How Famous Brands Got Their Names

By Tiara

Many well known brands have struggled to stay in business due to brand erosion or simply being unable to create enough buzz about their product.

A lot of these companies had catchy, playful, or whimsical names that didn’t necessarily tell people much about what they were selling. For example, I remember growing up thinking Cadbury was just for eating!

In fact, before the 1920s, you wouldn’t find many references to Cadbury anywhere except for chocolate. It wasn’t until then that it became clear how far the company’s name extended — beyond just something delicious to eat.

By using the word “Cadbury” as part of the product name, however, the company was implicitly telling consumers that its chocolate was worth more than just an afternoon snack.

Brand names like this one communicate not only what kind of products are available, but also what sort of prestige the company can offer. When your coffee comes with the Cadburys logo, you know you’re getting good quality brew.

It’s easy to take advantage of this branding power, which is why there are so many fake Nike shoes out there (even though doing so is illegal)! By creating your own branded goods, you can use the power of famous brands to promote yours.