How Famous Couples Met

By Tiara

Finding love is hard, so when you do find it, you want to make sure that it lasts! Having a solid foundation with your life is one of the most important things you can do before investing in someone else’s.

Luckily, there are several famous relationships that we learn from and can apply to our own lives. Many people have made it work by keeping themselves as consistent members of the community, which helps them feel connected.

Other couples focused on having fun together instead of looking for a bigger relationship. By staying active, they avoided getting involved with each other.

Having a strong friendship first will help you both realize that this isn’t for you and you’ll be able to separate more easily. It’ll also give you time to develop trust in others, which is always a good thing.

The goal is not to be like these famous couples, but what if we were? What would our friendships look like? Would we have enough space for casual acquaintances? More importantly, how would our romantic relationships affect the rest of our lives?

This article will talk about some ways that popular couple types influenced the way normal people interact with the world. Hopefully, you’ll pick up some tips and strategies to improve your interpersonal skills.

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Johnny and Mary

how famous couples met

As many of you know, John is very famous for his show The Bachelor. He has hosted the show since it premiered in 2004! He actually met his wife while filming an episode back in 2003. They kept in touch after the show ended until she asked him to be her date at a party she was hosting.

They both knew something special happened that night but they just never mentioned anything more than that. Two years later, she invited him to watch a movie with her and he agreed. She then told him she wanted to keep watching the movie and have sex with him. He accepted and they made sweet love all night long!

After the movie finished, she got up to go use the bathroom and when she came back she found out she was pregnant! They decided to tell no one else except for their parents who were informed right away.

Leonardo and Lisa

how famous couples met

While studying art at the University of Milan, Italy, Lisa Gonzo was smitten with an older student named Vittorio Maserati. They went out several times before she finally decided to make her move by throwing herself into his arms and kissing him!

After celebrating their success in getting each other's attention, they made time for more dates. Not long after that, Lisa received a call telling her that her father had suffered a heart attack and would not be coming home.

She left school immediately and flew back home, leaving Vitor behind. But he didn’t give up easily. He wrote letters to her almost every day while she was away, begging her to return and marry him.

When she did get back to campus, she found flowers and notes waiting for her. It seemed as though he wanted nothing more than to spend his life with her, but he also knew it wouldn’t do either one of them any good if she were married already.

He needed to find a way to break this cycle of passion followed by rejection, so he came up with a solution.

Lisa was scheduled to model for a fashion show during the spring semester. Since most people think models are very beautiful, he proposed to meet her there.

Once again, she accepted his proposal and the two became inseparable.

Brad and Jennifer

how famous couples met

When actress Angelina Jolie met her current husband, she was already an established star with hit films like 2003's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. But it took quite a while for them to really connect as friends before they ever even discussed getting back together again.

In fact, their first meeting wasn't even at a movie premiere! It happened in early 2005 when Jolie traveled to London for the Golden Globes. While there, she attended a party hosted by actor Edward Norton, who later went on to marry his friend and business partner Ben Affleck.

After the event, Norton invited some of his close friends along for dinner. One of those people was Brad Pitt, whom he had recently befriended through their shared passion for sailing.

So after work one night, the group headed over to a nearby restaurant where they ate sushi and talked about everything from politics to movies. At that point, Jolie noticed a red flag; Pitt was very friendly, very approachable, and seemed totally comfortable talking to everyone around him. He didn’t have much “us” time, but what he did spend on made sense because he clearly liked who he spent his time with.

A few weeks later, Jolie found herself traveling to Boston for another film festival.

George and Martha

how famous couples met

When George Bush was elected president in 1988, many people were skeptical about whether he would be able to handle the pressures of being leader of the free world. Some even thought that it was his lack of self-confidence that contributed to the downfall of his previous job as President.

But one person who didn’t doubt his leadership skills was best man Marja Vanternogh. He made sure to prepare George for the position he would soon hold by telling him how they would meet his wife!

