How Famous Couples Met

By Tiara

The way we form relationships with people is influenced by others, most notably famous couples. People look up to these special individuals in our lives for their success, so it makes sense that if they were married before or after knowing us, there are examples of how they interacted with each other.

Many of us have at least one friend who seems to be completely obsessed with a certain person. They will talk about them nonstop, share all sorts of things related to them, and even imitate some behavior patterns. This influence is not always positive, but sometimes it helps shape your relationship with someone.

There are many theories as to why this happens, but none seem totally accurate. What does matter though is that friends can play an important role in helping you understand what kind of person he/she is and what qualities they possess.

Some of you may already know this, but let me give you a little secret: the more likely a couple is to break up, the higher their popularity goes. Obviously, people enjoy watching successful marriages, but also because they want to be like them!

It’s natural human nature to admire those around you, whether they are rich or poor, educated or uneducated. Being close to someone who has done something impressive gives you hope that you could do the same someday- which is very inspiring.

Spider and Betty

how famous couples met

When we talk about famous couples, there are so many different types of pairings. Some pairs stayed together for years before becoming known to the public while others were surrounded by rumors of their possible break up at all times. No matter what type of relationship they have, however, one thing is certain – they both love each other very much!

Many people consider Elizabeth Montgomery (known as Brigette from The Partridge Family) and David Arnold (Jerry from Happy Days) to be celebrity couple number one. They dated in secret for several months before breaking up and then getting back together again. Many claim that it was because of their daughter who eventually got them back together.

Other examples include Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas or Katy Perry and Russell Brand. These two broke up after three years but only lasted a few weeks before announcing their engagement. Others say that it took longer than expected to get this engagement announcement.

Whatever the case may be, most people agree that these five things played an important part in their success as a couple. Let us look into those five things in more detail and see how some of our favorite celebs found theirs.

William and Kate

how famous couples met

When Prince William announced his engagement to Catherine, the world held its breath- and he didn’t waste any time making it known! On November 27th, just three weeks after their first meeting, Kensington Palace released a statement announcing that The Duke of Cambridge was “very much in love with and engaged to marry Camilla Parker Bowles.”

The couple had met at an official function in April 2005 where she made a favorable impression. Since then, they developed a strong friendship and shared interest in art.

William even referred to her as his best friend when talking about his future wife. He once said, "She's like my other half."

After dating for almost two years, the couple decided to take things slow and spent quality time together before bringing each other closer. They would go out for dinner or drinks and chat constantly until morning.

It is very important to note how dedicated both parties were to not rush into anything romantic. Both needed to feel comfortable with one another and have trust in each other before getting more involved.

Many people believe that William secretly wanted to get married earlier but waited until now because he wasn't sure if marrying outside the Church was what he wanted.

Henry and Catherine

how famous couples met

As we know, Kate and William met at a New Year’s Eve party in 2001 where she was working as a nurse. They both worked for the same hospital so they had to run into each other again!

It wasn’t until two years later when they were officially introduced by friends. At this stage, neither of them knew what would happen next but they shared a strong passion for dancing so they decided to join a dance class together.

From there, their relationship took off – not only because of their love of dancing, but also due to how much fun they are around each other. Both Kate and William have described themselves as being very honest with each other and having trust is an important part of their relationship.

They still enjoy doing things separately too, which shows that they don’t feel obligated to be together all the time like some couples may.

Elvis and Priscilla

how famous couples met

In 1957, when Elvis Presley met his future wife, Priscilla Baines, he was twenty-two years old and she was nineteen. He had just finished filming Love Is All You Need in New York City and flew back to Memphis with her for Christmas break.

Elvis’s older brother, Rex, who worked as an engineer at RCA Records, invited Priscilla to his office for lunch. It was there that she first saw him play guitar. She was impressed.

After returning home from lunch, Priscilla found a note under her door saying that Elvis wanted to know if she would go swimming with him later. When she agreed, he took off work early and picked her up in his car. They went to a local beach where they swam together before heading out for dinner.

Over pasta and salad, Priscilla asked what kind of music he listened to. Elvis told her that most people didn't like his songs because they were too hard or fast. But then again, few people could sing very well either!

Priscilla said that she sang sometimes and hoped one day someone would ask her to. So he did! And here you are now, she thought.

They made plans to meet the next week and talk more about music, but Elvis needed to get back to work. After offering her his business card, he drove away.

The two talked frequently after that, usually over the phone.

Johnny and Mary

how famous couples met

When Johnny Cash met his future wife, he was already an established musician with a large fan base. He had just released his first album as a solo artist for Columbia Records and was touring to promote it.

Mary Ann McNeely also starred in several TV shows at the time including The Andy Griffith Show and Room 222. She is perhaps best known for her role as Janis Van Alstyne on The Partridge Family.

You may have heard of these famous people before, but what you probably didn’t know is how they connected their lives together. Sometimes things that seem totally unexpected turn into the most perfect match ever!

It's impossible to predict everything about someone else, which is part of the beauty of life. But there are some traits that usually show up in successful relationships, so we can make some predictions about what will work for your family.

Barack and Michelle

how famous couples met

When Barack Obama first thought about marrying his high school sweetheart, he didn’t expect things to turn out like they did! He was definitely not looking for marriage at this stage in his life, but after sharing a lot of memories together, he realized that she made him feel loved and supported him through some really tough times.

He always says how much she helped keep him grounded and gave him strength when he needed it most.

And now, more than eight years later, here we are – married with two beautiful children and a house full of all the things. She makes sure of that every day!

She is also the main cook in our household, which doesn't hurt either.

Leonardo and Lisa

how famous couples met

When Leonardo DiCaprio met his future wife, Margot Robbie, she was just starting her career as an actor. At that time, howeverefactors like Robbie were very few and far between. She had only one major role under her belt before they started dating-the lead in The To Do List.

Her performance won her several awards including Best Actress at the Boston Film Festival. Many people noticed her talent though and it wasn't long before she got involved with another acting hopefan.

DiCaprio was famously tight lipped about his love life but what we do know is that he proposed to Robbie while they were vacationing together in Greece. They both gave their permission for us to share this special moment so here it is!

The two dated for nearly three years before getting married back in September 2004. Since then, they have been engaged twice more but never made it down the aisle.

Amy and Josh

how famous couples met

In May 2012, when Josh first spotted his future wife at an outdoor concert with her friends, he was instantly drawn to her beauty. He knew then that she was someone special!

He made sure to talk to her after the show, grabbing a drink and dinner later in the night. Over the next few weeks, he would see her several times a week before they finally met in person.

His heart raced as he listened to her speak for what seemed like hours. He never felt tired of hearing her voice or wondering about who she was as a person.

After talking for over two hours, he asked if she wanted to do something else and she agreed. They left the restaurant and headed towards her house where she invited him up for coffee.

They continued chatting all morning and by lunchtime he could tell that she was interested in him too. By this time, he was totally fascinated by this beautiful woman.