How Famous Died Today

By Tiara

Over the past few years, there has been an upswing in people’s fascination with how famous people died. Television shows like The Crown have dedicated entire episodes to exploring the death of someone close to the show’s characters.

Other shows explore whether or not their legacy lives on after they pass away such as the recent season five premiere of Modern Family where we see that Gloria (played by Sofia Vergara) becomes very successful after her husband Mitch (Johny Momma) dies.

She eventually gets so busy running his business that she forgets about her own life which makes her feel empty and depressed.

Many people look up to these well-known individuals as examples of how to live their life so it is important to understand what caused them to die early. By knowing the reasons why they passed away, you can learn from their mistakes and avoid making the same ones.

There are several theories about how some of our most recognizable celebrities died. Some believe that their lifestyle contributed to their early deaths while others think their fame made it harder for them to disappear. A lot of times, both factors come together.

Tupac Shakur

how famous died today

On this day in 1996, rapper Tupac Amlage Shakur was shot to death by two Los Angeles police officers. He would have turned 30 years old later this year.

Tupac’s music focused heavily on issues such as poverty, racism and corruption. But he is best known for his lyrics about love.

He wrote several songs about relationships including ones with celebrities like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

In one song titled “I Would Die For You,” he described how much he loved actress Renee Zellweger. In another called “Dear Mama,” he asked if she ever thought of him while he was gone.

After his murder, many people connected to Tupac speculated that he died because he knew too much about corrupt cops. Some also suspected that he was killed over money.

But an official investigation never took place.

Michael Jackson

how famous died today

Michael Jackson, one of the most famous people in the world, died today at age 50 from his doctor’s alleged negligence. The coroner determined that he took liquid medicine by mouth and then left the room while it was working on lowering his blood pressure. When he returned, he was unresponsive and was declared dead within minutes.

The medication in question is called Propofol and it is typically used to treat insomnia or anaesthesia during surgery. Because it lowers blood pressure, patients must be monitored for signs of respiratory distress as well as loss of consciousness.

It is important to note that both suicidal thoughts and drug addiction can make someone more likely to misuse prescription drugs. People with mental health issues are particularly vulnerable to suicide because of this.

Jackson had been dealing with medical problems related to his ongoing weight loss efforts but they were worsening over the past few weeks. He reportedly told friends and family members that he would not survive on March 30th, which is when he passed away.

Elvis Presley

how famous died today

The passing of singer, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and cultural icon Elvis Aaron Presley occurred today at his home in Memphis, Tennessee. He was 42 years old. His death comes more than two months after he was found unresponsive in his bedroom by his manager around 2 AM on August 16th.

He had been spending the evening watching a concert before going to sleep, but he never woke up again. An autopsy determined that he died of cardiac arrhythmia due to acute cocaine use and chronic alcohol abuse.

Elvis left behind a legacy as one of music’s greatest artists and influencers, with over 500 songs that have sold over 150 million copies across all genres. He also starred in eight feature films including some of the highest-grossing movies ever made.

He earned worldwide recognition for his singing and dancing prowess, which included many classic hits such as What Are You Doing New Year!, A Little Less Conversation, Suspicious Activity, and Can I Take A Picture?

As an ambassador for both music and health, Elvis helped promote heart wellness through regular exercise and nutritional guidance. He famously said, “A healthy mind is like a good body.” And clearly, he lived by this motto.

Farewell, Mr Presley. We will miss you dearly. May you continue to inspire us with your life and art for eternity.

The Beatles

how famous died today

On March 30, 1970, the band that defined an era as “The Beatles” broke up for good. After eight years together, Paul McCartney decided it was time to move on to other things, including starting his music studio. He invited John Lennon to join him in this new venture, but he had something different in mind.

He wanted George Harrison to be his business partner and creative collaborator. So, just like that, one of the most famous duos ever formed became one big entity with two co-founders.

This is a common theme among successful celebrity couples. It is what allows them to remain friends and work well outside of romantic relationships.

Not only did they keep working together after the death of their frontman, they now have a book about their collaborations and career journeys as musicians!

John and Yoko made our world feel more connected by breaking down barriers between cultures and showing how anyone can achieve success if they are willing to put in the effort. They also inspired many artists through their creativity. Many believe their artistic style to be influential and unique.