When you're married there's always going to be little things that get forgotten or left out

He doesn't watch very much television, so when she watches her shows he gets a lot of side eye

He doesn’t like having his hair done, so she does it all the time

He likes to eat meat so she starts cooking every night

And while he enjoys doing sports, he is not good at keeping up with practices and games, so she coaches some of them for both of them

The most important thing to know about your spouse is that they think deeply about almost everything. So try to ask them about what makes them happy and why they do certain things, and you will find out a lot about them!

It's also helpful to realize that although their personality may seem fixed, there are still parts of them that they keep close to themselves.

Amy and Taylor

how famous couples met

When Amy met Taylor, she was working as an administrative assistant for a company in the mall where he worked. They both enjoyed watching each other dress so they would often chat about clothes while hanging out.

One day, however, her boss asked if she could do some work from his house since it was nearby and there were no buses close by. So, she agreed and went to his home where she found him sitting with his son drinking coffee.

He made some small talk then said that his son needed help picking out new shoes so he gave him $20 and told him to go pick out anything he wanted. His son picked out little black leather boots and his dad paid for them!

After work, Amy and Taylor left together to go get dinner at Taco Bell. She remembers being really surprised when he took her phone number instead of asking for your name first. But she thought it was funny and kind of romantic.

They stayed up talking all night and the next morning he drove her back to her apartment before dropping her off at work. It was their first official date but they already had a good connection.

Blessed couples come from all different backgrounds and oceans, religions, and financial situations. However, what most of them have in common is that they are passionate about something and want more than just a one-time thing.

They want to connect beyond a few hours every week or monthly dates.

Goldie and Diamond

how famous couples met

In May of 2011, TV personality and fashion icon Vania O’Brien shared her romantic story with the world via an episode of her popular show The OG Life. On the show, she revealed that she and celebrity chef and restaurateur Chris Gehray met while working as teens at MOTO Cafe in Toronto.

Gehrey was serving as GM (general manager) when he first spotted O’Brien washing dishes. He asked to speak with her about potential job opportunities, but she made it clear that she wanted more than just a casual chat.

Over dinner, they talked about their dreams and what kind of life each person hoped to have one day. They also discovered that both were from small towns outside of Canada where they had few connections.

It took only two weeks for them to develop a strong connection and friendship, and soon after they began dating seriously. But there was a big hurdle they faced — Chris already had a girlfriend!

At the time, he lived with his then-girlfriend Marielle in an apartment across town. When he told O’Brien about her, he found out that she too had little social circle back home.

After some brainstorming, he invited her over to meet his roommate so she could get a feel for the place before deciding if it was worth moving in with him.

He thought she might be interested, but instead she flatly said no way.

Will and Kate

When Prince William was attending Eton College, he met his future wife at a private party for students. He gave her a small box with jewelry in it she could keep as a gift if she wanted to show some love to him. After talking for only a few minutes, she invited him back to her house where they officially began dating!

William and Catherine were married ten years later, so their relationship had enough time to develop into something special. They now have three children together and are still spending quality time together today.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

how famous couples met

Before they were famous, Prince William and Kate Middleton knew each other as college students. In fact, she even considered marrying him! Thankfully, that didn’t happen, but their romance has flourished since then.

The couple first met at a charity event in April 2001 when she was just nineteen years old and he was twenty-one. She spoke with media about her early romantic relationship while promoting her 2010 bestseller My Story.

In it, she wrote how she had always hoped to find “true love,” adding, "I wanted someone who would treat me like I'm special and who would make me feel beautiful."

You may have read some stories of celebrities who meet for the very first time and are immediately attracted to each other. But what if the opposite is true? What if there's a lot of lust, no chemistry, and nothing more than superficial attractions? For Prince William and Carina White, this wasn't the case.

They made a plan to meet several months later, and everything changed forever.

Prince William told The Sun, his favorite tabloid, that he felt an instant connection with Carina. He described their meeting as being similar to Romeo and Juliet, saying, "[She] makes me laugh a lot which helps break the ice. Then we talk about things we don’t normally speak about — politics, religion, our families.