live nearby or away.

It's all about the promotions

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

Being an event host is not only about having a pretty face or offering delicious food, it’s also about knowing how to promote your event.

Hosting an event means making sure that people know about it. This can be done by writing article marketing posts related to the event and distributing them through social media channels and posting signs up for the event where everyone can see them.

By being aware of the different ways we can spread awareness of our events, there are no wrong ways to do it!

It does take some work but, if you want to get popular, doing these things is important. And even though it may feel like a drag at times, spending time promoting your event will pay off in the long run.

It's all about marketing

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

Being on the biggest night of the year for Hispanic people is not easy, nor does it come without costs. And while some may view being on TV as a way to gain popularity, that isn’t always the case.

Some channels want nothing to do with your event because they’ve already got enough viewers during the day or they don’t want to risk losing business by having you on their show.

And if you can get onto one channel, most likely either Channel 9 or Channel 13, then your chances of getting sponsored drop dramatically.

So how hard can “being famous” be?

It depends on what kind of celebrity you want to become. If you’re more concerned about bringing in money than becoming well-known, then running into these challenges will only hold you back.

But if your goal is to reach out to many different types of people, then planning will help ensure your success.

It's all about networking

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

Being part of the Raya season celebration is not limited to just having a party or buying expensive gifts for your friends, there’s a way you can get involved!

Involvement in Raya comes down to being invited to join and then deciding if you want to accept or not. If you are willing to spend money to celebrate Diwalau Raya with your friends, then great! But if you don’t, that’s okay too.

Networking happens when people connect to achieve their goals. So if you wanted to enjoy the festivities, spending some money to do so isn’t a bad thing at all.

But what most people don’t realize is that you can still reap the benefits of joining Raya even if you never spend any money. You can simply start celebrating Diwali by yourself by reading up on it and going through the traditions.

It's all about awareness

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

Being part of the biggest street festival in Malaysia requires some kind of recognition. But you don’t have to be famous, or even well-known, to make an impact at Riya.

All that is needed is for people to know your name. And how to spell it.

This year’s edition of Riya features more than just eating and drinking, there are also several events planned. Some of these events require tickets so staying motivated will depend on whether you got one or not!

If you do get a ticket, then making sure your seat has enough space to relax and read can be helpful. There will be lots of walking around and standing, so comfortable footwear is important too.

There will also be many groups gathering outside certain venues, so traffic may move close to you. This can make it difficult to move around or find a good spot if you need to take a break or use the toilet. Make sure you factor this into your trip planning.

And while you're spending hours outside, ensuring your health and wellness is a top priority is very important. Check out our article here for tips on what to pack and how to feel most comfortable during the event.

It's all about the location

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

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