How Famous Blackpink Is

By Tiara

K-pop is an extremely popular music genre that has seen its peak in popularity over the past several years. With their catchy songs, incredible dance moves, and flamboyant stage costumes, k-pop artists are known for putting in effort to make their performances interesting.

Their elaborate outfits often include flashy clothes or hairstyles that have become recognizable symbols of the groups themselves. Many k-pop artists will experiment with different looks, emphasizing how well they fit their group’s style. This process helps them build their personal brand as designers!

Blackpink is one such example of this. The k-pop girl band was formed back in 2015 when Jisoo and Rosé met through a mutual friend. They both immediately saw potential in each other and decided to join forces to pursue their dreams of being famous.

Since then, they have gone on to achieve major success and remain close friends ever since. Given all their achievements, it is easy to see why people recognize them everywhere they go. But what things contribute to their fame? What makes their audience keep coming back for more?

In this article, you will learn about some important factors like that. Make sure you read until the end to find out our top choice for highest reward.

They are based in South Korea

As mentioned before, Jisoo is the main member of BLACKPINK! She also handles most of their music production including some songs such as their debut song “BOOM BOY” and “TTT”.

JISOO hails from Seoul, Korea and she grew up listening to K-pop since middle school. Her favorite singers include Taeyeon, CL, Nichkhun, and more recently TWICE!

As of now, she has her own YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers where she uploads Korean lessons, karaoke videos, and other fun content!

Jennie is the next person you should know about. She is an American national that lives in Taiwan and she produces music under the stage name VIC.

SHE was born in California but raised in Florida, so she has both Southern accents. SHE started singing at a young age and took different styles of music seriously.

After deciding she wanted to pursue a career in performing, she moved to Japan to train and then transferred here for college.

Have their own language

how famous blackpink is

As we mentioned before, BLACKPINK is an international group! Besides having your favorite song or album that supports their rise to fame, you know them for their famous language and unique stage presence.

Their infectious energy has helped them become one of the biggest groups in the music industry. They also have many loyal followers who support them online and at their various events.

Since their debut in 2016, they’ve had five number one songs on the Billboard charts around the world. Not bad for first time musicians!

They are known for posting frequent fun, playful pictures and videos. Many of these show off their beautiful looks and lifestyle.

And don’t forget about their impressive collaborations! From Beyoncé to Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and more, they’ve supported other artists by featuring them in their songs.

Have millions of followers

how famous blackpink is

As our society is increasingly relying on technology for almost everything, being able to reach an audience is very important. With their music being popular worldwide, these five are sure to keep growing!

Blackpink is a South Korean girl group that was formed in June 2016 by Big Maker Entertainment. They quickly rose to fame with their catchy songs and dance moves.

Their most famous song is probably “Boombai”, which has over one billion views on YouTube alone! This song received a lot of attention due to its lyrics about getting some before going out.

These four girls have many other hits such as “As If It’s Your Last”, “STAY”, and “Playing With Fire”. Many consider them to be pioneers of K-pop, since they were among the first groups of people of color to break into Korea’s music scene.

Have sold out concerts

how famous blackpink is

After launching with their debut EP in May 2017, South Korean pop group BLACKPINK has gone on to become one of the biggest bands in the world!

Their first album, “The Greatest”, was released in July that year and quickly became an all-time best seller within the music industry. It debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart and went triple platinum in America, setting several records along the way.

It also broke many other sales records around the globe as they have since continued to climb up the charts. They now hold the record for most weeks spent at #1 by any K-pop girl band or solo artist with eight consecutive reigns!

They are also tied for second place as having the highest ever weekender score which measures how much air time a song receives during its radio play period.

Are popular in Asia

how famous blackpink is

As mentioned before, BLACKPINK is a South Korean singing group that got its start with Jisoo as the main member. They are very well known across East Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Korea. In fact, their popularity in those nations has helped them gain even more recognition around the world!

Many people seem to appreciate how catchy their songs can be. Many of their tracks have lyrics that tell a story or refer to something familiar to most Koreans. This helps them get through some of the music, which is usually soft and melodic.

Their style of music was originally considered to be “k-pop” (Korean pop), but now they are often just referred to as “Asian idol groups.” This is because not only do they perform mostly in Japanese, Chinese, and sometimes English, but also because many other groups like BTS, EXO, and 2NE1 all share similar traits.

What makes BLACKPINK different from these groups, however, is that none of their members actually live in Asia. Only one member, Jennie, lives in her native country — so she does not tour as much. However, she does maintain an active fan club that posts pictures and information about her daily life.

Blackpink is still very famous, though. They continue to rack up lots of fans both locally and internationally every week.

Have their own clothing line

how famous blackpink is

As mentioned before, BPS is known for having an ever-growing wardrobe that features lots of new pieces in different styles and colors. Theirs includes clothes such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, tracksuits, bandanas, and even bed sheets!

Their collection has expanded over time to include more formalwear like dresses and skirts, jewelry, and even beauty products. All this growth comes from their constant exposure through music videos, interviews, appearances, and merchandise sales!

BPS’s fashion lines are also very popular and many people seem to have a favorite piece or two they can never get enough of. Many designers and brands pick and choose which items to add to the collection depending on what season it is and how fashionable it is at the time.

Overall, their style seems to stay within the same theme but vary slightly with each other and us as viewers. They all share similar shades of pink (of course!), fluffy and flouncy materials, and glitzy decorations and jewels.

Are a brand

how famous blackpink is

As mentioned before, Jisoo is the most famous member of BLACKPINK! She has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone, which makes her very popular.

Her charismatic personality and ability to connect with other people’s emotions have made her a highly sought-after speaker.

She also enjoys singing and dancing, so she frequently uploads songs and videos onto YouTube and Facebook. Many admire these skills because they are professional level.

Korean media often reports about how much money blackpink earns as well, making them one of the highest paid K-pop groups.

They also received lots of attention for their debut performance, which was considered excellent quality production.

Have a YouTube channel

how famous blackpink is

As our generation grows up with technology in their hands, it becomes more difficult to create boundaries for what content you can watch or listen to. For example, when I was growing up there were only a few channels that people had access to that featured music! Music TV is still very popular now, but back then it was totally unheard of.

Nowadays, anyone with an internet connection has access to a ton of different media and video apps. This makes it much easier to find something you like and get inspired by it. It also gives you the opportunity to make your own media easily!

Having a channel on one of the many streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play allows you to spread your music love to all of these platforms so other people can enjoy yours too.