George wrote some of the greatest songs of all time that still resonate with people today. He left his lasting legacy as a musician not just as part of one of the biggest bands in history, but as an artist in his own right.

After The Beatles, Harrison recorded several solo albums and won three Grammy Awards for his contributions to music.

Charles Darwin

how famous died today

The world lost one of its greatest thinkers this morning when Sir Charles Robert Darwin died at his home in Cambridge, England. He was 2 years shy of his 72nd birthday, but he made incredible contributions to our understanding of life and evolution.

Darwin’s theory of natural selection has been studied and debated for over two centuries. But it wasn’t until he publicised On The Origin Of Species that most people were able to understand what inspired him to devote his life to studying nature. It was simply an undeniable truth embedded within himself – every living thing strives to survive by helping its offspring thrive, thus passing along their genes.

It is impossible to separate individual organisms from the environment around them, so success or failure is determined not only by your internal qualities but also by how well you are doing compared to those surrounding you. This influence grows stronger as the surroundings get more complicated and diverse.

If we take a look back through time, we can see that successful survivors tend to have similar strategies and behaviours, which they fine-tune over many generations. These inherited traits make it easier for future generations to succeed where others failed before.

As humans, there is a special place in heaven for men like Charles Darwin. He gave us many insights into ourselves, and how we relate to each other and the universe beyond. Let’s honour his legacy today by giving something back to help others achieve their potential.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

how famous died today

On January 21, 1924, just over one year after he was appointed leader of Russia’s Bolshevik Party, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (also known as Stalin) made his first address as head of state.

He began by quoting from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and then proceeded to give what would become one of history’s most famous speeches.

Stalin said: “The death of a dog is natural. The death of a coward is natural. To refuse to fight against impossible odds is not only cowardly, but it is also criminally negligent. But to plan such a murder in cold blood – that is truly inhuman!”

After briefly discussing the evils of capitalism, he continued:

“We have seen how the representatives of capitalism prepare long before they unleash their knives against the workers. They spread all kinds of lies about the working class, distort Marxism, and slander revolutionaries — but when the time comes for them to destroy us, these people show themselves to be both very clever and very brave.

Ludwig van Beethoven

how famous died today

The musician who is now famous for writing some of the most recognizable music in the world died today at age 56. Born Johann Sebastian Bach, he was baptized as Ludwig van Beethoven to honour his great-grandfather, whose surname he took later in life.

He would go on to write some of the most well-known pieces in all of Western Music — including five string quartets, three piano sonatas, nine symphonies (including one called “The 9th Symphony”), two violin concertos, and more.

But it is probably his ninth symphony that people recognize him by the longest title. It is simply titled “Fateusfoenix,” which means “Omens of death.” Many know only the first few minutes though; the second movement has been lost since before World War II.

That doesn't matter much though because what comes after the third minute is just as famous. Two notes played an octave apart are repeated twice per measure. This sequence of eight notes becomes known as the Octavian Metric. After those two short notes, there's a long note followed by another short note. That pattern continues until the end!

This sequence is so unique that it has its name: the Diabolical Sequence. You may have heard it referred to as the "Death by Guitar" or even the "Guitar Suicide.

Abraham Lincoln

On April 15, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln delivered his final speech as president of the United States at Ford's Theatre in Washington D.C. He spoke for just over two minutes before he was fatally shot by John Wilkes Booth.

He had been attending an after-party held in honour or when actor Robert Kennedy yelled out that fellow Democrat Jefferson Davis would make a better leader than him (the president at the time). This incited a heated argument between them and several other people present.

At this point, someone off-stage fired three shots into the presidential box where Lincoln and Kennedy were sitting. The first hit the wall behind Lincoln and then ricocheted back and struck his leg but didn’t injure him too much. It took five more bullets to kill him.

After leaving office, Lincoln lived with his wife Mary and their children until she died in 1881. He then moved in with her parents while he tried to recuperate from injuries. However, this only lasted a few months as he suffered repeated health issues and eventually passed away due to complications related to these ailments.

His body was buried next to his father in Springfield, Illinois, but later exhumed and reinterred in Oak Ridge Cemetery in June 1909. Due to public demand, his brain was preserved and is now housed in the Smithsonian Institution.