How Famous Do You Have To Be To Be On Raya

By Tiara

If you’re reading this, you probably know what Raya is already! It’s our annual celebration of Filipino culture that takes place in September every year!

And if you’re not totally familiar with it yet, don’t worry – you are definitely not alone.

In fact, only one percent of all non-Filipinos have ever heard of Raya before!

So why should you be aware of such an important event?

Well, first off, letting people know about Raya can help spread the Filipino culture. While some may think that knowing how to do your makeup or which fruits are in season is pretty significant, most things like that are common knowledge for most Filipinas.

But celebrating Raya as part of the Philippine national identity? That’s something different!

By educating others about the importance of Raya, we strengthen our country’s self-identity. We show that we recognize ourselves and celebrate who we are.

This also gives us room to grow by encouraging more people to get involved in the Philippines’ biggest cultural festival.

You need to be famous enough for people to notice your photos

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

This is not saying that you have to be popular, but you do need to be well known so that people can recognize you in our events. If this is you, then you are already doing something right!

We love celebrating culture and diversity which is why we created an event called “Raya” – it is an Indonesian festival that happens every year at the end of August or September.

It is usually three days long (with some four day festivals) where all sections of the community come together to celebrate Indonesia’s independence from the Netherlands and their formation as a nation-state.

There are often cultural performances, food vendors, rai dances, kareng terenggan dance, kebondan (Thailand style dancing), and even fireworks on the main stage. It is really quite spectacular!

But what makes ‘Raya’ special? What sets it apart from other celebrations is its use of photobooths. These interactive booths allow participants to take fun pictures with friends and family while incorporating interesting decorations and props.

These decorations typically include things like fake mustaches, nose piercings, big hair, and/or overalls and sweatshirts — anything clearly related to either Halloween or spring break.

Participants are able to add themselves into the picture if they would like, and these photographs get saved and put up online for everyone to see later.

You need to be famous enough to get free food and drinks

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

This is not necessarily the case, however! Even if you are well known, there’s no guarantee that your request will be accepted or even guaranteed to be met with smiles.

In fact, some parties may turn into something more than just for fun because of all the work you have done to earn their respect.

This can make you feel very uncomfortable as an amateur who has invested his or her hard-earned money in attending the event, so it is important to remember that being invited to events is not a reward for having made a name for yourself. It is simply another way to be appreciated and recognised for your efforts.

A small token of appreciation is fine, but don’t expect too much beyond that.

You need to be famous enough to get a table reservation

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

While being a part of Raya is not limited to just celebrities, it does require you to have at least some sort of affiliation with either an expensive restaurant or a popular restaurant. This can easily be done by going into business for yourself as a party planner or hosting your own event!

Party planning is a very lucrative career path that has lots of room for growth. There are many ways to make money as a party planner including organizing private events, creating in-restaurant parties, and serving as a coordinator (which we will discuss later).

As you know, eating and drinking is one of the biggest pastimes out there so offering your services as a costumer choice provider or buying food and drinks for others is a great way to start making money as a party planner.

This article will talk about how to become a party planner and what types of jobs exist for people with no experience in the field.

You need to be famous enough to get a dress code

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

Many people take part in the Malaysian version of Halloween, also known as Raya. This is when people celebrate All Saints’ Day one week before or after November 1 (the day we recognize it as Thanksgiving).

Raya is typically held at night during which stores give away free things every hour. These giveaways include snacks, drinks, and even full-blown dinners!

While some places have their own “I participated in the last year’s Raya event” t-shirts, others don’t. What about you? Are your colleagues or superiors recognized for putting together an awesome party?

As mentioned earlier, dressing up is the norm. People usually don’t work while they are having fun so most employers let employees skip the office that day.

But what if your boss doesn’t let you attend events like this because you don’t have appropriate business formal clothing? Technically, he/she could make you come into the workplace until all hours just to enjoy the festivities, but why would he/she do that?

What if everyone else does it anyway? I think that would create a very uncomfortable environment for you and your colleagues or superiors.

You need to be famous enough to get a tuxedo

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

Styled in classic black with white trimmings, this look is called an A-Line Suit. It can be shortened or lengthened for ease of wear depending on your clothes style! If you like more formal looks, then this is definitely something to try at least once.

A-line suits are typically cut longer than traditional dress shirts and pants, which creates that beautiful A-shape line. This look is also very popular due to its versatility — you do not have to know how to tie a necktie to rock one!

There are many brands that offer A-line suit costumes including ZAPPOS, STELLAR CLOTHING, AND FASHIONS BY GENT, just to name a few. Many people choose to purchase their own A-line suit because they want to customize it to fit their wardrobe or personal style.

You need to be famous enough to get a guest list

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

Being on raya doesn’t mean that you’re automatically invited, you have to make sure your place is confirmed!

This can be tricky as not every party-goer shares their RSVP with the world, especially if they don’t want it spread all over social media.

So how do you know? There are two main ways: by word of mouth or via the invite code.

A lot of places will publish an invite code on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter, so people may share that info with others. Or you could just ask around at the venue whether anyone knows who was invited – most likely everyone does now days!

But even if no one drops any hints, there's always online tools. Most parties now have an app too which makes confirming easier.

You need to be famous enough to get a photo op with a celebrity

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

This is not saying that being on Raya requires you to have your own show or hosting rights for a major TV station, nor does it require you to receive significant coverage from media outlets. But if you want to take part in the festivities, then you do need to make sure you’re known by at least one of these three brands!

It’s totally okay if you don’t have anywhere close to perfect vision but there are many ways to participate in this event without buying an expensive pair of glasses. Some people even enjoy finding creative ways to give their current eyeglasses away to make room for better ones.

By now most people know about the Rayaholic community where users connect, chat, and share photos and information about their favorite ray-matching fashion products.

You need to be famous enough to pay for your own drinks and food

how famous do you have to be to be on raya

Not being able to afford your own drink or meal is not an excuse for poor behavior, so this rule does not apply to you if you’re just joining us later in the party.

This rule applies to anyone who goes out on R ay a during the raya season (or any other holiday that has late night hours). The rules here are very clear and straightforward – you can join the celebration when it ends, but you will have to leave separately without paying for anything!

You see, even though Malaysia is known for its delicious eats and drinks, no one actually pays for them at these events. People either bring their own supplies or they get sponsored by companies which make sure they do not go hungry or thirsty.

So what happens if you're too broke to eat or buy beverages? Well, we all know how important hydration is, so most places let you use their restrooms to rinse off some of the fluids you've been drinking.